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  1. Nation and State in Modern Hungarian History
  2. Hungary - 1100 years in the heart of Europe
  3. Translation into Hungarian
  4. Hungarizmus - a Nyilaskeresztes Párt és Hungarista Mozgalom története
  5. Hungarian Revolution in 1956
  6. Revolutions of 1848 in Hungary
  7. Hungary-Slovakia Summit
  8. Hungarism - the Idea of Hungarian National Socialism
  9. A tribute to Miklos Horthy: His life and service for Hungarian freedom!
  10. A tribute to Ferenc Szalasi: Founder of the Hungarian Arrow Cross Party
  11. Did English get the word 'Hello' from Hungarian?
  12. Hungary to outlaw Holocaust denial
  13. Sziasztok!
  14. The Possibility of Independence in Vojvodina
  15. The youth movement "64 counties"
  16. General Bela Kiraly, leader of 1956 uprising, dies at 97
  17. Magyar Gárda
  18. The Hungarian Holy Crown (Szent Korona)
  19. Hungarian lawmakers reject Holocaust denial law
  20. Slovak discriminatory policy against Hungarians - document from 1996
  21. Debate on citizenship for Hungarians living abroad
  22. The Slovak Language Law: Hungarian reaction
  23. Hungarian Guard Event Broken Up
  24. What do you think about Hungarians?
  25. The Corvinus Library
  26. Rise of Hungary's far-Right Jobbik party stirs disturbing echoes of the 1940s
  27. Rise of Hungary's far-Right Jobbik party
  28. Hungarian Jews Demonstrate Against Hungarian Guard
  29. Hungary Elections: First Step to Power for Far-Right Since Nazi Era
  30. Hungary's woes favour far-right
  31. Jobbik party proposes settling Gypsies in "public order protection camps"
  32. Analysis of New Hungarian Dual Citizenship Laws
  33. Flood of Toxic Aluminum Waste Inundates Hungarian Towns
  34. Sándor Petőfi- Hungary's national poet
  35. What exactly is Hungary's new media law about?
  36. What do Magyars think about Mongols in Europe?
  37. The Hungarian-Turkish Connection
  38. Hungarians and Slovaks
  39. Court convicts Roma gang of racist crime; hands down 29 year sentences
  40. Pictures of Hungary - Magyar képek
  41. Hungarian War Crime Suspect Acquitted
  42. EU Remains Silent as Hungary Veers Off Course
  43. First-ever war crimes prosecution against Soviet Army in Hungary
  44. What do you like and don't like about Hungarians?
  45. Jobbik
  46. Ki itt magyar?
  47. Hungaryan Jews
  48. Hungary Credit Rating Cut to Junk at Moody’s
  49. Assassination attempt on a Jobbik mayor
  50. Would have Kossuth/Popovici borders satisfied hungarian aspirations?
  51. Hungary destroys 1,000 acres of Monsanto maize
  52. On Magyar migration
  53. A Világ Legjobb Panaszlevele
  54. Appeals arguments heard in Holocaust lawsuit against Hungary
  55. Hungary fights back!
  56. Hungarian Mass Demonstration Shows Support for Orban Amid EU Row
  57. Hungary Court Hears Wiesel's Holocaust Lies
  58. Hungary in World War 2
  59. MPs burn EU flag in Hungary
  60. Videos of Hungary in WW2
  61. Liberation
  62. Liberation
  63. 5000 thousand year old script found at the Bam river excavation site in Iran
  64. Jobbik kampányfilm: a csodafegyver
  65. Jobbik proposes linking voting rights to schooling
  66. Boycotts as right-wingers move in on Hungary's cultural scene
  67. Poor, abused and second-class: the Roma living in fear in Hungarian village
  68. Hungary's far-right: Jews not welcome here
  69. Mandatory Public Work Projects in Hungary for the unemployed
  70. Are Magyars Europeans in an ethnoracial sense?
  71. Justice 4 Hungry
  72. Krasznahorka vára("Krasna Horka") Castle destroyed by Slovak scum!
  73. Hungarian lawmaker urged to quit over anti-Semitic speech
  74. Budapest Court Gives Green Light to Gay Pride March, Overrules Police
  75. Hungary must try alleged Nazi collaborator
  76. Germanic ancestry in modern Hungary
  77. Gov’t guarantees safety of Jewish community, says Lázár
  78. Horthy plaque unveiled amid protest in Debrecen
  79. Should Rumania annex Hungary?
  80. Elie Wiesel returns Hungary honour over Nazi 'whitewash'
  81. Anonymous punishes Hungarian neo-Nazis; hacks, defaces websites
  82. Hungarian Jewish leader, US academic target anti-Semitism, failure to face up to Holocaust
  83. Visit Hungary :)
  84. Jewish groups call on government to remove alleged anti-Semitic writers from national curriculum
  85. Wiesenthal Centre in drive to speed up proceedings against Hungarian war crime suspect
  86. Netanyahu urges Hungarian leader to act against resurgent anti-Semitism
  87. Leader of anti-Semitic party in Hungary discovers he is Jewish
  88. Hungarian Banks Win Dismissal of Holocaust Claims
  89. Hungary's far-right calls for zero tolerance against Roma
  90. Eastern-looking Hungarians
  91. Who are Hungarians?
  92. Magyar Music
  93. Hungarian Deputy Calls for Resignation of 'Israeli' MP
  94. Miss Hungray 2012-Miss Universe typical Hungarian girl?
  95. Hungarian law exposes ‘abusive’ politicians to fines, removal
  96. "Sixteen Children Make Ida Happy"
