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  1. Shocking poll: "If you’re not white you’re not Welsh"
  2. Church Attack on TV `Perfection`
  3. `Hidden` Iron Age Fort Discovered.
  4. Pembrokeshire
  5. Chronology of Viking Raids into Wales
  6. Welsh Settlement in Argentina
  7. Most Common Surnames in Wales.
  8. Welsh Roots May Lie in Spain and Portugal
  9. A Welsh Pronounciation Guide.
  10. Description of Wales - according to Uncyclopeadia.
  11. Morglawdd Yr Afon Hafren
  12. Olympics Worth Less Than £100,000 for Wales.
  13. The Mabinogion.
  14. Cynghanedd
  15. Preiddi Annwfn
  16. Taliesin
  17. Eisteddfod
  18. Cerdd Dant
  19. The Red Lady of Paviland
  20. Parc Cwm Log Cairn
  21. Owain Glyndwr
  22. Dylan Thomas
  23. Sightings Of Risso Dolphins up.
  24. Close Shave at Railway Crossing!
  25. Some Welsh Proverbs
  26. Taffy was a Welshman, Taffy was a thief, Taffy came to England, and stole a leg of...
  27. Calls For Councillor To Resign Over Nazi Costume
  28. Arrested as a German Spy - As he spoke Welsh in Scotland
  29. The `Welsh Not`
  30. The Last Invasion of Britain
  31. 1,000 die from alcohol in Wales
  32. What Welsh Farmers Do With Their Sheep!
  33. Plaid Cymru - People of Wales will not be swayed
  34. Cymru Yfory wants Barnett scrapped
  35. Welsh Folk Music
  36. Apricity Island?
  37. Youth's racist attack on tourists
  38. Bedd Gelert
  39. The Legend of Cantre'r Gwaelod
  40. 4,000-year-old road found in city
  41. Romans 'brought leeks to Wales'
  42. Henry VIII and the act of Union 1536
  43. The Saxons were coming! A tiny sword stud found under a shop rewrites Welsh history
  44. Welsh in America, and slavery
  45. Tom Jones isn't Welsh!
  46. The Islamification of Wales.
  47. A new word for foreigners
  48. `Wall of Dolphins` caught on camera.
