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  1. Full time for the Springbok?
  2. [SPLIT] A Question for South Africans
  3. Averting a Disaster?
  4. SA Cop: You whites must f*** off
  5. The Great White Hope of Africa
  6. Albert Schweitzer's Prophetic Warning
  7. Stellenbosch pictures
  8. White Poverty in South Africa
  9. Should Germanic South Africans emigrate?
  10. South African Flag?
  11. Behind 'The Third Boer War'
  12. Anti-Apartheid Activist Suzman Dies
  13. Ever seen anything so dangerous???
  14. Taalafstand van Nederlandse dialekte
  15. HIV/AIDS stats
  16. The Future Face Of South African Construction.
  17. SA Water Demand Exceeds Supply
  18. PTA Woman Attacked After Row With Gardener
  19. Hou Afrikanerdroom aan die brand
  20. To S.A. members
  21. Buitelandse Suid-Afrikaners mag stem
  22. Lesbians raped as "Cure"
  23. Elections tomorrow
  24. The Death of Johannesburg
  25. Operation Priscilla
  26. Tribal ‘healers’ increasingly powerful in SA politics
  27. S.A’s new R500 banknote has spelling error
  28. "Dry sex" worsens AIDS numbers in southern Africa
  29. 1998 documentary (South Africa) about child prostitution
  30. Color blind Home affairs
  31. Sangoma's
  32. I want to be a Jailbird NOW
  33. One for the road sing along guys and dols
  34. The dirty side of Africa
  35. The secret race war in South Africa that threatens to overshadow the World Cup
  36. "Here is Wisdom..."[Revelations 13:18]
  37. Quarter of men in South Africa admit rape, survey finds
  38. Waarom alle volksbewuste Dietsers moet saamwerk
  39. South African rapist: 'Forgive me'
  40. Arthur Conan Doyle's "The Great Boer War"
  41. South African Strike Threatens World Cup
  42. Will South Africa Be The Next Zimbabwe?
  43. Could we not display the old South African flag along side the forum title?
  44. Funny videoclip of Brit TV reporter getting close and personal with lion
  45. SA pigeon 'faster than broadband'
  46. Battle of Blood River
  47. The last stand
  48. Barehanded Bull killing
  49. "Racist YouTube Video That Shamed South Africa"
