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  1. A Crow in Hell.
  2. Tribute to Vargtand...
  3. Beamlines To Reveal Secrets of the Mummies
  4. 3d map over sweden :P
  5. Members' cell phones
  6. Yuichan: Artificial Intelligent Socratic Zen Conversationalist
  7. any explication of this phenomenon - when no applications are running, officially?
  8. Apple Removes Baby Shaker Game
  9. Digital SLR cameras
  10. Monitor Calibration
  11. Numbers stations
  12. For all those who do not already Know...
  13. Google Streetview - Blessing or Curse?
  14. Most useless inventions ever
  15. What is your favorite watch, do you have more than one?
  16. Bloody green everywhere!
  17. Medieval II Total War
  18. Big Brother rolls out Blackberry spyware
  19. The worlds first 3D digital camera, launched in Britain.
  20. GTA IV Thread
  21. Japan developing remote control for humans
  22. Microchip that tells the GP if you’ve taken your pills
  23. Robots to get their own operating system
  24. Bill would give president emergency control of Internet
  25. The Myth of Technological Progress
  26. [email protected]
  27. How do I....?
  28. ???????????
  29. End in site for Yugoslav domains
  30. See Through Walls
  31. 7 Deadly S.E.O Link-building Mistakes
  32. Public to monitor CCTV from home
  33. Telepathic Ultrasound Billboard Ad
  34. Scientists create 'artificial ionosphere' using radio waves
  35. Terahertz Wave Body Scanners Destroy DNA
  36. Scientists create Star Trek-style phaser.
  37. Robot Festival in Tokyo
  38. Videogames find ways to help real CSI solve crimes
  39. Microchiping included in Healthcare Bill?
  40. Tips wanted...
  41. Google phone 'Nexus One' rumours gather pace
  42. 13 Year old boy Has Time Machine plan that works
  43. If Browsers were Women..
  44. Do you own a TV?
  45. Augmented reality is on its way
  46. Request...
  47. Meet Robonaut 2
  48. Members cameras.
  49. Open Wi-Fi ‘Outlawed’ by Digital Economy Bill
  50. StarCraft II beta
  51. Blackberry's and teathering
  52. Conway's Game of Life
  53. "White guys suck" according to this blog study.
  54. Tiny Pic lost 400
  55. Nokia unveils the N8
  56. Second Life
  57. Explosion at California water fuel research company kills inventor
  58. Eyeborg: Canadian Rob Spence replaces eye with video camera
  59. Want to read quickly? Forget e-books
  60. Homefront
  61. iPad users 'are the selfish elite', claims survey
  62. How Perl Saved the Human Genome
  63. Samsung Galaxy S
  64. Want to know whether your wife, sister or daughter has left the county?
  65. Hate the Apricity? Then this is the game for you.
  66. It Takes a Village Idiot: The Jerks of Online Forums
  67. Stuxnet Hits China Hard
  68. Please help me!
  69. Robot actor makes stage debut in Japan
  70. "Electronic Pickpocket"
  71. iPhone snitch network launched
  72. IPv4's Last Day: What Will Happen When There Is Only IPv6?
  73. Mario Kart Wii - Apricity championship.
  74. The MealSnap iPhone application counts the calories in your meal for you
  75. Commodore 64 returns!
  76. The Virtual Revolution
  77. The New Wii
  78. France Telecom bids "adieu" to Minitel
  79. Anonymous no more
  80. Google's Motorola Acquisition Shifts the Battle
  81. Top 10 Best Alternatives To YouTube
  82. Get ready for a stretchable Ipod
  83. GPS Monopoly Challenge: Russian GLONASS rockets up
  84. Team Swastika group hacks 10,000 global Facebook account details
  85. Why computer voices are mostly female
  86. Real-Life Inception: Army Looks to ‘Counteract Nightmares’ With Digital Dreams
  87. ereaders: Does anybody here have one?
