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  1. Nietzsche is...
  2. And your favourite Philosopher is...?
  3. Philosophy is similar to playing Chess
  4. Dancing Dionysos
  5. "Death of Old God" does not imply at all that we reject the God for Nothingness
  6. Old God and young god
  7. Conflict between Herd-Morality and [Wolf]-Pack-Immoralism
  8. The society of madhouse.
  9. Your Ethics: Deontological or Teleological?
  10. The Eternal Return
  11. Fate and Freewill
  12. This is about Morals...
  13. Is-ought problem
  14. Mind-Body problem.
  15. The Nietzsche Channel
  16. Plato's Cave
  17. The nature of thinking
  18. Carl Jung speaks about death.
  19. A Question for Fellow Apricians.
  20. The Pinocchio Paradox
  21. Marcus Aurelius' "Meditations"
  22. I didn't do it on purpose, or did I?
  23. Philosophical hermeneutics is an universal philosophy...
  24. Nietzsche is "I" to Power. Or rather "we".
  25. Seeing Yourself as you are
  26. How do we know anything?
  27. A friend, a friend, my kingdom for a real friend.
  28. The Morality of being Super Rich
  29. Philosophy of Liberty
  30. Is this the best of all possible worlds?
  31. Online Papers on Consciousness
  32. What is the meaning of life?
  33. What makes an act right, to you?
  34. The Fundamental Question: why does anything at all exist?
  35. What is Absolute Truth?
  36. Creative Genius or Psychotic?
  37. How Evil Is Evil? How Good Is Good?
  38. Trust
  39. Do you believe in fate?
  40. Should I be worried about being offensive? Why?
  41. The differences between Socialism and National Socialism
  42. Freudianism- what is it? Why is it degenerate?
  43. Of Dogs and Gods
  44. Julius Evola & Radical Traditionalism
  45. Dissecting Titoism (Examining and Evaluating the Successes and Failures of Tito's Socialist System)
  46. The Fundemental Question: Why Does Loki Exist?
  47. Question to the Heraclitians/temporalists here
  48. Against Nihilism: Julius Evola’s “Traditionalist” Critique of Modernity
  49. Nietzsche versus Max Stirner
  50. [SPLIT from Sexual Lifestlyles] Nietzsche and moral facts
  51. Should man become machine?
  52. Birth of nationalism as an equality doctrine
  53. Better to be Loved or Feared?
  54. Has "The Plato Code" Been Cracked?
  55. Misanthrope or racist – Make your choice!
  56. On the purpose of science
  57. Sarah Palin, "Mama Grizzlies," Carl Jung, and the Power of Archetypes
  58. Ethics [Split from Hiroshima thread]
  59. Kill Whitey. It’s the Right Thing to Do.
  60. The Psychology & Psychopathology of Philosophers
  61. Beauty
  62. Nietzsche and La Fontaine's Fox
  63. The Absurdity of Postmodernity Contra the Potential of Discourse Analysis
  64. Adrian Hamilton: Multiculturalism needs defenders
  65. Meaning and purpose
  66. Plato on abuse and personal conduct
  67. Joseph de Maistre on the Divinity of War
  68. Anthology of Classical Quotes
  69. Does existence precede essence?
  70. What it means to be who is an american.
  71. The systemic paradigm of society
  72. What is your moral attitude towards nature?
  73. What is government if words have no meaning?
  74. What is the purpose of life?
  75. The Death of the Author (1977) by Roland Barthes
  76. Do you believe in natural rights?
  77. Nihilism
  78. What is Mind?
  79. Why Beauty Matters Video
  80. A Question for Fellow Apricians..
  81. Old God and young god.
  82. Social Darwinism is Natural Selection Misunderstood
  83. Do you agree with Nietzsche?
  84. Individualism
  85. Favorite Philosopher of All Time
  86. Multiculturalism and Post-Modernism: Who's Killing Homer and the Western Civilization in the USA
  87. The Man of the Future
  88. Hobbe's assertion that mankind is dirty, short, and brutish
  89. East and West Echo The Sage: 'The Ideal Society Is Like A Family'
  90. What the hell is Nietszche talking about?
  91. Response to Husaria
  92. The Myth of White Privilege
  93. Can Science-Fiction Still Predict the Future?
  94. Why Be Normal?
  95. Surrogacy?
  96. "The Verdict" - A Thinking Man's Suicide Note
  97. "The Gold Bag"
  98. Why do we give value to inanimate objects?
  99. Are you a pan-Germanicist?
  100. The Structure of Language
  101. Our Concept of Reality in General
  102. Are apes' lives sad?
  103. 'Nudity' by Voltaire
  104. Principle of equal treatment
  105. Masculinity
  106. What is morality? Is it absolute?
  107. Animal rights?
  108. A Collection of Writings on Women from Friedrich Nietzsche
  109. Philosophy and the Matrix: Return to the Source
  110. Any other apricians studying philosophy in school?
  111. "Optimism is Cowardice" - Oswald Spengler
  112. Consciousness and Self-Consciousness
  113. Immanuel Kant: Militarist, Racist, Proto-Fascist, and Anti-Semite
  114. Is Selfishness and Egotism a Moral Necessity
  115. What is "Sanity"? Why Accept Our Definition of it?
  116. The Limits of Occam's Razor
  117. Metaphysical Intelligence
  118. Rationality: overrated?
  119. Oedipus/Electra complex: are you attracted to people that look like your mother/father
  120. attention!! important to notice
  121. Disgust: The Unreliable Emotion
  122. Fallacies can we exist without?
  123. Alpha-ness, Advanced Technology & Prospects for Human Survival
  124. Epiphanies
  125. Type A or B Personality.. Which are you?
  126. On Women by Arthur Schoepenhauer
  127. Suicide moral or not?
  128. Why do humans fear death? Should we?
  129. The canon of reason as derived from the empirical limits of consciousness
  130. IQ Tests: A Viable Standard of Intelligence?
  131. The Cube Box hypothesis
  132. "About love, virtues, and hapiness".
