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  1. Russian Topol-M regiment on duty 24 Dec 08
  2. Women in the Military
  3. Russia starts S-300 missile supplies to Iran - Iranian MP
  4. Russia to quadruple nuclear missile output
  5. The Winter War
  6. Your prefered weapon in man to man combat...
  7. World War II Mass Grave Unearthed in Poland
  8. 'Atrocity-Producing Situations'.
  9. Terrorists working for Western Countries
  10. Russian & Italian navies hold joint exercises
  11. Citizen Soldier by 3DD, analysis by Alex Jones
  12. Afrikaans SS Poster
  13. Lancaster Crew Audio Recordings.
  14. Hell yeah!
  15. French Foreign Legion
  16. Israel Attacks Sudan
  17. Israel may be forced to attack Iran says PM
  18. Superthermite found in WTC rubble
  19. Anybody watching the new series Warriors on Spike
  20. Chinese hackers steal JSF secrets
  21. PAKFA
  22. Israel to US : We reserve 'right' to bomb Iran
  23. Obama vows to keep US military dominance
  24. US 'misused' bible to sell 'holy' war on terror
  25. 'Judge Dredd' weapon may come to life
  26. Is 'nuclear deterrent' overated?
  27. DoE gives 'inadequate' report on nukes cleanup
  28. US nuclear secrets accidentally leaked out?
  29. World's Nuclear States Map
  30. 3 questions about World War II
  31. Revolution, flashmobs, and brain chips. A grim vision of the future
  32. BREAKING NEWS: Venezuala Threatens Attack On Honduras
  33. Finnish author researches WWII from secret files
  34. The ongoing war against Iran, from Operation Ajax to today
  35. Germans developed the first stealth bomber.
  36. World may back Iran op as part of deal
  37. Russia's Navy On Verge Of Collapse?
  38. Revealed: £12bn hidden costs of Afghan war
  39. Weather Warfare
  40. Gary McKinnon and the shadow US government
  41. Expert Warns Of ‘Terminator’ Robot Threat
  42. SPLC’s Dees: Army Training White Supremacists
  43. Blackwater Founder Implicated in Murder
  44. Ex-employees claim Blackwater pimped out young Iraqi girls
  45. Cousin of 9/11 Hijacker Arrested as Israeli Spy
  46. Upcoming Military Robot Could Feed on Dead Bodies
  47. Military Testing of Gelatinous Goo Story on Unsolved Mysteries
  48. UK 'may have 40-year Afghan role'
  49. U.S. military: Heavily armed and medicated
  50. Veterans Are Right-Wing Extremists: Homeland Security
  51. Microwave weapon will rain pain from the sky on crowds
  52. Blackwater still getting millions in federal contracts
  53. Ex-diplomat: US supplies arms to Taliban
  54. Lockheed proposes funding plan for air-launched Patriot missile
  55. Air Force used Twitter to track NY flyover fallout
  56. Saakashvili preparing for another war says deserted Georgian soldie
  57. Another 45,000 US troops needed in Afghanistan, military adviser says
  58. The Real Grand Chessboard and the Profiteers of War
  59. US-Russia stand-off looms as Moscow announces expansion of military bases
  60. Six Viper militia members set free
  61. The DHS Snoop Balloon
  62. Gates: It’s A “Mystery” How Long US Forces Will Be In Afghanistan
  63. U.S. to Resume Training Georgian Troops
  64. Air Force RFID Tagging Everything
  65. Who is funding the Afghan Taliban? You don’t want to know
  66. Why Are We Fighting the Taliban?
  67. Deal: United States soldiers will deploy to Colombia
  68. “Incestuous” relationships between Blackwater and U.S. government
  69. Suicide car bomb at Nato base in in Kabul kills 7 and injures 91 in Taliban attack
  70. Russia building new ’star wars’ missiles: air force
  71. ‘Attacking Iran is feasible and credible’