  97. Dont mess with the Hungarians!
  98. Hungary Plans 50% Hike in Holocaust Pensions
  99. Kurultáj - The Eastern Tribal Assembly
  100. True religion of the Hungarians?
  101. Hungarian town fails to stop park being named after Hitler ally
  102. 1944. október 15. – Az utolsó kísérlet Magyarország megmentésére
  103. Debate on Hungarian origins
  104. Jewish delegation expresses concern about anti-Semitic and racist speech in the country
  105. General Hungarian Politics thread
  106. This is what happens when a twenty-year old country searching for its identity
  107. Vojvodina is Hungary!
  108. Hungary WW2 clips
  109. The winner of the first Pongrátz Gergely Merit Award is anthropologist Zsolt András Bíró
  110. Hungarian language: origin
  111. Azerbaijan problems
  112. Gábor Vona's State of the Nation Address 2013
  113. Auschwitz or museum trip for Hungary Holocaust denier
  114. Huns in a Swiss valley
  115. Eastern Magyars
  116. Hungarian flag was banned during “Szolnok Olaj” vs “Hapoel Holon” basketball match in Szolnok
  117. Consequences of Trianon
  118. Quotes about Hungarians
  119. Simon Wiesenthal Center instructed the Hungarian government to investigate Jobbik "Iranian relations
  120. Everybody afraid of the liberal-Bolshevik leprosy
  121. Hungarian prime minister warned over moves to increase his power
  122. Old pictures from Hungary
  123. U.S. joins EU in warning of Hungary over rights
  124. Hungary: Constitution Changes Warrant EU Action
  125. Thirty thousand people demanded territorial autonomy for Székely Land in Marosvásárhely Romania
  126. As Hungary's electoral campaigns kick into gear, public apathy abounds
  127. History of Budapest Public Transportation
  128. Merkel warns Hungary to listen to its ‘friends’
  129. Iran and Hungarian party form anti-Semitic alliance
  130. Hungary hands awards to well-known anti-Semites
  131. Estonian Week in Hungary Begins
  132. Hungarian interview with Holger Apfel, the President of the NPD
  133. US Ambassador Tsakopoulos Kounalakis issues statement on state award to controversial journalist
  134. Hungary to Buy Gas Storage as Orban Seeks Wider Sway Over Assets
  135. Verhofstat: Time to suspend Orbán’s EU voting rights
  136. Late Huns in the Caucasus
  137. Forint rises after Hungary cuts rates
  138. Hungary wants to boost trade and economic cooperation with Ukraine
  139. Socialists at ten-year low in latest TÁRKI poll
  140. Hungary latest census
  141. Slovak court moves toward imprisoning Hungary war criminal
  142. Hungary interested in exploration and extraction activities in Romania
  143. Hungary to pull out of Afghanistan this week
  144. What is the secret behind the 167 Hungarian Olympic gold medals?
  145. Hungary Plans Interest-Free Loans to Small Businesses
  146. please - tell me about this "Magyar Viking"
