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  1. Jews ask US to keep up pressure on Hungary
  2. Auschwitz Museum 'May Not Reflect Real Facts' Says Hungarian Lawmaker
  3. EU likely to remove Hungary from fiscal offenders list: Sources
  4. Hungary's plan to commemorate the Holocaust and tackle anti-Semitism
  5. Hungary may lose HUF 100 bln annually if excessive deficit procedure remains
  6. Al Jazeera documentary: People & Power- Hungary: Towards the Abyss
  7. Rusyn-Hungarian meeting
  8. US lawyers to question war crimes suspect Csatáry in case against Hungarian state
  9. Leading economist probes past, mulls future of Hungary’s crisis
  10. Russian-based Eurasian "Geopolitics" web page made an extensive interview with Gábor Vona, the p
  11. Hungarian Jews protest naming Budapest street after anti-Semite
  12. Outside Hungary’s borders, a growing power base for PM Orban
  13. Celebrating the Treaty of Trianon is high treason
  14. The President of the World Jewish Congress Ronald S. Lauder issued a stern warning to the colony
  15. World Uyghur Congress Forced To Cancel Meeting In Hungary
  16. WHO gives Orbán award for curbing smoking
  17. Magyar Garda , as portrayed in a play in Stuttgart
  18. Hungarian history.com
  19. Deputy PM lambasts left for internationalist views, says nations need to stick together
  20. The coat of arms of Hungary on Pope Francis' Missal Cover
  21. Hungary must not give up on reconstructing its national cohesion, says deputy speaker
  22. Hungarians cannot come to terms with Trianon treaty, says Ader
  23. Mayor bows down before Jewish demands
  24. The cancer in the middle of Europe?
  25. Hungary proposes legal changes to allay EU's democracy concerns: minister
  26. Gov’t submits bill for Orbán-allied head of National Bank to take control of market regulator
  27. Budapest under water with flooding expected to reach record levels
  28. Why the double standard towards Hungarians?
  29. Cfficial says European Parliament report is inaccurate and political as Jobbik joins gov’t in critic
  30. Socialist MP accuses Jobbik lawmaker of provocation, Holocaust denial over questioning of memorial s
  31. Israel and Hungary help fund Jewish-Christian coexistence museum
  32. The Economist’s Vendeline von Bredow on Orbán’s EU strategy
  33. Hungarians in Romania fear regional reform plans
  34. Economic 'fairy tale' comes true, or so it seems
  35. Divided EU in a bind over Hungary’s “erring” Orbán
  36. Gov’t is creating foundation for a labour-based economy
  37. Gov’t official says Hungary must continue eastward export policy
  38. Romanian authorities handed over the body of Skultéty László to the Slovaks
  39. Orbán attends CERN facility inauguration in Budapest
  40. IMF loan will be paid back by 2014
  41. US Congressmen press for return of church property from Romanian gov’t
  42. Imre Nagy, victims of 1956 revolution remembered
  43. PM Viktor Orbán visits Japan in the second half of the year
  44. Freed Hungarian hostages kept under “inhumane” conditions in Syria, counter-terrorism director says
  45. New law that keeps farmland in Hungarian hands
  46. China would like to see the northwestern Tongvancheng municipality to become a place of pilgrimage f
  47. Orbán supports Jobbik initiative asking MPs to declare citizenship
  48. Parliament approves resolutions on school trips to Auschwitz, other memorial sites
  49. The European Union conspires to commit voter fraud in the next year's Hungarian national election
  50. Parliament approves resolutions on school trips to Auschwitz, other memorial sites
  51. Third of Hungarians support same-sex marriage, survey shows
  52. Budapest new swimming complex design plan
  53. Authorities criticized for not extraditing Csatary to Slovakia
  54. Ader, Estonian president discuss bilateral issues in Tallinn
  55. The Holy Right Hand of St Stephen
  56. Hungarian Poems.
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  58. Hungary finally released from EU budget scrutiny
