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  1. Where Was Obama Born?
  2. Governor of Illinois Arrested for Conspiracy
  3. President Barack Hussein Obama
  4. US car bail-out fails in Senate
  5. Pressly Rape-Murder: Media Withholded Race of Rapist-Murderer
  6. Chrysler plants close for a month
  7. GM and Chrysler Will Get $13.4 Billion in U.S. Loans
  8. Folk Den
  9. Arkansas family welcomes 18th child, a girl
  10. Zero Interest Rate Policy
  11. U. S. Justice Dept. working on non-lethal weapons
  12. Love Story Lie Exposed
  13. Black women in the U.S. getting shorter
  14. Russian Professor Predicts End of U.S.
  15. Fed to the World: Have a Hyper(inflationary) New Year
  16. Bush and lawmakers sneak a national DNA databank into existence.
  17. `Civil War` In Virginia
  18. What a Faux Pas! Rude Americans Arrive in France
  19. Amish Sue Over Building Code Dispute
  20. US Budget Deficit to Reach $1.2 trillion
  21. Nah’sir Rayzohn Moore
  22. Stonehenge Beneath the Waters of Lake Michigan
  23. An American Debate
  24. Obama camp 'prepared to talk to Hamas'
  25. America's Fastest-Growing States
  26. Oy Vey!
  27. Refusal to Investigate
  28. Loose Change
  29. Who is Calling the Shots in Washington?
  30. Atheists want God stricken from inaugural oath
  31. The U.S. Economy is being Marched to the Gallows
  32. Mumbai-like attack could happen in U.S. : Bush aide
  33. MLK DAY
  34. If You Could Change the Constitution
  35. Bad economy makes for more military recruits
  36. Americans help me Im confused !!!!
  37. Youtube: Obama, Assasination, and the White Supremist Threat
  38. Whites Insulted in Inauguration Benediction
  39. Another Erosion of the Fourth Amendment
  40. Interesting Chart
  41. April 11th
  42. What will be Obama's first major mistake?
  43. Obama Ending War
  44. America in 2043.
  45. National Socialist Movement Sponsors Highway
  46. Jewish-American population density map
  47. After less than a week in office, Obama's approval rating plunges 15 points
  48. First Humans in Americas Came From Europe
  49. Jobless benefits hits record
  50. Army suicides at 3-decade high
  51. How realistic is a North American currency?
  52. New Legislation Authorizes FEMA Camps In U.S.
  53. Senator Warns White House Will ‘Create Crisis’ and ‘Panic’ to Push Stimulus
  54. Conspiracy Theory Coming True
  55. School Children Complain Of “Obama Worship” During Lessons
  56. Octuplets' mum 'already has six'
  57. Georgia Guidestones
  58. Black Catholic appointed "Leader of the Republican Party"
  59. Defense Department Announces Civilian Expeditionary Workforce
  60. Black History month
  61. Nests In Hell
  62. Obama: Trilateral Commission Endgame
  63. A Military Dictatorship Coming To America
  64. When each American state will lose its White majority
  65. Federal Judge Rules on Same-Sex Marriage Benefits
  66. Obama creates faith-based office with wide mission
  67. Job loss: Worst in 34 years
  68. The Lessons of the Roman Empire for America Today.
  69. Hawaiian secession...?
  70. The Isreali Who Runs Obama Economic Plan
  71. Military to swear oath to Obama, not constitution?
  72. Senate President says taxes "voluntary"
  73. Rumspringa
  74. Encoded Ammunition Act
  75. New Hampshire fires first shot in civil war!
  76. Der umbongo. Can I haz me a house?
  77. 9 States Quietly Declare Their Independence
  78. Pork bailout bill could ban guns for millions of Americans
  79. US debt greater than GDP of the world.
  80. American ancestry map
  81. Good Texan Joke
  82. New York Post Accused of Racism
  83. The United States is Essentially a Nation of Cowards
  84. Negro killed Anne Pressly - No Outrage
  85. Texans: Woodharrow Institute Germanic culture lectures 2009
  86. Integration has Failed in the United States
  87. Senator Shelby Questions Der Ombongo's Birth Certificate.