  147. President of European Jewish Congress says Hungary should be kicked out of the EU
  148. Jewish group demands ban on biker parade ridiculing Nazi gas chambers
  149. Discrimination of Gypsies Looms in Hungarian Schools
  150. Hungary central bank deputy in protest resignation
  151. Hungarian prehistory
  152. Reformed Church Minister Lóránt Hegedűs calls for anti-Bolshevik and anti-Zionist rally
  153. Many Hungarians believe membership in the EU is more harmful than beneficial
  154. Hungarian folk costumes
  155. Runic artifacts in Hungary
  156. Hungary high in global antisemitism
  157. Hungary Expects Exit FHungary’s government expects to exit rom EU Budget Monitoring Without Measures
  158. Tibor Navracsics on Hungary exiting the European Union:
  159. State funding for students to visit Auschwitz
  160. Hungary is on a fast track to the past
  161. Hungary is a featured guest in China Investment Conference
  162. Jew has moved to Israel
  163. Albert Wass' son took the Hungarian citizenship oath in Las Vegas
  164. Hungarian film thread
  165. Conquest period bow has been reconstructed
  166. A delicious antidote to Jobbik’s anti-Semitism
  167. Society based on “Christian values” superior even for non-religious
  168. Hungary Priest From the Nationalist Jobbik Party Plans Anti-Jewish Rally
  169. JEWISH MEDIA: Huge Hungary Rally Denounces Anti-Semitism
  170. Hungary bans foreign farmland ownership
  171. Hungary Risks Wider Russian Trade Gap, Szijjarto Says
  172. Jobbik's support has tripled in Barcs
  173. Gerald Warner: We should fight Hungary’s corner
  174. Hungary OKs Limit to Nazi, Communist Symbols
  175. Secret-service flap is among “gravest political scandals” in 20 years
  176. EU says it will probably start legal action against Hungary over constitutional changes Read more:
  177. Government to set up a National Heritage Institute
  178. Greater respect for manual labor as Hungary transforms economy
  179. Hungary, Moldova seek closer ties in energy, air travel sectors
  180. Serb-Hungarian liaison. Impossible?
  181. Hungary opens Baghdad embassy for first time since Gulf War
  182. Hungary warned its democracy could be put under international scrutiny
  183. Voice recording of Lajos Kossuth from 1890
  184. Orbán on European secularism
  185. Jewish Congress prepares to meet in Hungary amid claims of anti-Semitism
  186. Hungary rights campaigner victim of 'anti-Semitic assault'
  187. The Honorary President of the World Federation of Hungarians Sándor Rácz returns to his creator at t
  188. Swedish nationalist politician Erik Almqvist moved to Hungary
  189. Trianon: why Hungarians hate Romanians, and vice versa
  190. Hervé Ryssen: A judaizmus pszichopatológiája
  191. Hungary vows to defy European Comission on tax holiday for home distillers
  192. Open letter to the head of the Prime Minister's Office on the issue of the holocaust by the Hungaria
  193. Hungary vows to defy European Comission on tax holiday for home distillers
  194. Fidesz touts Hungary’s employment record, says left “stabbed workers in the back”
  195. Jobbik May Day Picnic -- Photo report
  196. Jewish World Congress in Budapest
  197. Court overturns ban on Jobbik protest ahead of World Jewish Congress event
  198. Jewish leaders alarmed by far-right, anti-Semitism in Hungary
  199. TO READ: The Hungarian minority question in Slovakia and Romania
  200. German language newspaper "Pester Lloyd"
