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  1. Ban smoking in public?
  2. Would You Support This Action?
  3. The Farce Of The Scottish Justice System.
  4. Scottish Law Online
  5. Open Rights Group
  6. Shari'a Law in the UK - Government's Response
  7. The Law, or Vigiliantiism?
  8. LOTR and Legal History.
  9. Have you ever been arrested..?
  10. The EU is Illegal by UK Law
  11. IVF mothers can name ANYONE as 'father' on birth certificate.
  12. Visas, marriage and screwing over the EU
  13. Should we be "obedient"?
  14. Do you think our "western" laws are too lax?
  15. Wrongful Death, Weregeld and the Weirdness of Wyrd
  16. Brehon Law: A legal handbook
  17. Plans to let 28,000 prisoners vote
  18. Why you should never talk to cops without a lawyer
  19. Judicial priorities: Possessions over people
  20. Law Degrees and Overseas
  21. ACLU sues over limits on Muslim prayers in prison
  22. Schengen: Weapons and women smuggler’s paradise
  23. Teachers in the news
  24. Gun laws and murder in the 20th Century
  25. Blasphemy laws
  26. Now non-Muslims seek 'justice' at the Sharia courts
  27. Which is 'involuntary servitude', or most closely related to it
  28. Va. Tech Gunman’s Mental Health Records Found
  29. Robbery Victim Arrested for Using the N-Word
  30. Rapper Gets 2 Years for Cop-Killing Song
  31. Nation Outraged Over Cop Taking Down 84 Year Old Alzheimer’s Patient
  32. African-American man pleads guilty posing as white supremacist on Facebook
  33. Soclialism the new N - Word?
  34. NY Shopkeeper with Gun Stops 4 Robbers, Kills 2, No Permit, No Charges
  35. Victory for right to die campaign
  36. Man faces 6 months in jail for ‘boisterous’ yawn
  37. Man convicted of groping Minnie Mouse at Disney
  38. Florida Police Question Vandalism Suspect About Obama Joker Poster
  39. The Global Child Prostitution Cancer
  40. Dutch Women deemed unfit mothers sentenced to take contraception if bill passes
  41. Police in Florida finally discover who’s behind the Obama Joker Posters
  42. Australia Proposes No Warrant “Terrorism” Raids
  43. Snuff porn in Brisbane Australia.. Premier Anna Bligh says it's "ancient history!"
  44. The Citizen's Guide to Surviving Police Encounters
  45. Jackboot Jones (Hilarious)
  46. English Common Law & Roman Law
  47. Criminalizing Everyone
  48. Listen to American Police Frequencies LIVE Anywhere In The Country
  49. LAPD's IWatch National
  50. Video:Police Brutality in UWO London
  51. Swedish women sue over 'affirmative action' college admissions for men
  52. Swedish appeals court rules in favor of ebook providers in piracy case
  53. Louisiana justice refuses to issue marriage license to interracial couple
  54. Swedish court rules paying for group sex with minor not valid grounds to fire teacher
  55. Jurors consult Bible...
  56. Open Carry
  57. Greensboro Officer Harassment at Abortion Clinic
  58. The Case for War Crimes Trials
  59. "Give that baby to homos" the Court ordered.
