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  1. The Recession Map Of England
  2. Boris Johnson Considers Amnesty for Illegal Immigrants
  3. Whitehall's egg and bacon divide
  4. Primary school cancels nativity play because it interferes with Muslim Eid festival
  5. Id Have Kept It!
  6. Mother told to take down her Christmas lights... in case they offend non-Christians
  7. Prison Bans Chapel Crucifix to Avoid Offending Muslims
  8. Prehistoric settlement uncovered
  9. Cathedral Bans Popular Hymn Jerusalem
  10. Neighbour held after pensioner decapitated and head dumped in wheelie bin.
  11. Muslim hospital beds to face Mecca 5 times a day?
  12. Man flies to Pakistan using his SISTER's passport
  13. Ancient Burial Ground Uncovered in Dorset
  14. Riots In London Streets
  15. Rare Honesty in a Rural Yorkshire Town
  16. Muslim Sues Bank
  17. Morris Dancing Faces Extinction
  18. Stonehenge was 'giant concert venue'
  19. Most Coomon Surnames in England, Wales and Isle of Man.
  20. Police 'encouraged' to hack more
  21. What a drag as pub goers switch to electronic ciggies
  22. The Anglo-Saxons and Their Language
  23. Learning Old Englisc online
  24. Prince Harry commits Racial Faux Pas
  25. How They Rebuilt Stonehenge.
  26. Building Stonehenge.
  27. Southall will be made the new capital city
  28. Woman, 91, dies 'after £16,000 council bill to make her home eco-friendly'
  29. Child Sucks on Surgery's Needle.
  30. Huge Iron Age haul of coins found.
  31. The Tory Atlas of the World
  32. Homeless couple forced to pitch tent in graveyard.
  33. Counties Of England.
  34. Black Rapist Targeted White Women
  35. Druid wars: How a drunken row over 4,000-year-old bones is causing chaos in pagan cir
  36. Description of England - according to Unenclyclopaedia.
  37. "One for the Bristol City..."
  38. Hate Mail from Creationists
  39. TÆFL.
  40. The Union of England and Scotland is over.
  41. Islamic pub 'mulls future expansion'.
  42. Oldest British Brain Found
  43. Peaceful March Planned in Leicester
  44. An Open Conspiracy
  45. We Are Losing Our Country
  46. The English War Bow
  47. UK: Police adopt Hijab uniform
  48. Carol Thatcher Fired for Racist Remark
  49. London at night.
  50. A good deed? or a PR stunt
  51. Diplomat Arrested for Anti-Semitic Rant
  52. Fatal Crash Driver Used Laptop
  53. Deadly cold snap has led to month's delay in funerals.
  54. Starved Girl's Fear Of Dentists
  55. Axe falls on St George: Parade is halted after council says it attracts racist thugs.
  56. Couple wrongly accused of abusing their baby cannot have their children back.......
  57. Domino's Pizza bans pork to offer Halal only.
  58. BBC Censorship, Nu Labour and Dhimmitude
  59. 13-Year-Old becomes Father
  60. Geordie Girls Are Fat.
  61. Bank of England asks Alistair Darling for go-ahead to print money
  62. Man 'waged urine-spray campaign'.
  63. Worcester On Verge Of Being Twinned With Gaza
  64. England's Top Ten Burglary Spots.
  65. Triple Cop Killer to be released
  66. MI5 Alert on Bank Riots
  67. 'Cricket was invented in continental Europe,' claims Australian academic.
  68. 7 March Rally in London
  69. Found guilty by the court of public opinion.
  70. Will the Queen ever learn to tell her ministers "NO!"?
  71. Bank of England ‘prints’ £75bn
  72. Vandals in England?
  73. Harry Potter the 'proud Englishman'
  74. Newcastle for freedom: The Independence Card Played Too Far.
  75. Something That Really P***ed Me Off Today!!!
  76. The NHS in another blow to the English taxpayer’s wallets
  77. Town hall threat to seize empty homes: campaign to force owners to sell or rent out
  78. English National Dress.
  79. War Crimes Trials Now! British Labour Party Liars!
  80. Futsal: The Saviour of English Football?
  81. 'Negative' attitude to Robin Hood.