  201. Jobbik “anti-Zionist” demo goes ahead in Budapest
  202. Felvidék Hungarians protest against globalist agent Gordon Bajnai Dunaszerdahely visit
  203. Fascist 'Jobbik' party wants Jews out of Hungary
  204. Hungary Destroys All Monsanto GMO Corn Fields
  205. Hungary the new Bad Boy in Europe?
  206. Finnish language course starts in the village of Geresdlak, Baranya county
  207. Happy with personal finances: Hungarians, 8%; Czechs, 34%; Poles, 41%
  208. Amnesty Int’l urges Hungary to sign protocol on citizens’ rights during crisis
  209. Big increase in number of asylum-seekers in Hungary
  210. German expert gives enthusiastic thumbs-up to Hungary’s Constitution
  211. The World Jewish Congress was highly disappointed with PM Viktor Orbán's opening speech
  212. EU committee proposes mechanism in case Hungary is found in breach of values
  213. State program to encourage more Hungarian babies in 2013
  214. MPs approve law adding emigrants’ children to Hungary’s population count
  215. Hungary intl reserves rise €427 mln to €35.9 bln in April
  216. The Portuguese palace that Orbán wants “back”
  217. Hungary calls for UAE to set up embassy in Budapest
  218. Heydar Aliyev postage stamp issues in Hungary
  219. Hungary Seeks Austerity-Free Way to Remove Budget Shackle
  220. A magyar kormány nem járul hozzá Auschwitz fönntartásához
  221. Population could shrink to 7 million unless new policies are enacted
  222. Nine Gypsies get jail time for “crimes against the nation” after attack on Jobbik
  223. Interest in Hungarian citizenship is growing
  224. Hungary court sentences 3 to jail for anti-Semitic behavior
  225. Hungary’s Forint Resurgent In Carry-Hunting Season
  226. Roma Jailed In Hungary For “Crime Against Nation”
  227. 3 Hungarians Convicted for Anti-Semitic Incident at Jewish Congress
  228. Jobbik spokeswoman Dóra Dúró gave birth to her second child
  229. Christian churches back Jews facing anti-Semitism in Hungary
  230. Liberal-Bolshevik scum shattered the memorial plaque commemorating the Hungarian victims of second w
  231. Orbán: Hungarians are freedom fighters and patriots, denies conspiracy against country
  232. Hungarians of Nordic type.
  233. Hungary Considers Do-It-Yourself Funerals
  234. Orbán says “unfair” Europe must not turn back on Christian roots
  235. Central European Legal Forum will be held next year in Budapest jointly organized by Hungary and Rus
  236. Hungary is prepared to defend the nation against biological warfare
  237. Merkel says Hungary must be guided to “right path” within EU
  238. Jobbik says Hungary should focus on opening to eastern markets over EU,
  239. Government begins transfer of state property to local councils, Catholic Church
  240. Over a thousand danced this year's “Csűrdöngölő” Youth Folk Dance Festival in Csíkszereda
  241. Hundreds of thousands of people took part in the 2013 Csíksomlyó pilgrimage – photo -report
  242. Should Hungary block serbian aspirations for membership in EU?
  243. Is hungary more a Balkan nation than a central european?
  244. Eastern Opening:Uzbekistan,Turkmenistan, Belarus
  245. Former Bolshevik agents no longer receive extra retirement benefits
  246. Orban compares Merkel with Hitler
  247. Hungary out of EU?
  248. Hungarian government: We refuse to be a pawn in Germany’s political battles
  249. Hungary Wagner festival will not "Ring" in composer's birthday
  250. Hungary: Towards the Abyss