  88. Shame on the Federal Union...
  89. My President Is Black.
  90. Mithracon in New England
  91. $25,573.48-What Der Ombongo's budget will cost each taxpayer
  92. US banks told: prepare for 47% drop in house prices
  93. Stimulus bill gives $1B to Jewish social service providers.
  94. John Bolton at CPAC: The Benefits of Nuking Chicago
  95. Teenage Girls 'Pimped Out Their Classmates'
  96. US, UK in Global New Deal
  97. "Drunken Negro Face" Cookie Baker Visited By Secret Service, Black Panthers
  98. French Creoles/Cajuns
  99. Newbos
  100. Irish-American Heritage Month.
  101. Lou Dobbs: Obama setting up a New World Order
  102. Patriot Militia In The US?
  103. What Are You?
  104. Obama to reverse restrictions on stem cell work
  105. State Sovereignty
  106. Survey of Political Views of U.S. Professors
  107. Don't Trust Wikipedia
  108. Demographics Of America
  109. My taxes pay scholarships for Palestinians at US schools.
  110. Alabama Shooting Spree
  111. Vasa Order of America
  112. Apparantly Obama is Part Irish now....
  113. Sheriff investigated for arresting illegals.
  114. Oath Keepers
  115. Gun Ban Lists Revealed
  116. The Obama Deception
  117. The Government is Strengthening the Parasite
  118. I know what I want...
  119. Ron Paul bumper sticker = terrorist
  120. US Births hit 4.3 Million in 2007
  121. The concept of nativism...
  122. US Deports Former SS Guard
  123. Things YOU can do to stop the Globalists dead in their tracks
  124. Much Bigger Deficits Forecast
  125. Israel’s American Chattel
  126. Regulate Executive Pay
  127. Observations Concerning the Increase of Mankind
  128. Graduation fury: Obama to speak at Notre Dame
  129. Mass Grave of Irish Immigrants Found in Pennsylvania
  130. Postal chief says post office running out of money
  131. Federal criminal complaint contends Obama ineligible.
  132. Guantanamo inmates to be released and given welfare
  133. Critics call WTC tower name change unpatriotic
  134. Group claims bias in UMass stabbing prosecution
  135. Tax Day Tea Party
  136. Taliban Chief Vows 'Amazing' Attack on Washington 'Soon'
  137. UN Chief says crisis could result in failed States
  138. Gay Marriage now legal in Iowa
  139. Mexican president: US authorities 'complicit'
  140. Creating Race in Colonial America
  141. US Sends Elderly Widow Back to Germany
  142. Prezident Thinks Austrian Is A Language.
  143. White House now denies Ombongo bowed to Saudi king
  144. Is Turkish TV dissing Ombongo?
  145. '2 year, $4 million' road repair performed in one week for free by citizens
  146. Government Sponsored Medical Care
  147. Wonder Woman Says 'Right Wing' is 'Spreading Hate'
  148. No he can't! Arizona college snubs Obama
  149. Is 'Americanism' a religion?
  150. Racing Past the Constitution
  151. 2 year old girl beaten to death in Chicago.
  152. Battle/Republic
  153. Homeland Security on Alert of Right Wing Extremists
  154. Texas Governor back State's sovereignty bill
  155. Cybersecurity Act would give US president power to 'shut down' Internet
  156. Tea Parties in US
  157. The ethnic identity battle in America..
  158. Left wing extremists attack, break window at former Congressman's speech
  159. Obama Declines to Call Armenian Deaths in World War I a 'Genocide'
  160. Netanyahu to Obama: Stop Iran—Or I Will
  161. American folk music
  162. A New Constitution
  163. The Rotting Racist Underbelly of the Tea Party Protests
  164. Opinions about the US
  165. America in 2050 : Another country
  166. High court poised to review civil rights laws
  167. White Servitude in Colonial America (docs)
  168. What adopting a white girl taught a black family
  169. Alabama councilman removes Confederate flags from graves
  170. May 17th Bay Ridge Brooklyn Norwegian Day Parade
  171. "Hawaii lawmakers back the creation of 'Islam Day'"
