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  1. British Megaflood
  2. Ancient Humour..Raunch, Riddles and Religion
  3. Sexy Viking Women
  4. Flemish Settlement in England, Scotland, and Wales.
  5. Terry Jones: Barbarians.
  6. The possible history behind the term Blue Blood
  7. Babelstone Blog..Ogham Decipherment.
  8. The American Party
  9. The Spartans.
  10. Stalking the Wild Taboo.
  11. The Normans.
  12. Ancient Chemical Warfare
  13. The psychedelic secrets of Santa Claus.
  14. The Celts.
  15. Homer's Odyssey Said to Document 3,200-Year-Old Eclipse.
  16. Post Roman Britain -The Anglo Saxon Conquest AD550-600.
  17. Post Roman Britain - Independent Britain AD400-425.
  18. The 5 Most Terrifying Civilizations In The History of the World
  19. The Celtic Cult of Headhunting.
  20. Battlefield Britain.
  21. "Horrifying secrets of Germany's earliest genocide Inside Africa's 'Forbidden Zone'"
  22. Lincoln's Opinion on the Negro
  23. Jo'burg Murders - May 2008 (in pictures)
  24. The Garden of Eden is found.
  25. Emperor Norton
  26. Esoteric Agenda
  27. Hidden Message Found in Lincoln Pocket Watch
  28. Vikings were 'model immigrants who lived happily alongside Ancient Britons'
  29. Europeans colonised America in 28,000 BC
  30. Doggerland: Britain's drowned world - Time Team Special
  31. The Ides of March
  32. Africans Came with Columbus to New World.
  33. The Naming of America
  34. Hannibal Was a Black Man
  35. Queen Elizabeth Decrees For Black People To be Repatriated.
  36. The Page of the Dead
  37. The Hanseatic League in the Eastern Baltic
  38. Churchill’s Crimes from Indian Holocaust to Palestinian Genocide
  39. The jousting accident that turned Henry VIII into a tyrant
  40. German Atrocities in Poland - WW2
  41. Communism...
  42. Politcal scientist attributes America's racial decline to Harry Truman
  43. Potsdam Agreement - for Roybatty
  44. Full translation of Herodotus, The Persian Wars
  45. Women often preferred Nazi invaders to their countrymen
  46. Red Man vs White Man: The Seventh Great Race War
  47. A History of New Sweden
  48. Christianity and the Holocaust Ideology
  49. The Dresden bombing : An eyewitness account
  50. How Allies Treated German Pows
  51. Human Loot : The Smallest Victims
  52. Human Loot : The High Cost of War by Women
  53. Inconvenient History
  54. The Coventry Blitz
  55. Scythians
  56. Sarmatians
  57. The political center of ancient Russia
  58. Kievan Rus
  59. Industrialization and Collectivization in USSR
  60. Norman origin of the theory of Russia
  61. The Secrets of the London Cage
  62. E. Michael Jones : L'affaire Williamson : The Church and Holocaust Denial
  63. Criticism of Holocaust denial
  64. A Chronicle of Holocaust Revisionism : Part 1 : Early Doubts (1945-1949)
  65. Khazar Kaganate
  66. The Jewish Diaspora in the Hellenistic Period
  67. Jews and Bolshevism
  68. Manuscript may be a medieval women's magazine
  69. Henri Roques : The Gerstein Report and the 1985 Nantes theisis affair
  70. My grandpa was a nazi ridiculousy
  71. WW2 and Serbia
  72. Revisionists challenge D-Day story
  73. 1983: The Brink Of Apocalypse
  74. The War Game [1965]
  75. BBC Radio 4: 'The Siege of Vienna'.
  76. The BBC highlights "the important events of the past 113 years"
  77. Albanian Waffen SS units
  78. Vinland Map is authentic, expert confirms
  79. Bodies of the Bogs
  80. Picts?
  81. The Soviet Threat to Sweden during the Cold War
  82. Monarchists' prank
  83. History of Europe in the 19th century
  84. New LIFE Photos Of Hitler's Germany Released