  72. Much Of Afghan Drug Money Going To ‘Our Friends’
  73. North Korea putting troops on "special alert"
  74. U.S. to Change Iraq Pact
  75. Obama Warns Soldiers Coming Days in Afghanistan Will Be “Bloody”
  76. WW1 allied medal. But how many countries were Allies?
  77. Independent Investigation Into Pentagon Attack Yields Alarming Information
  78. More Evidence the 9/11 Commission Lied About Moussaoui-Atta Meeting
  79. Radio-controlled bullets leave no place to hide
  80. Batten Down The Hatches - A New Armoured Combat Vehicle For American Police
  81. A Primer On "Martial Law"
  82. U.S. Military Receives Order for Mandatory Vaccination
  83. Must be in the blood.
  84. Mach 6 Test Aircraft Set For Trials
  85. Dutch soldier killed in Afghan firefight
  86. The Vlfberht sword blades reevaluated
  87. U.S. Navy to Conduct Massive Atmospheric Experimental Tests
  88. Israel grants immunity to soldiers over misdeeds
  89. Famous False Flag Operations
  90. LRAD Deployed On American Citizens @ G20 Pittsburgh
  91. Marines to Conduct “Urban Exercises” in Kentucky, Indiana
  92. Shocking Video From The G20 Protests
  93. Army Airborne to Invade Tennessee Town
  94. Secret US Spontaneous Human Combustion Beam Tested
  95. Weapons Of Our Destruction
  96. Bullet Makers Can't Keep Up With Demand
  97. And the aggressor IS...
  98. What Was I Fighting For?
  99. Militia Radio
  100. Marine Training Exercise Disturbs Kentucky Neighborhood
  101. Obama agrees to keep Israel’s nukes secret
  102. Heavy US losses in Afghan battle
  103. A.R.M (American Resistance Movement)
  104. Gun Confiscation After Katrina
  105. Oath Keepers
  106. Give me Liberty or give me Death
  107. How to start and train a Militia Unit
  108. CODE of CONDUCT For The Citizen Solders of A WELL REGULATED MILITIA
  109. Rise in Militia Groups and FBI Investigators
  110. Troops Question U.S. Presence in Afghanistan
  111. Japan threatens to kick out US troops
  112. China to NATO Alliance: End War in Afghanistan Now
  113. Dead Soldier’s Father Tells Blair He Has Blood On His Hands
  114. Americans Expecting No Resolution in Afghanistan
  115. Meet The Patrol Bot (Video)
  116. What Patriots?!?!
  117. The worst kept secret: US assault rifles are junk
  118. Gay military service?
  119. Fitness Inequality - Gender Inequality?
  120. Iran Strike by Christmas : Former Israeli Deputy Defense Minister
  121. Leaderless Resistance - Fighting "Network Centric Warfare" Principals
  122. Proliferation of Police Agencies in Texas
  123. UN, Interpol create international police force
  124. Afghan soldiers being trained by Blackwater to kill US soldiers
  125. U.S Weapons Blamed For Iraqi Cancer Hike
  126. Calm Before The Storm?
  127. 5 Revolutionary Guard Commanders Killed in Iran Bomb
  128. New military robot can squeeze through tiny spaces
  129. U.S. military create live remote-controlled beetles to bug conversations
  130. Israel wants law of war changed
  131. Russia 'needs to be' ready for 'large-scale conflicts'
  132. National Emergency Declared
  133. Baghdad bombings kill 130, wound hundreds
  134. U.S. Occupation Fueling Afghan “Insurgency”
  135. Ron Paul: Sanctions on Iran are an Act of War
  136. Militia Round Table 10/29/09
  137. British nuclear expert’s 17th floor UN death plunge ‘was not suicide’
  138. PETMAN - Boston Dynamics Bipedal Robot
  139. Survivalist Roll Call
  140. Ukraine placed under Martial Law for three weeks
  141. The Necessary Mindset Of A Patriot
  142. Kissinger granted control of all Military Intel in United States
  143. 'No Fly List' : See if you are on it
  144. Soldiers Nearly Killed with Military’s Bioterrorism Vaccine
  145. Twin Towers Warship Enters NY
  146. British plan to build training camp for Taliban fighters in Afghanistan
  147. Venezuela a "State Sponsor of Terrorism"
  148. It is Remembrance Day/Veterans' Day today
  149. Cuba Prepares Against U.S. Attack
  150. Two Fort Hood Soldiers Killed in Killeen Tx, One Sunday, One Monday
  151. Zionist agent on training exercise arrested in Israel
  152. CIA agent Robert Baer on Afghanistan: "A War of National Resistance"
  153. Big financial bust leading to war
  154. Army Times: Note said Hood-style shooting could happen
  155. CIA Report: just 10% of Afghan fighters are with Taliban or Al Qaeda
  156. Israel Likely To Attack Iran?
  157. World's patience with Iran is limited: White House
  158. Sen. Graham blasts Attorney General Holder over 9/11 trial decision
  159. Military tactics for 'crime fighting' in the USA
  160. Iran authorizes 10 new nuke plants
  161. Railway blast in Russia’s Dagestan
  162. DHS "Test" Subways Airflow for terror attack