  172. Court Upholds Searches Of Muslim Groups in Virginia
  173. Should the United States return to a Gold standard?
  174. Emma & Jacob top names for US Newborns in 2008
  175. Recovery? What Recovery?
  176. Man Detained for Displaying “Don’t Tread on Me” Bumper Sticker
  177. The Third Jihad
  178. Obama: May is Jewish Heritage Month
  179. Sharp Decline in Immigration from Mexico
  180. GPS system in US could fail by 2010
  181. US jobless claim falls to 631,000
  182. Interesting documentary New York Blackout 1977
  183. White House : Officials working to overturn army's policy on homosexuals
  184. Suspects in alleged synagogue bomb plot denied bail
  185. Minority-Majority date pushed back 10-years
  186. President’s Detention Plan
  187. Gay US diplomats to receive equal benefits
  188. US bank closures hit 36 this year
  189. Obama nominates anti-white judge to Supreme Court
  190. California High Court Upholds Gay Marriage Ban
  191. What is it like..To Not Be An American..?
  192. Reporting to their masters.
  193. Petraeus : Gitmo closure boosts war on terror
  194. Obama merges security councils
  195. NAACP Demands Confederate Flags be Banned from NASCAR
  196. Obama warned against forming 'Extreme Court'
  197. US plans new agency to control banking system
  198. Obama to declassify confidential documents
  199. GOP unwilling to filibuster Sotomayor
  200. Mansfield Flag Controversy Draws Worldwide Outrage
  201. US soldiers ordered to share suicide plans
  202. Multiracial are Fastest Growing US Group
  203. Bush backs 'torturous' interrogation methods
  204. New "Buy White" Movement
  205. Voter Intimidation Charges Against Black Panthers Dropped
  206. US newspaper ad calls for Obama assassination
  207. Germans to Thrash Romans in Minnesota!
  208. How Financial Markets Really Work
  209. US-Russia relations: Hitting the ‘restart button’ – not so fast
  210. Obama, four cities, and the ‘20-year crisis’
  211. Democrats now pushing for VAT tax in US
  212. Under Obama, wiretrap docs. rest with torture photos
  213. US lawmakers spend public fund on luxury
  214. US military recruiting 'hacker soldiers'
  215. Abortion Doctor Gunned Down
  216. ADL : Anti-Semitic incidents decline for 4th straight year in US
  217. Racism makes black women fat!
  218. The Obama Infatuation
  219. In CIA briefings, Cheney controlled input on torture
  220. USA, One of Largest Muslim Nations?
  221. A Perfect Storm
  222. American capitalism gone
  223. Russian Old Believers
  224. Illegal Chinese immigrants slip into Texas
  225. U.S. to send back stowaway on plane from Ethiopia
  226. White People Lost Their Constitutional Right
  227. Gunman, Guard Shot at Holocaust Museum
  228. The White Rodney King
  229. More Manning.
  230. Union wanted bullet-proof vests for holocaust museum security guards
  231. CIA head says Cheney almost wishing US be attacked
  232. Fear Rules America
  233. Bill Clinton praises 'growing diversity'
  234. Baltimore Sun refuses to print column about 'urban tribal savages'
  235. American Empire Is Bankrupt
  236. Obama's Czars
  237. Round up hate speech promoters?
  238. Fed Reserve Regulation
  239. Conservatives now largest ideological group
  240. US Senate passes 'apology for slavery and segregation'
  241. Bill Clinton strikes again: blames black poverty on 'discrimmination'
  242. Segregated high school proms divide Georgia's students
  243. The Politically Incorrect Richard Nixon
  244. May new home sales dip 0.6 percent
  245. Woman pleads no contest in chips-for-sex case
  246. Southerners! How would you feel..
  247. Obama wants to push amnesty for illegal aliens, but may lack the votes
  248. Dispute arises over plan to rename nazi-cleaned highway after 'holocaust survivor'
  249. Nigerian columnist alleges Obama has 'African Colonial' mentality
  250. California, Here We Come!