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  1. Why is Michio Kaku endorsing religious mysticism?
  2. What is the meaning of life?
  3. What If the Earth Does Not Exist? *YouTube video*
  4. Define "Metaphysics"
  5. What is the grandest philosophical question one can ask in life?
  6. When did you die?
  7. 5 Reasons Life is Just a Computer Simulation
  8. Are You The Only Conscious Being?
  9. Omens that can happen in your life
  10. Dreaming of Numbers in your Sleep and winning Lottery-Number Extraction Games
  11. Is this life a Dream? - Alan Watts
  12. What If You Are God?
  13. Buddha and Karma.
  14. Smiling before death
  15. If a genie could grant you three wishes, what would you wish for?
  16. Polyphony in film
  17. Poll: Do you possess supernatural powers which you keep secret from everyone else?
  18. This picture says it all
  19. The immaterial should be able to communicate with the immaterial
  20. What is the most impossible and impenetrable thing to understand/comprehend in this entire universe?
  21. Did Spinoza have too much God or not God at all?
  22. Does Bono's and Benjamin Franklin's haplogroup V come from Vikings?
  23. "But doctor Assange ..." (quote)
  24. Do we have any witches on TA?
  25. thingken bout universe, branes, an' staff (ancient oaxaca Muxe wisdom ft. Buzzfeed masterminds)
  26. THIS IS YOUR LIFE.exe (Typical Normie Life in One IMG)
  27. Mediumship
  28. A Ghost From a Ouija Board Cut Me
  29. Gulliver's Travels Summary and Analysis of Part III, "A Voyage to Laputa ... and Japan"
  30. Elfen Lied
  31. What If The Grim Reaper Was Real?
  32. Ningen (White Human)
  33. Do Piranhas Eat Humans?
  34. Watch: 'The most dangerous fishing event in Japan' featuring 1,000 piranhas
  35. The Lilium Jet five seater all-electric air taxi
  36. No aliens, 2 arrested at 'Storm Area 51' event (lies)
  37. How to get rid of your town's Virus rigged leader using only computer code, paper and water?
  38. Ectoplasm (paranormal)
  39. No-Face (Spirited Away)
  40. How to clean up your trash filled river using only computer code, paper and water again?
  41. Gravesite Visitation Ideas
  42. Your voice in AI form
  43. Elf Horror Stories
  44. How to plant a forest using only a manga picture, rune Japanese code and water?
  45. Adam and Eve
  46. Free Cockroach virus cleaner.
  47. Does Satan exist?
  48. How to grow real fur in a pot?
  49. How to turn your local river into a salt water ocean and plant your own pet orca?
  50. How to pick your very own Digimon and make it with your local 4D laser HP house printer?
  51. How to get rid of stolen ID in your local town using Illyrian lifeline cut code?
  52. How to create manking from beginning without a woman host?
  53. Do you know what's a real Nordicist?
  54. How to know if you are a Sorb?
  55. The Sin of Greed
  56. How to Roast a Pig
  57. Friedrich Nietzsche and the Eternal Return
  58. Do you think the Hitler moustachio will ever make a big comeback?
  59. Why does the bird wing look like a Rorschach ink test
  60. Regulate
  61. I used to think...
  62. Blood and honor
  63. Would you rather
  64. Can you do vulcan salute with both hands
  65. Can spot something strange in this picture?
  66. What does not kill you makes you stronger
  67. Can these maps ever be true??
  68. Cuddle thread
  69. Linkola is dead
  70. Why are Germanic people more hardworking and more honest compared to many Eastern Europeans?