  163. Spiral effect over Norway was a Russian missile.
  164. Special Ops Soldier Detained With 100 Lbs. Of Explosive C-4
  165. London to have Mumbai-style Terror Attack, Police Say
  166. Army parades
  167. The Battle of Cannae.
  168. US condemns Taliban video of captive soldier
  169. Ron Paul on Terrorism
  170. 100 New Militia Groups Since Obama Elected
  171. Military Exoskeleton
  172. Troops accused of executing 10 Afghan civilians, including children
  173. National Guard ad revives Nazi oath to Hitler: "Always place mission first," not US Constitution
  174. When Will Israel Assassinate Barack Obama?
  175. America's armed militia on the rise
  176. BBC Admits Al Qaeda Never Existed (Before 9/11)
  177. UFO Landing at Holloman AFB
  178. Lt. Col. Tony Schaffer talks about Able Danger
  179. More US soldiers commit suicide than killed in action
  180. Should the UK reintroduce national service?
  181. Guantánamo 'suicides' were at secret 'black' site
  182. UFO papers to be made public
  183. UK Police plan to use military-style spy drones
  184. U.S. Used “Earthquake Weapon” On Haiti, says Chavez
  185. Office of Strategic Deception
  186. 1 of 3 Women Raped In Military
  187. Jumbo-jet laser cannon tested against missile (Video)
  188. "Terrorist attack" at St. Petersburg station
  189. US refuses to share info on Mumbai suspect
  190. US arms sales to Taiwan stifle US-China military engagement
  191. Terror Attack 'Certain' in Next 3-6 Months
  193. 'Only good foreign soldier on Afghan soil is a dead one': Myrdal
  194. Who holds the best military parades?
  195. Major Afghan offensive 'under way in Marjah'
  196. The Invisible Tank
  197. German minister calls for Lisbon treaty EU army
  198. British threat to Israel over Dubai Hamas assassination
  199. Pentagon Looks to Breed Immortal ‘Synthetic Organisms,’ Molecular Kill-Switch Included
  200. Impending Explosion: U.S. Intensifies Threats To Russia And Iran
  201. Oathkeepers on Bill O'Reilly
  202. Dutch government falls over Afghanistan mission
  203. Dutch government falls over Afghan troop mission
  204. Army fights plan to build mosque next to sandhurst
  205. Veterans For Peace Support New 9/11 Investigation
  206. 9 рота
  207. Israeli Professor – ‘We Could Destroy All European Capitals’
  208. To War, to War, America’s Going to War—with Iran
  209. Expansionist maps
  210. New U.S.-Russia nuke treaty all but sealed
  211. Russian bombers 'intercepted in British airspace'
  212. Polishing Combat Boots
  213. My WW1 Allied victory medal Collection
  214. Seven explosions kill dozens in Baghdad
  215. Shocking video of killing Iraqi civilians by US "army"
  216. Bomb kills two Dutch marines in Afghanistan
  217. Iran too 'mighty' to attack
  218. No Civil Liberty For Servicemen?
  219. Dozens of Afghan schoolgirls mysteriously fall ill after 'strange odour'
  220. Bulgarian Army Faces Financial Collapse over Helicopter Deal
  221. Warrior Ethnies and Big National Territories
  222. Hotshot sniper in one-and-a-half mile double kill
  223. Why did Hitler have to attack Russia? I'm mad at him for doing that.
  224. Bulgaria's Problematic Cougar Helicopters Unfit for Combat
  225. Brazil and Argentina vs Britain and U.S: Who Would Win?
  226. Scramble! RAF warplanes are intercepting Russian nuclear bombers at least once a month
  227. Key Zionist frontmen Hagee/Lieberman call for immediate war with Iran
  228. No War for Israel in Iran
  229. Best Military Commander in History?
  230. Veterans Die Of Sudden Cardiac Deaths From Antipsychotics and Antidepressants
  231. Israel stations nuclear missile subs off Iran
  232. German president quits over military remarks
  233. Amateur sky watchers 'solve mystery of unmanned US space plane'
  234. Fantasy Scenario: If Russia was Hellbent on European Domination
  235. Mexican cartel capture/force to confess/execute rogue los zetas ex-govt. Mexican special forces
  236. Pentagon Explores ‘Human Fear’ Chemicals?
  237. Military parades
  238. Conservative element of U.S. military openly undermines Obama
  239. The Draft?
  240. No Good Intel On Bin Laden 'In Years' (Oh really?)
  241. Turkey closes airspace to Israeli military flights
  242. Iraq war veteran: Haunted, in prison, now homeless
  243. Pentagon Plans 'Flying Submarine'
  244. Four years in hell, and Taliban remain undefeated
  245. Classified CIA Transcript Counters Bin Laden Terror Role
  246. Is the Balkans about to be engulfed into another major war (Third Balkan War)?
  247. Afghan rebels 'seize US soldiers'
  248. The Troops Are Waking Up
  249. How fast will the Taliban retake the country upon inevitable U.S. exit?
  250. Taranis Or Skynet