  59. Moscow will vote against the anti-Hungarian motion by the Council of Europe
  60. Hungary readies demography programme
  61. Hungary in feud with Slovakia, Romania over reburial of “oldest hussar”
  62. NATO Secretary General to visit Hungary on Monday
  63. Hundreds demonstrate against refugee center opening in West Hungarian village
  64. Embassies jointly support Budapest Pride
  65. PM clashes with EU parliament over democratic values
  66. State Dept. envoy: Hungarian gov’t must do more to condemn anti-Semitism
  67. Slovakia and Hungary to have more border crossings
  68. Parliament adopts resolution on Tavares report
  69. Hungary Signs New Holocaust Survivor Reparation Deal
  70. Former minister becomes first in modern Hungary sentenced to jail
  71. Conference of European Churches may boost Europe’s Christian renewal, says minister
  72. European Parliament holds public hearing on post-WWII decrees expelling Hungarians from Czechoslovak
  73. ECHR upholds ban on Hungarian far-right group
  74. Hungary needs to fight harder against racism, says Israeli ambassador
  75. beautiful hungarians
  76. Tourism to Hungary up impressively in 2013
  77. Life sentences for racist Roma killings
  78. Hungary frees itself from IMF doctrine
  79. Pope sends message to Hungary for Feast of Saint Stephen
  80. Parliament speaker urges Slovakia to allow for dual citizenship
  81. Hungarian heritage in Transylvania
  82. Helsinki Committee calls on Fidesz to apologize for labelling NGOs “fake civil society organizations
  83. Chicago court rejects Holocaust claims against Hungary’s central bank, says ministry
  84. Wiesenthal Center files complaint over soccer fans hailing war criminal
  85. EU funding sanction could reach HUF125 billion
  86. Members Of US Congress To Hungary: Government’s Efforts To Combat Extremism Are “Encouraging”
  87. Jobbik calls on the government to ban the Simon Wiesenthal Center's Hungarian operation
  88. Religion lessons introduced by the Orbán goverment
  89. Conference on anti-semitism held in Budapest
  90. War on the homeless
  91. Sosem voltam Finnugor!!
  92. an other question
  93. Vona: Russia can defeat “Euro-Atlantic” power bloc
  94. Hungary's PM tells banks, big businesses: 'Colonisation over'
  95. Budapest To Get $22 Million Holocaust Memorial Center
  96. 'Europe and the West have disowned their most essential values' – Vona
  97. Number of young people leaving Hungary doubled since 2010, says LMP
  98. The Sexiside Guide to talking dirty in Hungarian
  99. Elementary religion textbook is attacked for calling homosexuality a mortal sin
  100. Hungary is “euro-realist” not eurosceptic
  101. Russia has special importance in “opening to the East” strategy, says foreign affairs official
  102. Constitutional change falls short
  103. Hungarian women against homosexuality
  104. Land law is to ensure farms stay in hands of Hungarians
  105. Hungarian-Russian joint ventures are planned
  106. Gov’t to promote childbirth through student loan benefit
  107. Political prisoners sacrifice own lives to protect nation from Socialism, says Kover
  108. Magyar Testvérem !! Are We Ready For Turan ?!
  109. Hungary, Finland agree EU should stay intact, says gov’t official
  110. About 60,000 Serbs Took Hungarian Citizenship, 40,000 On Hold
  111. Hungary plans to invest 350 million euros in Georgia
  112. Hungary: Homelessness soon to become a crime?
  113. Hungary drops plan to name street after antisemitic author Cécile Tormay
  114. Hungary strongly supports Serbia EU integration, says Orbán
  115. Patriotism is a good thing, says Orbán
  116. More than half of Romanians dislike Hungarians
  117. Our slogan is Soli Deo gloria (Glory to God alone)
  118. Plaintiffs appeal court decision in Holocaust property case
  119. Today- Oktober 23
  120. Aranycsapat
  121. Boost for Orbán as pro-government rally dwarfs opposition event during 1956 commemorations
  122. Bajnai calls on Orbán to apologize to opposition voters for speech
  123. Post Hungarian women
  124. Monument to Jogaila and Jadwiga unveiled in Budapest
  125. Hungarians protest against unveiling of Hitler-ally statue
  126. New nationalist party Hungarian Dawn under registration
  127. U.S., Jewish leaders condemn Hungary far-right for protest
  128. Economic News
  129. School children's artworks submitted for a nationwide drawing competition called "Hungary is my home
  130. Favourite Hungarian poster?
  131. "F..k off and eat sh.t"
