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  1. Your language skills?
  2. The Linguistic Creation of Man
  3. What are your favorite European languages, other than your own?
  4. Invisible Britons: The View from Linguistics
  5. The Billinge dialect
  6. Where did you learn English ?
  7. 11 Words That Sound Offensive, But Aren’t.
  8. Garden path sentence
  9. Anglo-Saxon Aloud.
  10. The Rogue Apostrophe
  11. It's all greek to me
  12. Ít's all Finnish to me
  13. English minus the non-Germanic words
  14. 2,500 languages threatened with extinction
  15. How many scripts (alphabets) can you read?
  16. Portmanteau
  17. 'Oldest English words' identified.
  18. What prompted you to learn the foreign languages you know?
  19. English Language
  20. The king and the god
  21. Lexical Distances
  22. Post your accent thread...
  23. Alsatian (Elsässisch) language
  24. Americans whose usage of English is dysfunctional
  25. Question: are here people that speak some Czech or a related Slavic language ?
  26. Your vs You're
  27. Lucy Kellaway on `Office Speak`
  28. Different Native Accents In Your Area/Town/City
  29. Non-native Kindergarteners Learn Vocabulary Faster Than Native English-speakers.
  30. Alphabets in Europe
  31. [SPLIT] Ancient European Alphabets
  32. Possible Origins of The Goths
  33. People and Land in early Scandinavia.
  34. The 100 most beautiful words in English
  35. The Society for Germanic Linguistics
  36. The International Phonetic Alphabet
  37. Phonetics for Beginers
  38. Dutch and Afrikaans?
  39. Greek Language
  40. Shetland accent
  41. The Way Different Peoples Speak English
  42. Norwegian, Swedish and Gaelic
  43. Most difficult language/s that you've learned, or have tried to learn.
  44. The Breton Language - A Language In Danger
  45. Language Learning Software Torrents
  46. The colonial accents thread
  47. 21 English accent
  48. Finnic-type pronunciation in Germanic languages
  49. Map of Indo-European Migrations
  50. The International Dialects of English Archive
  51. Old celtic language ---- Gaulish
  52. Old Frankish
  53. The Dreaded LL!!!!
  54. Do we care about preservation of our mother tongue?
  55. The death of language?
  56. Linguistic maps by Muturzikiña
  57. Baltic languages, Lithuanian in particular
  58. Leader, command! Leader, lead!
  59. Newborn Babies Cry in Native Tongue
  60. Linguistic Iberia through Time (Map Summary)
  61. The Anglo-Norman On-Line Hub
  62. Local dialects not dying out in Denmark
  63. Slavic Languages Discussion
  64. [SPLIT] The Roots of Hungarian
  65. Walloon from Wisconsin (USA)
  66. Egyptian Hieroglyphic Alphabeth
  67. German basic words and sentences
  68. International Dialects of English Archive
  69. Indo-European languages tree
  70. Parler francais comme un vache espagnol
  71. Hmmm
  72. How Nature Inspired the Alphabet
  73. The Celtic Roots Of English?
  74. From where this similarity came?
  75. France tries to halt march of English
  76. Use of "you" and "thou" (and equivalents in other languages)
  77. Runic Origins
  78. Acadian French
  79. Canadian Gaelic
  80. Help, with translations
  81. Belarusian, motherfucker! Do you speak it?!
  82. Why did British-English lose the "R" sound?
  83. Old Prussian Script?
  84. Tartessian: The first Celtic language?
  85. Poor Translation?
  86. Án folc, án ríce, án walda.
  87. Texas German
  88. Archaeologists given the rune around
  89. 'a' or is it 'an'?