  82. Christian Minister Attacked, Threatened by Muslims
  83. Family claim they are simply "too fat to work"
  84. Dozens of pupils throw stones and eggs at buses and cars in riot.
  85. Petition for Magna Carta's 800th Anniversary.
  86. English National Resistance
  87. Romanian doctor suspended for calling Asian colleagues 'orang-utans'
  88. The Polish deli owner accused of refusing to serve English customers
  89. St George Will Reign Once Again ON England's Shores.
  90. St George's flag confiscated in 'racist symbol' row
  91. London imposes de-facto 9PM curfew on under-16s
  92. City workers told to wear dress-down disguises to beat G20 rioters
  93. A Rotherham Lad Being "Culturally Enriched".
  94. Brown and Palace Discuss Reforms to Monarchy
  95. G20 summit: Fears that anarchists plan to hijack march
  96. European protesters march in G20 rallies
  97. Protesters storm RBS office as thousands of anti-capitalists ransack the City
  98. Archbishop of York joins calls for greater recognition of St George
  99. The Amazing Rants Of Comrade Duncan: ENGLISH NATIONALISM.
  100. End of the road for free go-anywhere bus pass for the over-60s
  101. A St George's day festival is not very British.
  102. Celebrating Englishness does not mean you are B.N.P.
  103. England's Morris dancers fight back
  104. Minorities Favoured Over Pensioners
  105. Do you think that St. George's Day should become a public holiday in England?
  106. 1m demand: Give us st george's day holiday
  107. Boris Johnson scraps multicultural music festival Rise
  108. CEP challenges David Miliband
  109. Sinn Fein MPs claim £500,000 of your money to pay for London flats
  110. Common Purpose Infiltrators
  111. Borders row after terror arrests
  112. Terrorist Plot on Easter shoppers stopped in time
  113. A Yorkshire question....
  114. Glastonbury: England’s oldest sacred landscape?
  115. Russell Brand decides that if you can't beat 'em you may as well join 'em
  116. Reclaim our Englishness and throw out the burgers
  117. BNP by-election campaigner arrested over 'racist attack'
  118. Village overridden on potholes
  119. English Folk Music
  120. Council 'spying' to be restricted
  121. Paki sex tourist gets kidnapped by Jewish mafia in Ukraine
  122. Stephen Hawking Admitted to Hospital
  123. What's the craic and other anglicisms :D
  124. Is The UKIP Genuine?
  125. Pagan Ordered to End Stonehenge Protest
  126. Why does Robin Hood keep coming back?
  127. KFC converts eight London restaurants to halal-only menu
  128. Nigsy? Trigger? N-word dilemma bounces on for Dam Busters II
  129. How an English Parliament will affect The English and Other FAQ's
  130. Socialist Unity's review of 'Breaking up Britain'.
  131. Scottish devolution accepted both sides of Border, ten years on
  132. Queen's Trinity Cross medal scrapped... because it's 'too Christian'
  133. NHS spending on management consultants is ‘shocking’
  134. An Unfortunate spate of fires.
  135. I want more handouts, says 18-year-old mother-of-three
  136. BNP Election Broadcast Dates
  137. In search of Europe: England
  138. Bush Barrow Bronze Age treasure exhibition, Wiltshire
  139. The Anti-BNP Propaganda's In Full Swing
  140. Gordon Brown: "It's ooor country".
  141. Nigel Farage and the £2 Million in Expenses.
  142. 7 kids since 15, says mum on benefits
  143. Boris heads bid to stop BNP leader 'hijacking' Queen's summer garden party.
  144. The Seven Sins Of England
  145. UK-Canada English language incident at the Apricity! ;)
  146. Knitted village
  147. 100,000 Gurkhas to be resettled in UK by 2011
  148. Rally turns violent as mob chants "terrorists out" of UK
  149. Monarchy: Host David Starkey
  150. Are You 100% English
  151. Prince Charles winning fight with Qatar royals over historic site
  152. Whose tapestry is it anyway?
  153. Nine out of 10 immigrants live in England
  154. Britain's job losses growing in all sectors
  155. I saw Holocaust horror...don't ever let hate win
  156. In the eyes of the law, queers are better than the English
  157. Britain works on swine flu vaccine
  158. BBC offers £30,000 in apology to Muslim Council of Britain
  159. Anti-BNP Poster
  160. Spectator: The Rise Of British Racism May Be Horribly Close
  161. Brown unmoved by expenses scandal, dire polls