  85. How would the world be different if World War One was won by Germany
  86. Photos of German Military Campaign in Russia (WWII)
  87. If we hadn't fought World War 2, would we still have a British Empire?
  88. The Ulster Troubles (1980s documentary- not entirely complete)
  89. World War II: made in Versailles
  90. Hitler's Britain
  91. The Good German
  92. Dutch fluyt discovered near Stockholm
  93. The Dawn of Decadence
  94. Anne Frank on video
  95. Hitler and the grand mufti of Jerusalem
  96. Teddy Roosevelt's Panama Canal: Good or Bad For the World at Large?
  97. New Artwork by Leonardo da Vinci Discovered?
  98. A Roman Wedding.
  99. The Islamic slave trade: The untold story.
  100. New Book Says RAF Deliberately Targeted German Civilians
  101. The Brits Who Fought For Hitler (2002)
  102. The ‘Bokkenrijders’: Ghost riders in the Limburg sky
  103. "The Late, Great Helmsman"
  104. Did Roman Soldiers Eat Meat?
  105. Rise and fall of the Berlin wall
  106. TRUE Extent Of 1930s Ukraine Famine Revealed In British Journalist's Diaries
  107. Caesar: Patriot or Tyrant
  108. Winter war - 70 years ago today
  109. Pics from the Brazilian Historical Nobility
  110. Adolf Hitler's American Relatives
  111. Hitler's Declaration of War-speech on the USA
  112. Yugoslavia and the allegations of it being artificial
  113. FDR Kept Deadly Disease Secret, New Book Claims
  114. "Here Is What Started WW-2"- Youtube vid.
  115. The Six Months That Changed the World
  116. Falx
  117. Joan of Arc 'Relics' Confirmed to Be Fake
  118. History Channel: The Japanese Knights
  119. Terry Jones' Medieval Lives
  120. World's first Swiss Army knife
  121. Recording of Nazi officers who found Hitler's body released
  122. The Crusades: When Christendom Pushed Back
  123. Old Warriors
  124. Crimean War photographs by Roger Fenton, March-June 1855
  125. What happened to the people who called themselves Romans after the Fall of Rome?
  126. British-run interrogation camp that turned prisoners into living skeletons
  127. And Mighty Kings Feared My Warfare
  128. How Great Britain Wrecked the Development of Greece and Bulgaria
  129. PBS: Secrets of the Parthenon
  130. Was Einstein a fraud?
  131. Oldest 'writing' found on 60,000-year-old eggshells
  132. Ancient Norse Settlements Hit Cold Spell
  133. Justinian I's Empire
  134. The last leader of the UPA on events in Volhynia in 1943
  135. Serbia in WWI
  136. Archaeologists Uncover Land Before Wheel; Site Untouched for 6,000 Years
  137. The Knights Templar
  138. The Forgotten 500: the Greatest Rescue Mission of WWII
  139. If the German Reich and Austria-Hungary were one.
  140. Diana Budisavljevic, the forgotten saint of WWII
  141. Tsar Boris III's Funeral
  142. Janissaries - White slave troops for Turks
  143. Atmospheric effects of the laki eruption a.d. 1783 in Croatia
  144. 1962: Wings to Scandinavia
  145. Early 1970s: Surprising Amsterdam
  146. The British Isles: The Land and The People (1952)
  147. Modern France, the Land and It's People (1950)
  148. Russian Medieval Warriors
  149. The Air War in Bulgaria
  150. The Plot to Overthrow FDR
  151. The Jewish Role In The African Slave Trade
  152. The (US) Civil War.
  153. Liberty: The American Revolution
  154. The Spanish Civil War
  155. Countdown to Looking Glass [1984]
  156. How Britannia came to rule the waves
  157. Laser survey uncovers ancient Mayan City of Caracol
  158. David Irving
  159. Oldest Animation Discovered In Iran.
  160. \o
  161. "Britisches Freikorps" : The Story of the British Volunteers in the Waffen-SS