  88. Honda Unveils Faster, Smarter ASIMO 'Humanoid' Robot
  89. The real you: Say goodbye to online anonymity
  90. Imagine a cellphone battery that stayed charged for more than a week and recharged in just 15 minute
  91. Up in Smoke: iPhone Glows Red on Plane, Melts
  92. Six hundred million gamers could be war criminals, Red Cross says
  93. Star Wars: The Old Republic
  94. Atomic or Astronomic Time?
  95. Design process made smoother with CAD drawings.
  96. Google speeds toward a future with driverless cars
  97. Prothink.tv
  98. Made in xyz: Which countries in Europe are the best?
  99. IsoHunt and All Popular P2P Sites Down
  100. DuQu Mystery Language Solved With the Help of Crowdsourcing
  101. How to easily add images to Apricity (or any other forum...
  102. Bye Bye BlackBerry. How Long Will Apple Last?
  103. In other Silicon Valley news...
  104. Bill Gates funds new machine that filters your toilet waste back into 'drinkable' water
  105. Apple's "Revolutionary" Product: iTV, Games Console, iPhone 5?
  106. Sex-for-Hire Robots Predicted by 2050
  107. Finally! A Robot Ass for You To Spank
  108. iPhone v Android
  109. Dead musical artists on tour????
  110. Smartphone: Black or White?
  111. Ghost Recon Alpha - Official HD Film
  112. Lord of War movie
  113. Call for Ray Bradbury to be honoured with internet error message
  114. "Skynet" has unofficialy born
  115. iPhone 5 ... final rumours
  116. Steve Jobs and Bill Gates together in 2007
  117. PC Gamers; What kind of system do you game on?
  118. Gamers; What is your top 3 all time fav games?
  119. Gamers; What is your top 3 of most horrible games ever played?
  120. Games; Upcoming releases.
  121. Ross Levinsohn departs after Marissa Mayer gets Yahoo CEO post
  122. Windows 8 "Enterprise N" RTM has leaked
  123. What headphones do you use?
  124. Japanese 3D-Printing Company Creates Models Of Your Live Fetus
  125. Samsung topples Apple as top smartphone maker
  126. "Wiki Weapon" Print your own gun.
  127. BBC Basic: the people's language
  128. Apple iPhone 5 or Samsung Galaxy S III
  129. Anonymous
  130. The Pirate Bay moves to the cloud
  131. 4G / EE is it worth getting?
  132. IMAX Magic of Flight
  133. Liquid body armour
  134. $1.5million worth of iPads stolen
  135. The Cost of Powering the Internet
  136. Capturing streaming video
  137. Galaxy S III issue.
  138. Airport/aircraft appreciation thread
  139. How It's Made : Steel Safe's
  140. How It's Made : Sword's
  141. How It's Made : Hot Dog's
  142. How It's Made : Euro Coin (€2)
  143. How It's Made : Sandwiches
  144. How It's Made : Pencil's
  145. How It's Made : Highlighter's
  146. How It's Made : Button's
  147. Games you Played When Younger that Shaped You.
  148. Tron Bike (Lithium Powered)
  149. Rube Goldberg Machines
  150. Who Invented Radio?
  151. Amazing technology - the web from your contact lenses!
  152. What game are you currently playing?
  153. International Space Station
  154. experienced advice appreciated
  155. 3D Printing.