  60. What is Justice?
  61. Straight Marriage Banned In Texas?
  62. Ban on domestic 'psychological violence'
  63. Russia's Solution to 'Bad Cops': Hit them!
  64. 4th Amendment is Dead in America
  65. FBI 'fabricated terror emergencies to get phone records'
  66. Muslim police say Islam not to blame for terror attacks
  67. Labour Party invents 33 new crimes every month
  68. American Drug War: The Last White Hope
  69. Arrest Warrants Requested For 6 American Politicians
  70. The Secret World of Shoplifting
  71. Life - Behind Bars
  72. Boris Johnson to cut London's police force
  73. Tzipi Livni to test UK law with visit
  74. DNA database 'is causing suicides', MPs are warned
  75. US soldier 'waterboards' daughter
  76. The government doesn't want 9/11 public trial
  77. Blake J. Robbins v. Lower Merion School District
  78. 23 CIA officials convicted in Italy
  79. Parents Angry Over CCTV In School Toilets
  80. Judge found guilty of seeking sex in return for positive refugee ruling
  81. Homeland Security Attorney Guilty In Bribery Scandal
  82. Fla. GOP Under Criminal Probe
  83. Sarkozy sends mercy letter to Obama asking for Polansky to be released
  84. Is the notion of human rights an unrealistic ideal?
  85. Man sues to remove Obama from Presidency, claims violates his religion to have a black man over him
  86. The Electic Chair In Action
  87. How would you defend your home?
  88. Slavery?
  89. Multiple citizenship/ Dual Nationality - would you be for it?
  90. Prohibition doesn't work
  91. Psycho Cop Kills Unarmed Man, Dog
  92. Crimes deserving of a death penalty
  93. International Arrest Warrant Issued For Henry Kissinger
  94. Handcuffs Coming To Wallstreet? FBI Raids Offices of Three Hedge Funds
  95. Nationality Laws. What would you change ?
  96. Nation’s ’2nd Most Dangerous City’ To Lay Off Nearly Half Of Police Force
  97. Stop and search at work.
  98. Age of consent
  99. Can Bush Be Prosecuted?
  100. SAS Hit Squads At UK Malls
  101. Assange Released From Jail, Congress Seeking to Update Espionage Act of 1917
  102. Waste Managment partners with police to fight crime
  103. DEA transformed into global intelligence organization
  104. Chicago artist's protest backfires as he faces 15 years in jail because he recorded his own arrest
  105. Man Faces Jail After Protecting Home From Masked Attackers
  106. FBI Anti-terror Squad, SWAT Team, Cops Show Up at Antiwar Event
  107. Domestic use of aerial drones by law enforcement likely to prompt privacy debate
  108. Unnecessary police violence backfires badly
  109. New Yorkers 'to be fined for using mobile phones when crossing roads'
  110. Cop Tells G20 Protester "This Is Ain't Canada Right Now"
  111. Police defy orders to clear protesters from Wisconsin Capital
  112. Englishmen attempt arrest of unlawful judge and seize his court
  113. Virginia school district reposts 10 commandments
  114. U.S. prison system from a black man
  115. Do you have any documents certifying that you belong to a certain ethnicity?
  116. No gun law
  117. File Sharing
  118. Forum Postings Barred from US Trial
  119. Flash Mobs and Crime
  120. Tennesse bans 'offensive images' from internet
  121. Police - The Largest Street Gang in America
  122. The "Gay History Law" Elevates the Irrelevant
  123. Is living off the Grid now a crime?
  124. What about using this method in order to deal with unruly youths?
  125. Building Exterior Trademark Rights
  126. As Federal Crime List Grows, Threshold of Guilt Declines
  127. Britain CIA Lobbies for Secret Courts
  128. Sharia law in Britain
  129. Police Busted for Alleged Gun Smuggling
  130. Do you support abortion?
  131. US researchers and pharmaceutical companies conducting human experimentation in Africa
  132. CODOH Challenges The IAJLJ to Work for Intellectual Freedom Rather than Censorship
  133. Jewish lawyers establish pan-European legal task force to combat anti-Semitism
  134. Prostitution
  135. Bush, Blair found guilty of war crimes
  136. Policing the Herd: Domestic Drones for ‘Domestic Terrorists’
  137. Ariz schools' ethnic studies program ruled illegal
  138. The "kōban"
  139. Ridiculous Police Uniform
  140. Judges around the world (costumes)
  141. What is your view of the Nuremberg Trials?
  142. Fantastic video on immigration
  143. Copyright wars heat up: US wins extradition of college kid from England
  144. Would You Give Job Interviewers Your Facebook Password? Because They Might Ask
  145. Self-Determination or Territorial Integrity?
  146. MBTI & Gun politics
  147. Police reforms/ modernisation
  148. Petition on Change.org - Remove State Attorney Angela Corey.
  149. Would you support prohibition of alcohol?
  150. The Gold Standard: For or Against?
  151. Euthanasia
  152. Weregild and fines
  153. Israel: A promised land for organized crime ? (WIKILEAKS cable)
  154. Does really exists such a thing as “positive” discrimination?
  155. Fugitives: FBI Top 10 Most Wanted
  156. Terrorists: FBI Top 10 Most Wanted
  157. Child Sex Offenders: FBI Top 10 Most Wanted
  158. What Should Be Legal?