  132. Typical example of anti Hungarian vomit
  133. Reposting closed thread about Hungarians
  134. China, Hungary vow to strengthen military ties
  135. The European Union is not an elite club, but the club of adversaries
  136. OECD raises Hungary economic growth forecast
  137. Smoking drastically reduced, says goverment official
  138. Minority registration for next year’s elections to start on Jan 1, says office head
  139. Viktor Orbán: Hungary will regain its fame
  140. Eurozone entry
  141. Single-digit tax rate possible in three years, says Orbán
  142. Nagy Vince: Szálasi és társai a vádlottak padján
  143. Royal Hungarian Gendarme
  144. Are Hungarians related to Turks ethnically?
  145. Coastline for Hungary
  146. Hungary,Serbia,China agree on upgrading Budapest-Belgrade railway
  147. Statue defaced with swastika
  148. Hungary critic granted safe asylum
  149. Tobacco shops from hypermarkets and petrol stations
  150. MP defends Hitler ally at antisemitism seminar
  151. Integrating gypsies
  152. Mansi people
  153. Far right’s attack on the United States
  154. Hungarian PM to receive 'Order of 8 September'
  155. Parliament committee votes for 1.8bn forints in public support for Holocaust memorial year
  156. Trianon and its effect on politics
  157. Eastern Policy tribute to Asian roots
  158. Antall vs. Orbán: az arisztokrata és a tökös protestáns
  159. The brighter future unstoppable: The head of the Sixty-four County Youth Movement László Toroczkai w
  160. Russian Orthodox Bishop met Prime Minister in parliament
  161. State to be sole supplier of school textbooks from January
  162. Asylum granted for ethnic Hungarian from Slovakia
  163. Underprivileged children of the lost territories attended Children Christmas celebration in Parliame
  164. Military cooperation with Central Asian nations
  165. 550,000 applicants have received Hungarian citizenship
  166. Memorial to commemorate German occupation
  167. Russia helps Hungary to be more Energy Independent
  168. Hungary recovers from fuzzy European dreams
  169. Hungarian Jews demand resignation of Shoah revisionist
  170. Kire fogsz szavazni az áprilisi választáson?
  171. Andras Schiff: Why I won't perform in Hungary
  172. Protestant Reformation national treasure for all Hungarians, says Orbán
  173. Evolution of the Hungarian State
  174. US scholar returns Hungary award over Holocaust “whitewashing”
  175. Russia has made secret archives available to Hungarian researchers
  176. Azerbaijan and Hungary co-operate in agriculture
  177. History of railway development in Hungary
  178. Gábor Vona: Hungarian -Turkish brotherhood is timeless
  179. Military training for children
  180. Valasztas 2014 April
  181. Brussels wants to cut Hungary's acacia forests down
  182. Largest Hungarian Jewish group to boycott government Holocaust events over WWII memorial
  183. Leaders congratulate Iran on anniversary of Islamic revolution
  184. Decision on GMO maize authorisation now with EC, says minister
  185. Commitment to strengthening ties with China
  186. Antifascist federation marks Budapest liberation 69th anniversary
  187. Magyar Myth Makers
  188. Police ban anti-Zionist demonstration
  189. Hungary silently supports Russia over Crimea
  190. Dinaric type in the Hungarians
  191. Are Russians and Hungarians Soul Brothers?
  192. Hungary turning eastward, ignoring EU standards ‘costly’
  193. Kárpátalja: Europe’s Next Crimea?
  194. How Russian secret services finance the Hungarian nationalists
  195. Surprised I could be eligible for hungarian citizenship
  196. Hungary’s elections: Don’t be fooled by the labels
  197. Hungary to watch for how Europe's future may look like, Stratfor.
  198. brave Hungarian member of parliament throws away EU flag
  199. US Urges Dialogue on Hungary’s Controversial Nazi Occupation Monument
  200. Hungarians.
  201. Dr. Aradi Éva- Sumér-Szkíta származásunkról!
  202. A 7000 éves medencei Magyarság kirajzása Mezopotámiába
  203. The real Huns against western propaganda!
  204. Hungarian Origin for Cern XD
  205. Pozsonyi Csata film, Pressburg Battle film
  206. Great Hungarian leader-ruler found by Sashegyi in 1941.
  207. Árpád népe az embertan tükrében
  208. Árpád Vezér csontváza 1941-ben Sashegyi által lett megtalálva
  209. The Uyghurs are Hungarian+Karluk
  210. Orban: Procreation not immigration is the answer to the coming decline in Europe’s population
  211. Court rejects Holocaust survivors’ claims against Hungary
  212. PM Orban calls for autonomy for ethnic Hungarians beyond borders
  213. Levantine Christian Whiteness, are they White?
  215. Hungary " The Apricty World Cup "
  216. Gábor Vona beszélgetés Törökországban
  217. Hungarian exodus from Mezopotamia to the Steppe
  218. Magyar genetika
  219. Magyar - Sumer kapcsolatok Badiny Jós Ferenc professzor előadása
  220. huns
  221. Hungarian Nazis committed Holocaust murders, says WJC leader
  222. Is she hungarian?
  223. Would you please help me classify Vikidál Gyula?
  224. Will Hungarians ever love Romanians?
  225. Information about Magyar (Hungarian) and Hungarian peoples?
  226. Ordered my Y-DNA test
  227. Would you go to war to take transylvania?
  228. The good morning Hungary Thread
  229. Orban cites Russia, Turkey, China as models for Hungary
  230. Kurultaj 2014 held with great enthusiasm
  231. Hungary and China hold first defense strategic consultation
  232. Hungary PM Orban condemns EU sanctions on Russia
  233. Holocaust Memorial in Budapest Vandalized
  234. Often in Hungary never saw the Hungarian Guardsmen
  235. Hungarians face the Ukraine crisis - Transcarpathia
  236. Cyprus: Hungarian investor plans to turn Paphos into Dubai (7.5 billion euros investment)
  237. Chicago court hears arguments Holocaust case
  238. "Bought Journalism". Udo Ulftokke reveals the manipulation
  239. Hungarians 5x times more likely to be in a interethnic relationship.Romanians the lowest.
  240. Hungarian non-european population
  241. Gypsy stealing phone in Hungary Video
  242. Who do magyars hate the most?
  243. Romanian-Hungarian War through western eyes.
  244. Injustice of Trianon - Are you for or against it ?
  245. US sanctions Hungary over "corruption" allegations
  246. Eric Hunt: A zsidó gázkamracsalás
  247. US becoming a creepy Control Freak. Nato Ally Hungary gets sanctioned too now
  248. MY CITY: Budapest betwen 1860-1910 (old PHOTOS) DEAL WITH IT!
  249. Hungary's far-right Jobbik makes local election gains
  250. Hungarian architecture of the 10th century