  50. South Africa....Message to Tourists
  51. Good bye South Africa
  52. What racists---there are no racists
  53. Wind verfomfaai Wes-Kaap
  54. Joernaliste dalk howe belet
  55. Polisie verkrag glo jong ma
  56. Your life is in danger.
  57. Stern message to Europe
  58. Soutpiel/Dutchies Lets breed them out hahaha
  59. New Coffins, Old Flags, Microorganisms And The Future of the Boer
  60. Zuma the honest broker---give me a break
  61. Blacks do not need legs
  62. Question for South Africans
  63. The new racism
  64. Dinkum Train Surfing in Soweto
  65. Ons was met die rug teen die muur'
  66. Battle of Bloodriver
  67. Stabbed Canadian couple's trail leads straight to Huntley
  68. The real truth about Apartheid
  69. UK versus SA perceptions of Zuma
  70. NP is uit sy broek onderhandel
  71. On the dole...
  72. Jail rape of white South African men a war crime
  73. Tourist killed by 'dinosaur-sized' shark
  74. Die dronk draad
  75. South Africa police 'lose 3,000 guns a year'
  76. Tegenlicht: Trade Mark 2010
  77. 90% of White Farms handed over to Blacks have failed
  78. White farmers plan to seize government property
  79. Using babies for muti is not enough,now
  80. Farewell to a brave warrior
  81. Ethnic group oppression in south africa
  82. 5 met grawe, messe in dorpshuis aangeval
  83. Viva Mandela-viva FIFA-Viva Sepp Blatter
  84. Lady In Lion's Den
  85. Metro Monkey Madness
  86. We are in deep shit,do not handover your guns
  87. South Africa far-right leader Terreblanche 'killed'
  88. AWB Leader Eugene Terreblanche murdered
  89. Plaasmoord: Staat moet nou optree
  90. ANC planning Zimbabwe style land invasions after World Cup
  91. From one genocide to another(SA-New Zealand)
  92. Infamous-Shoot the Boer song in (English)
  93. RAPE is the new buzzword in South Africa's already crime-sated media.
  94. Countdown to a massacre
  95. Eugene was glo op dorp saam met werkers
  96. Race outbursts sign of unhealed wounds in SAfrica
  97. Afrikaans Rap
  98. "The Matrix" - Cape Coloured version
  99. South Africa? Armageddon time?
  100. This week's atrocities in South Africa
  101. How we were corrupt a kaffir speaks out
  102. Is Genocide Coming to South Africa?
  103. VIDEO: Stop the Boer genocide! Demonstration in Stockholm.
  104. The curse of the kaffir is upon 2010 world cup
  105. Revolution and betrayal in South Africa
  106. Ever been raped by a kaffir NO? you don't know what you are missing
  107. So n paar snaakse SA deuntjies
  108. Short history of South Africa
  109. I am Boer
  110. The Mandela myth
  111. We are a fokked up nation
  112. ‘Kill Boer” protestors target kids at Bethlehem Afrikaans High School
  113. Pictures of South Africa [PHOTO THREAD]
  114. To The Afrikaner/Boer from a foreigner
  115. Where to from here? Loki
  116. Marriage in SA?
  117. Anika's murder and that by a white kaffir ????
  118. Mean Streets How we live in South Africa
  119. Today’s Muti Special……Sautéd scrotum & kidney pie !
  120. Revealed: how Israel offered to sell South Africa nuclear weapons
  121. Afrikaner songs to remember
  122. Kisse me,plese kisse me, fikki fikki on a platter
  123. Asega---------Nederlanderschap
  124. Gone to heaven and found no virgins waiting for me
  125. South Africa is the farthest from equater, why aren't the natives, very light or olive skin tone??
  126. Hanskakie
  127. Nieuw heizeldrama in Johannesburg
  128. Cash heist--- the first one
  129. South Africa World Cup Debacle Thread
  130. SA insulted by hoax Fifa logo
  131. Operation Rob The Darkies
  132. When you leave the WC,take your bastards with
  133. Interesting video on Afrikaners in Orania
  134. Do ex-pats hate South Africa
  135. UK's Sunday Mirror failed attempt to engineer World Cup scare stories
  136. Duquesne the hero!
  137. Whale whacks yacht off South Africa
  138. Destitute Afrikaners Descending Into Starvation
  139. The Bokke
  140. Sign up for your USA sponsered dick-washing course in Gauteng
  141. When democracy becomes populism: Palin, Malema and the rise of the unread
  142. Mugabe's darkest secret: An £800bn blood diamond mine he's running with China's Red Army
  143. Boer Farmers Considering Emigration to Asian Georgia
  144. This guy is a freaking genius
  145. Who was South Africa's best friend during the apartheid era?
  146. The Toughest Team in Sports?
  147. Drakensburg Boys Choir
  148. One in three South African men admit to rape, survey finds
  149. Two anthems
  150. Petition to Prosecute Malema
  151. War on white South Africa
  152. Hunt is on for pistol that could be the first weapon of the armed struggle
  153. Joburg's billing crisis: The horror. The horror.
  154. n' Land wat nie naar kinders kijk nie is doomed
  155. South Africa: Detailed Analysis: 2010: Collapsing into a Failed State 41% unemployment - The Super A
  156. Ecstasy and the Agony - South Africa (2001)
  157. At Thy Will South Africa
  158. U2's Bono Endorses "Shoot the Boer" Song
  159. "12 Jews Honored on African Stamps as Apartheid Fighters"
  160. Niemand doen kop in die sand beter as ANC
  161. Veteraan-joernalis Franz Kemp sterf in Jhb
  162. Afrikaners
  163. Cape Coloured Teeth
  164. Negroes raped your daughter?
  165. Education for Afrikaner children?
  166. I don't see large white populations in South Africa in 50 years, do you?
  167. Pride of Eagles: The Rhodesian Air Force
  168. Van Dis in Afrika
  169. Would africaners emigrate to look for safer life ?
  170. White settlers never stole any land from Africans
  171. Corruption
  172. SA black criminal/BBC street interview "I killed two traffic cops for their guns"
  173. Lets have a jolly good Murder Day to day
  174. Blacks can not ru a country
  175. Tutu's white tax suggestion 'racist': FF+
  176. Facebook Photo of White Man with Black Child's Body Shocks South Africa
  177. Skilled Boers denied work: starve in SA streets
  178. Afrikaner woman had to pose naked for cops
  179. Black farmers selling land back to whites
  180. "Julle vermoor julle eie Nederlandse taal!"