  133. MBTI types and views on gays.
  134. The original Sin
  135. Preliminary investigation into a system of dogmatic morality
  136. 10 commandments ( Solon The Greek )
  137. Censorship of 16th-Century Big Thinker Erasmus Revealed
  138. Are we alone in the universe? (poll)
  139. Racial Soul
  140. Wisdom
  141. Will to Power - Nietzsche
  142. Narrow minded.
  143. Enlightenment.
  144. Rock/pop songs with philosophical meaning
  145. What is the Purpose of life?
  146. Do you believe in the Zombie Apocalypse?
  147. Why do we exist?
  148. Success is
  149. 'I was gutted that I'd been such a coward': photographers who didn't step in to help
  150. You see in this world, there are two kinds of people my friend.....
  151. What are the most important things in life to you?
  152. What's stronger to you: self-preservation or group preservation?
  153. Why is social altruism promoted, yet at the same time people must mind their own business?
  154. Nothing lasts forever.
  155. Humanity's future?
  156. There ain't nowt louder than silence.
  157. Moral: a dangerous word & concept
  158. If Caucasoid race is most superior race?.......
  159. People Who Live Their Lives Doing Good for Other People
  160. Which is the greatest love, humanity is capable of?
  161. Hesiod and Plato on Prometheus
  162. The Eternal Philosophy of Chaos
  163. The Living Science of Tantra
  164. A Discussion of Epistemology.
  165. What are you thankful for?
  166. What is that you really want out of life?
  167. On righteousness
  168. Tradition & Politics: Reforming the Modern World
  169. Is War Justified?
  170. Understanding liberal 'nativism'
  171. What do you value most in other people? What's important to you?
  172. If you knew that you are going to die tomorrow,who is the person who would you visit today?
  173. Where does morality comes from?
  174. What do you believe stands between you and complete happiness?
  175. Changed forever
  176. The beginning of time was a real point in time: proof!
  177. Would you
  178. To what extent are people obliged to help?
  179. What do you wish for?
  180. Drunken tales from life..
  181. Do you believe in luck?
  182. What would you like to choose from the poll? For all Apricity members!
  183. Turkish dirndls explain creation
  184. What does money mean for you?
  185. What does being sane even mean?
  186. Is God Jewish?
  187. Do you consider yourself wog?
  188. If there if one think you wish to change about the world, what would it be and why?
  189. Pope Washes Muslim Serb prisoner's feet
  190. Free Will - Sam Harris
  191. Alan Watts - Stop Trying To Change The World.
  192. Stupidity
  193. Forever young?
  194. Morality and its place in our society?
  195. Worst ways to die
  196. What do terrorists want?
  197. Yes, you can change the world
  198. Human Rights - Universal or Flexible?
  199. A Celebration of Humanism
  200. Is the human more self-destructive, or more destructive to others?
  201. Atheists In The World
  202. The Qi
  203. Biorealism
  204. UG Krishnamurti - I Am Just Dog Barking
  205. Your View on the Purpose of Life?
  206. On the Homosexual Question
  207. Anyone familar with the Nietzsche quote
  208. why do some people need structure in their lives, and some don't
  209. how can you tell who people are through body language
  210. Descartes Dissected His Wife’s Dog To Prove A Point
  211. Do you Respect The GOD?
  212. Do you believe in the fairness of the world?
  213. Is it possible to teach men not to rape?
  214. Homosexuals lurking on this forum
  215. Utilitarianism
  216. Blondism: Why did Hitler/Nazism choose this?
  217. What is your Ethical Ideal?
  218. What is your view on respect?
  219. Do you believe that mind and body are separate entities (Dualism)
  220. Culture as a consequence of the humans nature
  221. Deport Justin Bieber and revoke his green card
  222. Why are most of the dumbest forum members Bosnian or Albanian?
  223. Life
  224. Devolution.
  225. Plato’s Apology
  226. What makes life worth living?
  227. Aesthetics and Value Judgements
  228. Scientism, Atheism and Religion
  229. Superseded Scientific Theories
  230. The Leibnizian Cosmological Argument
  231. The Uniqueness of Western Civilization & Multicultural Madness
  232. Humanity is false; Human equality is false; Evolution is false; etc.
  233. Regarding the Nature of Reality
  234. Man is born free and everywhere he is in chains
  235. Basic Logic Lesson
  236. The moth and the buttefly
  237. A New Perspective on Spacetime
  238. Dutch Tolerance Test
  239. Spinoza
  240. Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz & Baruch Spinoza
  241. Nietzsche: Human all too human
  242. Non European Philosophy?
  243. TechnoCalyps
  244. Ubermenschen
  245. Philosophy as Preparation for Death
  246. Empiricism vs. Rationalism
  247. Europa lost her culture???
  248. The Aeon Of Horus
  249. Do you believe in karma?
  250. Do Platonic Forms exist?