  159. Legalization Of Hard Drugs
  160. Courts rule that Nambian wimminz infected with HIV were illegally sterilised
  161. Why Switzerland Has The Lowest Crime Rate In The World
  162. Fault Lines : Controlling the web
  163. Should men be given paternity leave?
  164. Animal testing: Acceptable or not?
  165. Police in the u.k and u.s.
  166. Corporal punishment
  167. University Security Bulletins
  168. Experiences with the Police
  169. John Stossel's Illegal Everything
  170. Common Sense by Thomas Paine
  171. Non-voluntary Euthanasia: Yay or Nay?
  172. Map: total meth lab incidents in the United States in 2012 by state
  173. 15 year old rape victim to get 100 lashes
  174. Washington Supreme Court cracks down on foreclosure abuse
  175. Russian cannibal killer ate victims’ hearts
  176. Police uniforms in Europe
  177. If Drugs Were Legal
  178. Canada's new "Trolling Law"
  179. Hobbes's Concept of Natural Law
  180. Doctors show more empathy to thin patients
  181. Europeans only: What should be the legal position of Islam in your country ?
  182. ''split thread'' - necrophilia
  183. High-Level US Government Officials Have Warned
  184. Felo de se
  185. Top 10 European crime gangs
  186. American in Bahrain sentenced to 10 years in jail - lawyer
  187. Sharia Barbarity: Iran lawmakers pass bill allowing men to marry adopted daughters as young as 13
  188. What do you think of immunity of diplomats?
  189. Should this crime be condemned or respected?:D
  191. is it ok to torture terrorists ?
  192. Online comments: why websites should be worried by court ruling
  193. EU to Suspend US Data Sharing After Swift's Interbank Messaging System Breach
  194. Social Media “Tactical Intelligence Collection”: Spying and Propaganda using Facebook, Twitter
  195. The case against anti-discrimination laws
  196. The first declaration of religious freedom (Hungarian Edict of Torda 1568)
  197. The Criminalization of Independent Journalism: Truth in Media Categorized as Terrorism
  198. Transition from a 3rd world to a self sufficient community.
  199. The Word's first minority law/ minority rights (Hungary 1848-49 and 186
  200. What do you all think of car hopping?
  201. 2010 Q3 National Police Misconduct Statistical Report
  202. Federal Judge: Why No Wall Street Execs have been Prosecuted for Fraud during the Financial Crisis
  203. African Union must intervene in S Sudan conflict: Abayomi Azikiwe
  204. Should We (The West) Mandatorily Repatriate Criminals Of Non-Western Origin?
  205. 'Gay' laws set stage for pedophilia 'rights'
  206. 10 Stupid Laws Around the World
  207. Is it more acceptable for a female teacher to have sex with a male student than the reverse?
  208. Extrajudicial killing; For or Against?
  209. Capital Punishment Over The Years.
  210. Death Row: The Final 24 Hours
  211. Roman Law
  212. Same-Sex Marriage - For Or Against
  213. Is Denial Of The Armenian Genocide The Same As Holocaust Denial?
  214. EU Court Bars German Tightening of Visa Requirements for Turks
  215. Review of Hamas violations of international law
  216. Patriarchy
  217. The Nature of Man: Hierarchy / How Democracy Will End
  218. The Condorcet Paradox and Arrow's Impossibility Theorem
  219. Should the consumption of alcohol and/or drugs during pregnancy become a crime?
  220. "The death penalty has no place in the 21st century"
  221. Activist Post: 72 Types Of Americans That Are Considered “Potential Terrorists” In Official Governme
  222. Prison - Punishment or Rehabilitation?
  223. Please tick which of the following should be legalised
  224. Entrapment and Sting Operations
  225. What is justice?
  226. Police Brutality In Your Country
  227. Charlie Hedbo and Sharia Versus Freedom of Speech
  228. Connecticut Teenager With Cancer Loses Court Fight to Refuse Chemotherapy
  229. Court Orders Holocaust Denying Article On Far-Right Website To Be Blocked
  230. 'Holocaust Denial' Laws are Disgraceful
  231. German woman, 93, under investigation for role as SS guard
  232. Obama wants to ban AR15 ammo
  233. Priority Enforcement Program Aims to Deport Serious Illegal Criminals First
  234. A law against trans individuals deceiving people
  235. When theft is ok?
  236. The incredible tunnel network along the US-Mexico border
  237. Gay Execution Initiative: California Attorney General Attempts To Block Proposal
  238. Indiana governor signs bill that 'could allow discrimination against gay and lesbian couples'
  239. Slut theory and mutual attraction
  240. 19 states that have ‘religious freedom’ laws like Indiana’s that no one is boycotting
  241. What is RAPE?
  242. Antitrust and Other Inquiries in Europe Target U.S. Tech Giants
  243. Arizona sheriff set to testify Wednesday in contempt hearing
  244. Kim Dotcom: The Man Behind Megaupload
  245. Murder in Miniature
  246. The Truth of Evolution
  247. Number of police killed rises 89%, but remains below 35-year average
  248. UBS Hit With $545 Million in Fines
  249. Narcotics cops ordered to stop arresting suspects over 40
  250. Obama Wants Police Officers to Have 'Softer Looking' Uniforms