  156. Chemicals cause gender-bending
  157. Electromagnetic Weapons Technology/Railguns
  158. Google's newest technology: Google Smell
  159. Break Out a Hammer: You’ll Never Believe the Data ‘Wiped’ Smartphones Store
  160. Iran's Space Monkey
  161. Mission to Find Life on Other Planets to be Launched in 2017
  162. Wheres My Robot? (BBC Documentary)
  163. Earth Under Water (BBC Documentary)
  164. Evacuate Earth
  165. Which Mobile Phone do you own?
  166. Deepest Sea Highway
  167. 10 Amazingly Dumb Things We Do with Smartphones
  168. The Story of Science | Can we have unlimited power?
  169. Still glowing strong: Britain's oldest light bulb keeps on shining after an incredible 130 years
  170. 2013 Gumball 3000 – The Team Galag Batman Tumbler
  171. Diamond Labs
  172. Most data isn’t “big,” and businesses are wasting money pretending it is
  173. Patents by country how East Asians and Americans buy the Future
  174. Samsung galaxy s3/s4 vs iphone 5/4
  175. Robots will take our jobs, but it’s hard to say when
  176. 25 Worst Gadget Flops of All Time
  177. The Mysteries of the Cereal BoxThe complicated history of how a cereal box closes
  178. 10 Inventions That Changed the World
  179. 10 Strangest Patents
  180. Cheetah cub: Headless running robot cat could aid in rescue research
  181. Astronomical Clocks
  182. Map the iPhone Users In Any City, And You Know Where the Rich Live
  183. Help; What the fuck is wrong with my iphone's internet?
  184. PayPal Galactic will help people buy stuff in space
  185. Qatari Prince’s $500,000 Glow-in-the-Dark Lamborghini Impounded in London
  186. smartphone for 69€ from spanish company telefonica and chinese ZTE manufacturer with Forefox OS
  187. 10 inventors who didn't get mega-rich from their inventions
  188. 15 Surprising Things That Can Be 3D Printed
  189. Authorities 'use analytics tool that recognises sarcasm'
  190. World's lightest material
  191. Bored of being a grown-up?
  192. Bio-plastics and clothing made from raw milk
  193. Paper Thin 'E-Skin' Could be Future of Flexible Interactive Displays
  194. A New Wi-Fi-Enabled Tooth Sensor Rats You Out When You Smoke or Overeat
  195. Which TV should I buy?
  196. Is this the best teddy bear ever? Supertoy talk back, play music and surf the internet
  197. Stuff the older members will recognise: A blast from the past!
  198. The Mini Lisa: Scientists 'Paint' Iconic Work on World's Smallest Canvas
  199. The future of travel: Hyperloop will 'shoot' passengers from LA to San Francisco in 30 mins
  200. Elon Musk - the future of energy and transport
  201. Why Can’t My Computer Understand Me?
  202. Is this a decent computer for 'light' gaming
  203. Out Of The Comics, Into Reality: Jet Pack Moves Closer To Market
  204. Rare French 17th-century "pocket" calculator set for London sale
  205. Austronesian : most advance boat sailing technology ? ( southeast Asian civilization pride )
  206. This 1,600-Year-Old Goblet Shows that the Romans Were Nanotechnology Pioneers
  207. How Its Made (Accordion)
  208. Tomorrow's cities: How the Venus Project is redesigning the future
  209. Life without a cell phone
  210. Dry-Tech: The 20 Coolest Umbrellas You’ll Ever See
  211. Pinhole Photography: 10 Paper Cameras For Photograph Purists
  212. Questions regarding iPhone 5
  213. I hear dead people! New voice-cloning technology could give new life to silenced greats
  214. Drone Technology In Everyday Applications: Not Just For The Military Anymore
  215. Astronaut X-Ray Photographs
  216. If the New iPhone Has Fingerprint Authentication, Can It Be Hacked?
  217. New Sony Micro Console puts American competition in their place.
  218. Russia brings outsourced technology back from China to Europe
  219. 7 Gadget Predictions Sci-Fi Authors Got Right
  220. Youtube getting more and more retarded, they removed video responses
  221. Consent granted for first commercial tidal energy development
  222. European stole Alien technology = that is why they became superior and most advance
  223. Pseudo Caucasian look from black/white photography ex: Japanese Jomon , Black , dravidians ect )
  224. Gold iPhone 5S vs 50 Cal
  225. How Human Do We Want Our Robots To Look?
  226. Incredible Technology: How to Map a Lightning Strike
  227. Flexible gadgets are one step closer
  228. 1st Fully Bionic Man Walks, Talks and Breathes
  229. Projection mapping illusion video is a must-see
  230. Jew Noel Biderman makes money off infidelity
  231. Forgotten Papers of Nikola Tesla
  232. The 20 most fascinating accidental inventions
  233. Seeing in the Dark
  234. Paranoia: China appliances hack into computers through wifi, says the russians.
  235. Blog attempts to answer when the dead will outnumber the living on Facebook
  236. American F 35 vs Russian Sukhoi Pak FAK
  237. 12-Year-Old Whiz As Smart As Ph.Ds
  238. The SeaOrbiter: Futuristic Marine Research Vessel Launches CrowdFunding Campaign
  239. Iran develops sea rescue drone prototype in Tehran
  240. American protectionism to defend their monopoly on Global Information
  241. Steve Wozniak prefers now Yota Phone over Iphone
  242. When Samsung made game consoles
  243. Gagadoll
  244. Proof that using american stuff is hurting you
  245. A world first: South Africa develops digital laser
  246. For sale: Rare German successor to the Enigma machine
  247. The Romans Pioneered Nanotechnology In AD 400
  248. Who Owns the World’s Biggest Bitcoin Wallet? The FBI
  249. 15 Future Technologies That Should Scare You
  250. The German military power