  162. British union votes to boycott Israeli universities, academics
  163. Farmer branded racist for telling the truth about travellers
  164. Would You Buy This T-Shirt?
  165. Cameron: 'You're just not up to the job,'
  166. London's magical history uncorked from 'witch bottle'
  167. First county council seat for BNP
  168. Who opened the door to the BNP?
  169. County Council Election Map
  170. Mayor vows to cut Gay Pride funds
  171. BNP gets into EU, BBC hysterical
  172. London is Serbian!!
  173. Nick Griffin Pelted With Eggs
  174. The Sun's View of the BNP
  175. A life taken in the name of 'respect'
  176. English gets millionth word on Wednesday, site says
  177. Father in coma after he is hurled off 25ft Spanish holiday balcony
  178. "Moderate" Muslims expel teacher from school
  179. Archaeologists find skulls on route of new road
  180. England: Local moron deliberately blocks-in ambulance, giggles; causing patient death
  181. Canterbury 'not gay enough'
  182. Learner drivers who cannot speak English up by half in three years
  183. Angry students storm university
  184. Rorke's Drift: Popular Myths
  185. Getting your kicks on Route 1066
  186. English music and verse and the great English pipes.
  187. Game: English Regional Word Identification
  188. The Peasants Revolt.
  189. Huge Pre-Stonehenge Complex Found via "Crop Circles"
  190. Muslim Woman Wins Payout for "Red Dress Hurt Feelings"
  191. Speaking 'plain English'
  192. Police 'illegally' stopping white people to racially balance stop-and-search figures
  193. Teachers' body won't stop BNP working in schools
  194. Protests at BNP's 'victory' rally
  195. MP provokes kids playing football in the street
  196. The Transition Point for Nationalism UK
  197. Vatican Reveals Letter That Split England From Roman Church
  198. Four in ten under-20s in London aren't white
  199. Amnesty for illegal immigrants would cost £1m/immigrant
  200. England: gang rapes in the city (videos)
  201. English Country Backswording
  202. School Bans Morris Dancers Over Black Faces
  203. Housing tops Brown's policy plans
  204. Couple beaten in road rage attack
  205. More cash, less tax for Charles
  206. At last, the truth about immigration and council house queue jumping
  207. Iraqi Rapist Nearly 'Slashed Man's Face Off'
  208. Rapes in London Schools Rise 100%
  209. Wessex Regionalist Party
  210. England versus Australia with the WELSH anthem!
  211. The Real Middle Earth
  212. Bradford reflects on many shades of Englishness
  213. Pair jailed for web race crimes
  214. Another child kidnapped from parents and put up for adoption by the State
  215. PCSO Gestapo enter private properties under the guise of "crime prevention"
  216. The church of England asks its flock for £1,000 a year.
  217. How do i find £465 to leave the country?
  218. Doctors sceptical about Dr Kelly's "suicide"
  219. Dig reveals Roman transvestite
  220. 'Rain tax' parliament lobby plan
  221. Riot police raids family barbecue
  222. Loner turns would-be bomber via the web
  223. Cave record of Britain's pioneers
  224. West Country raises a glass to Wassailing
  225. English Refugees in the Byzantine Armed Forces
  226. The unashamedly ENGLISH thread.
  227. Eco-towns approved despite country devastation fears
  228. Uncle Gary, future wideboy of the Royal Family
  229. Secret Council Tax hikes
  230. Pregnant mother cut her children's throats
  231. Did your ancestors fight at Agincourt?
  232. ...and the new Miss England is...?
  233. Commonwealth War-Graves Commission database
  234. "Nothing of interest"
  235. 1066: The Battle of Middle Earth (Ch.4)
  236. Cheating wife could face 'honour killing' after lover gets the acid treatment
  237. Ploughmen, peasants,and boys aged 12, heroes of Agincourt database.
  238. 'English schools best, not Scottish'
  239. Petition for an independent England and Wales.
  240. Somali newspaper offices attacked
  241. The soul of England lives in the public house
  242. English National Resistance
  243. PC police force issues Muslim headscarves
  244. Celtic Devon
  245. Ancient Dumnonia
  246. Who were the Hwicce?
  247. Vikings in Liverpool
  248. 51 Headless Vikings Found in English Execution Pit?
  249. The morning mist cleared to lead to the capture of a king
  250. Brown ‘betraying English victims’