  181. Verengelsing in Nederland en Suid-Afrika
  182. Valse Vrienden Afrikaans & Nederlands
  183. Afrikaans hoort by Nederlands
  184. De invloed van het Afrikaans op het Zuid-Afrikaans Engels
  185. Young Africans rebelling against White and Older
  186. South Africa's Julius Malema denounces 'racist' courts
  187. UN chief praises ANC
  188. Gang-raped Cape Town woman dies
  189. Genocide Watch upgrades South Africa to stage 6
  190. The Boer War
  191. Screw you Julius Malema
  192. Kaffir accused in court of raping a goat
  193. South Africa Brutal Murder: Mother, Father, Son Executed In Their Home. Mother Also Raped
  194. Another white farmer murdered in genocidal attack
  195. Desmond Tutu Says ANC Government Worse Than Apartheid Regime
  196. Why whites don't want to apologize for apartheid
  197. Trial in Eugene Terreblanche death to start in South Africa
  198. White teen girls kidnapped and set on fire in South Africa
  199. Couple Told They Are In Incestuous Relationship
  200. Zulus pushed to swap real fur pelts for fake, cheaper versions to save leopards
  201. Raped student 'strong and brave'
  202. Twelve Prominent Jewish Anti-Apartheid Activists
  203. Too white to study medicine
  204. The Horrors of Apartheid
  205. AIPAC-style lobbying group launched in South Africa
  206. ANC Youth Leader: We will target “white men and white monopolies.”
  207. South African Police vs Gang
  208. Churchill on killing to make love
  210. STOP THE "BOER GENOCIDE" IN South Africa!
  211. Questions about South Africa?
  212. My idea for a new South Africa
  213. South African dance and music.
  214. Nationwide South Africa Project Awareness March
  215. OnsvirJou.nl
  216. The Boer Wars were fought for the Jews
  217. Afrikaans media ignores many hatecrimes
  218. Kwasizabantu German mission.
  219. Is Cape Town a racist city?
  220. Hulp Rutte gevraagd voor straatnamen Pretoria
  221. South African historical anthems
  222. A South African/Rhodesian girl who has done well for herself
  223. Battle Lines: Last Boer War Veteran
  224. Banned South African advertisement...
  225. South Africa Carjackings
  226. R3NDI3R (youtube channel)
  227. Eugene Terre'Blanche murder: farmworker found guilty
  228. South African President weird portrait
  229. SADF Border War
  230. Sandra Laing
  231. My cousin's son needed emergency surgery after swallowing metallic balls
  232. Oos-Randers tik Aussie-rowers dik
  233. Baby Born With One Eye, Penis On Forehead In South Africa
  234. Pretorius was a great South African
  235. Nelson Mandela, South Africa's legendary leader, is 94 today
  236. Snow in the Karoo!
  237. You know you are South African when...
  238. Strange South African Names...
  239. South African Sick Notes
  240. Funny Pictures of South Africa
  241. White South African family massacred by 4 negroes, mother raped & family dog disemboweled
  242. Stellenbosch SD - South Africa Travel Channel 24
  243. Stayin' Alive in Joburg
  244. Stellenbosch - Western Cape, South Africa
  245. Cape Town - Western Cape, South Africa
  246. Franschhoek - Western Cape, South Africa
  247. Top 10 Wineries in South Africa - AND MORE!
  248. The Castle of Good Hope - Cape Town, South Africa
  249. Cape Town Gardens
  250. World's First Heart Transplant, Groote Schuur Hospital, Cape Town, South Africa