  90. Etymologies
  91. Russian to English translation required
  92. 'Normanisms' in Canadian French
  93. Hes really Jamaican
  94. Which Cyrillic alphabet is your favorite?
  95. standard Jamaican english
  96. Conlangs
  97. History of cockney documentary
  98. Muslim or Muhammadan?
  99. British vs. American English: A 'Pony' Market?
  100. Most useful languages to learn
  101. Serbocroatian
  102. Foreign Accents Make Speakers Seem Less Truthful to Listeners
  103. One for Osweo
  104. Cumbric language
  105. Ancient Greek?
  106. Words you can't stand
  107. Lost in Translation
  108. Spread of Uralic languages
  109. Humans 'subconsciously mimic other accents', psychologists claim
  110. How regional dialects are spreading around the UK thanks to Facebook and Twitter
  111. The Odd Accent of Tangier Island, VA
  112. Are dying languages worth saving?
  113. Which languages are spoken at highest and lowest pitch?
  114. French of Trinidad
  115. Slang fread
  116. My Language
  117. Indian language is new to science
  118. David Crystal - Is control of English shifting away from British and American native speakers?
  119. What are the most important languages today globally?
  120. Women perfectly built to speak clearly
  121. Appalachian English
  122. Old Norse
  123. Test your (English) Vocabulary
  124. [SPLIT from "Today I..."] Dutch language reforms
  125. Viral, epic, fail and other 2010's "banished" words
  126. The way we speak now
  127. Archaic Greek in a modern world
  128. The Adventure of English
  129. Natteš Hakson
  130. Mongolian and Indo-European language similarities
  131. Latin Spanish or Castilian Spanish
  132. Future of World Major Languages
  133. Question in regards to West Country English and American English.
  134. English false-friends for Romance speakers...
  135. Speaking a second language can delay dementia onset for years
  136. The Stuff of Thought: Language as a window into human nature
  137. the anglican language
  138. The sound of Romance
  139. Is English the language of love?
  140. Why do we talk?
  141. The Oxford-English Dictionary Adds '♥' and 'LOL' as Words
  142. Is the Substrata of Celtic Languages Semitic?
  143. The Mirandese language (northeastern Portugal)
  144. Which language should I pick for my linguistics class?
  145. D'où vient l'accent des Québécois ? Et celui des Parisiens ?
  146. Linguistic out-of-Africa evidence
  147. Telling the time in your language
  148. Älvdalska
  149. Your native language
  150. Preserving regional languages- yes or no?
  151. Guess language!
  152. Bird dialects
  153. Yu Ming is ainm dom
  154. The Mother of All Languages
  155. Irish Language Group
  156. Database of audio with Cohee English
  157. Norwegian as a Normal Language
  158. Least attractive-sounding European language
  159. A little question about some 17th century English words ?
  160. Which Romance language is easiest for a French speaker to understand?
  161. How do you say in your languages...
  162. What does English sound like to non-native speakers?
  163. Andrea Petkovic teaches Spanish
  164. Languages of the Caucasus: which writing system should they use?
  165. Voices from Medieval Wales (AD 1070s- 1500s)
  166. Which accents are most different from the others; English, Irish, Scottish, or Welsh?
  167. Introduction to Belarusian Latin Script
  168. Old World, New World
  169. How do you say 'I love you' in your language?
  170. 'Apricity' in your language?
  171. Days of the Week
  172. Can anyone identify this language? Basque maybe?
  173. Latin:
  174. Why do some Americanisms irritate people?
  175. Cunt - male or female?
  176. Facts about your language
  177. Esperanto
  178. Does the notion of "Nordic countries" exist in your language?
  179. Droppin' and adding letters in Appalachian English
  180. Worst film title translations
  181. The Minorcans of Florida
  182. Why did only 6 Celtic words end up in English?
  183. The "Long s" (ſ)
  184. Frankish influence on French?
  185. Proto Hellenic homeland
  186. Recommendations For A History of The English Language?
  187. The Anglic Languages
  188. Poor Translation
  189. German Dialects in the USA
  190. Use of the letter "y" in English
  191. Which major Romance language sounds least like the others, to you?
  192. Rate the Hungarian language
  193. Most attractive-sounding European language
  194. Aramaic - Syria
  195. Does Faulty Grammar Signify Decadence?
  196. Inselaffe - I learnt a new word today
  197. The world by tweet language
  198. Language/English proficiency in your family?
  199. Accent: Staveley-in-Kendal, Westmorland
  200. Can you understand this woman?
  201. The Political Cleansing of Language
  202. How does Bosnian sound to you?
  203. Sumerian: A Uralic Language
  204. Latin - what does it sound like
  205. What languages did Jesus Christ speak?
  206. Should we revive Latin?
  207. Italo-Celtic
  208. Linguistic Prehistory in the Caucasus (and wider area)
  209. What does Chechen sound like to you?
  210. How does Tosk Albanian sound to you?
  211. 20 obsolete English words that should make a comeback
  212. Greek dialects! Best? Funniest?
  213. 'Mithering' and other obscure English words
  214. balk and Balkan
  215. Albanian dialect spoken in some parts of South Italy
  216. How Armenian sounds during quarrel (boy and girl, man and woman).
  217. Un-PC sayings about ethnic groups in your region
  218. How does Icelandic sound to you?
  219. Substrate in Sanskrit and Iranian?
  220. How does Georgian sound to you?
  221. Best Caucasian Language?
  222. Uralic evidence for the Indo-European homeland
  223. What does Hungarian sound like to you?
  224. What language was spoken in West Europe before?
  225. How does Serbian sound to you?
  226. What does portuguese sound like to you?
  227. The making of the fyroMacedonian language.
  228. What does Danish sound like to you?
  229. What does Croatian sound like to you?
  230. British and Irish users; How do you perceive the accent of the US South?
  231. How does Slovakian sound to you?
  232. How does Latvian sound to you?
  233. How does Icelandic sound to you?
  234. You and your family's linguistic background
  235. What does Basque sound like to you?
  236. Listen to Ricardo
  237. Has Hungarian changed much during the last 1200 years?
  238. How the Occitan language sounds to you?
  239. The Norfolk Dialect
  240. Can anything stop English-language hegemony?
  241. How does Gheg Albanian sound to you
  242. Irish language, is it still spoken?
  243. Which language sounds closer to Spanish phonetically?
  244. Italian language; closer in sound to Romanian or Portuguese (from Portugal)?
  245. Is Greek really an Indo-European language?
  246. Is Slovenian closest to Sanskrit
  247. How does Kosovar Albanian sound to you?
  248. Top Pop Mop Top Pot Shot Flops
  249. Best sounding language?
  250. Is Hebrew a Germanic language?