  162. Past Zionist-Jewish Terrorism
  163. Archimedes Set Roman Ships Afire with Cannons
  164. Historians locate King Arthur's Round Table
  165. Goths - who were they?
  166. Macedonia
  167. Divers discover 230-year-old champagne on Baltic seabed
  168. Racist advertisements
  169. Did Stalin Instigate World War II?
  170. The role of Citizen and Foreigner in Antiquity
  171. Chicks and WWII
  172. Outside Europe: Illegal excavation reveals an important discovery
  173. Hail Lucy! – the new Queen of the Stone Age
  174. Back To THIS Future?
  175. Nature Overcomes Man
  176. Wings To Yugoslavia (1964)
  177. The Yasa of Chingis Khan. A code of honor, dignity and excellence.
  178. Facebook and WWII
  179. The U.S. War on Yugoslavia (1999)
  180. Blowback (May 1996- article)
  181. The Bum Blockade
  182. Virginia - Past Is Prologue, 1970s
  183. The Soviet Story
  184. "Simon Wiesenthal ... Was a Fraud"
  185. 2000-year-old pills found in Greek shipwreck
  186. Europe's Black Hole
  187. Maybe an interesting speech: Dutch prime minister on the Fuel Crisis (1973)
  188. Iceland (1950s)
  189. Al-Andalus debate thread
  190. on this day in 1571
  191. Hitler exhibition breaks Germany's last taboo
  192. Hitler explains his attack on the Soviet Union
  193. Jews who didn't "look" Jewish under nazi rule
  194. Lothar Machtan, historian, University of Bremen
  195. National Geographic: Ancient Landmarks on Verge of Vanishing
  196. What if the Byzantines built a wall something like the Great Wall or the Hadrian Wall?
  197. Population of Italians and Greeks throughout the centuries of known history
  198. The KGB Connections
  199. Worst twentieth century Western-European leader?
  200. Which Balkan ethnic group resemble the original Balkanoids the most?
  201. The American Origins of Nazi Racialism and Eugenics
  202. Greatest hero in Western-European history?
  203. Your thoughts on the Mexican-American War?
  204. Most Important Reactionary Political Leader of the Twentieth Century?
  205. Katyn Massacre Committed on Stalin's Order, According to Russian Parliament
  206. Cultures of Europe 3000 BC
  207. We bombed the wrong side? (2004 article)
  208. The Vanished City of the Pharaoh - Ancient cultures
  209. Opinion of the British Empire?
  210. Hitler's Reichstag Speech of December 11, 1941: Germany's Declaration of War Against the US
  211. Who won the War of 1812?
  212. The Christmas Truce of 1914
  213. Timewatch: The Gladiator Graveyard
  214. Outside Europe: The Hanging Gardens of Babylon
  215. Your opinion of the Russian Empire?
  216. Winter solstice lunar eclipse 1638 and 2010
  217. The Celtic Balkans
  218. Most important naval battle in history?
  219. Concerning our views about The Second Great Western Civil War
  220. Would Germany be Italian today if...
  221. Ireland’s worst racist in America recalled
  222. Know Your Ally - Britain (1944)
  223. Youtube channel "germanicfolc"
  224. The Other War: FDR's Battle Against Churchill and the British Empire
  225. Nazis vs. Superman
  226. To die like a king: new study says it's most dangerous job in history
  227. If the Balkans never came under Ottoman rule
  228. The Atlantic Charter (1941)
  229. Neil Oliver 'A History of Ancient Britain'.
  230. Some Russian opinions about German soldiers in WOII
  231. Serbian crimes vs Croatian crimes
  232. What is your opinion of the Soviet Union?
  233. [SPLIT from Tsunami in Japan]The French Revolution: Enlightened Thinkers or Jacobin Jackals?
  234. what historical region and time period are you most interested in?
  235. Friedrich August von Hayek on the continuity between Nazism and Communism
  236. Seventeen Howes = Sutton Hoo
  237. Is Kosovo Serbia? We ask a historian
  238. When Britain and American Nearly Went To War: The Oregon Boundary Dispute
  239. Your thoughts on the Ottoman Empire?
  240. Interactive Maps of Historic Events
  241. The Prussian Origins of Arab Nationalism
  242. Why was Argentina a popular escape destination for German Nazis?
  243. Empire of Trebizond
  244. Eichmann had regrets
  245. Indo-European origins: Neolithic Anatolia still the best hypothesis
  246. The last Aryan King of Iran
  247. The Icomparable Hannibal.
  248. The 50th anniversary of human space flight
  249. What if the Soviet Union had beaten the US to the Moon?
  250. Who were the 'Cynesians'?