  49. Wales 'could lose out on £8.5bn'
  50. John Hartson Has Cancer
  51. Benefit cheat claimed for mum living 5,000 miles away
  52. Welsh unemployment stats encouraging
  53. Welsh angel introduces new scheme.
  54. Mocking the Welsh is the last permitted bigotry
  55. Wave of Tryweryn bitterness starts to slowly flow away
  56. ATMs cashing in on the vulnerable
  57. ‘Army’ made of former football hooligans
  58. How Wales bucks the jobless trend
  59. Group fears English ‘land grab’ for part of Wales
  60. Soldier’s Mother banned by Post Office !
  61. Disgruntled driver 'killed boss'
  62. Hill fort dates back 3,000 years
  63. Wrexham Council object to the "incorrect" use of Owain Glyndwr.
  64. 'We should hang evil drug dealers on live television' - BNP member
  65. Church primaries 'above average'
  66. Don't mess with men dressed as women.
  67. Dolphins Having A Ball With Jellyfish
  68. Welsh Defence League: Swansea 17th Oct 2009
  69. Wales 'old fashioned' says study
  70. Archbishop warning as BNP target Christians for support
  71. Historic Welsh pillar that's shrouded in mystery
  72. Pwy ydy’r Cenedlaetholwyr GWIRIOL? BNP (Plaid Genedlaethol Prydain) neu Plaid “Cymru”?
  73. 200 foot Dragon statue on the border
  74. Proposals for new Welsh language law published
  75. BBC? It’s more like the London Broadcasting Corporation, says Plaid
  76. Welsh TV channel where one in four shows get ZERO viewers
  77. Farmer sells family estate...to pay off father's Ukrainian former wife
  78. Buried by a Welsh beach for 60 years, the World War II fighter that has emerged from the seas
  79. Welsh Deities
  80. Shrek fans tie the knot dressed as ogres
  81. Stuart Cable R.I.P.
  82. Dylan Thomas's Welsh wonder beach is voted the best in Britain
  83. Anyone fancy a £175,000 takeaway?
  84. Pillar of Eliseg: Archaeologists dig beneath 9th Century monument
  85. Making Swansea a capital city
  86. Newport State of Mind
  87. Roman villa discovered near Aberystwyth
  88. Row over statue of 'cruel' explorer Henry Morton Stanley
  89. Files released on 1974 'Welsh Roswell'
  90. Welsh spy's death a professional Hit, claims expert
  91. The Ryder Cup
  92. The Welsh Knot
  93. Landscapes of Wales
  94. Norman Walks - March of Wales
  95. Welsh place names hold key to the past, say experts
  96. Temperature drops to record -17C November low in Powys
  97. Standing Stone Cup Marks May Represent Star Constellations
  98. Our pyramid is collapsing – send for the Welsh!
  99. ‘Homecoming’ year planned for people of Welsh ancestry
  100. Should the Senedd be given more powers?
  101. Save the Children: Severe child poverty Wales highest
  102. PBS: Visions of Wales
  103. The Ogham Stones of Wales
  104. BNP candidate Sion Owens faces 'Koran burn' charge
  105. Anglesey hotel bans kitchen staff from speaking Welsh
  106. This is where I'm going tomorrow...
  107. Benefits cheat skydived while 'too ill to walk'
  108. Where will the pony go next?
  109. Imogen Thomas; innocent pawn or golddigger? You decide!
  110. The Hay Festival
  111. Is Wales sitting on gas reserves worth billions?
  112. Tracking down where Welsh language dialects collide
  113. Firefighters save sheep from roof of terraced house
  114. Man arrested after 'pulling gun during pub language row'
  115. NHS changes 'mean doctors prefer Wales to England'
  116. Beach at Port Eynon on Gower voted Britain's best
  117. American here....got a few questions for you all:
  118. Guilty: Schoolboy, 16, who murdered his ex-girlfriend over a bet for a free breakfast Read more: ht
  119. Dictionary to record Gower dialect in heritage plan
  120. RAF base removes Welsh education 'disadvantage' claim
  121. Swansea Love Story – South Wales’ largely ignored heroin epidemic
  122. MP blasts ‘monkey language’ attack on Welsh
  123. Roman port discovered at Caerleon 'could change view of how tribes came to Wales'
  124. Pics from the World Bog Snorkelling Champs
  125. Tomb found at Stonehenge quarry site
  126. Britain's Oldest Rock Art
  127. The Rise & Fall of the South Wales Coalfield
  128. Plaid Cymru conference calls for independence for Wales
  129. Trapped miners: One of four at Gleision Colliery dead
  130. Prison for hospital Nazi salute at Jewish teenager
  131. Bronze Age hoard found in Manorbier, Pembrokeshire
  132. Wales coast is best on Earth to visit - Lonely Planet
  133. Conwy sisters tried to claim £161m in VAT
  134. Wales football boss Speed dies
  135. Project Eliseg: Digging for early medieval myths and memories
  136. 5 Russian sailors feared dead off Welsh coast
  137. New talks Severn barrage plan from Cardiff to Weston
  138. *Nadolig Lawen!* (*Merry Christmas!)
  139. Welsh firmly back Britain's Union
  140. Could Plas Tirion's cow shed be oldest house in Wales?
  141. Interesting read on Little England
  142. Retirees moving from England push up the average age of Wales - putting pressure on services
  143. The Story of Wales Part 1 - New Documentary
  144. Hunky Dory
  145. Today's Google Banner - St David's Day!
  146. Welsh government secures funding future of Holocaust education
  147. Ancient footprints found in peat at Borth beach
  148. Devil's Bridge Trailer
  149. Mary Rose skeletons studied by Swansea sports scientists
  150. Racist Twitter user jailed for 56 days
  151. Trefael Stone reveals stone age burial chamber
  152. Anyone trying to learn Welsh? And why?
  153. Welsh people could be most ancient in UK, DNA suggests
  154. Where Are The Welsh?
  155. Swansea couple jailed for racist attack on daughter, 17
  156. £45k grant to combat racism
  157. Severn Estuary fossils reveal Stone Age fire starting
  158. Fall in Welsh speakers and proposed new measures for the language
  159. Mold Gold Cape To Return To Area
  160. Relocate to Wales - and get a tax break: Welsh Assembly planning to lure English to boost economy
  161. Snowy landscape reveals Wales’ forgotten ancient remains
  162. Jail delay for freemason who swindled £90,000 out of care home
  163. Welsh Diaspora
  164. Vandals graffiti Bronze Age standing stone in Brecon Beacons
  165. Slavery in Wales
  166. Uhtred's Welsh Course
  167. Pisa ranks Wales' education the worst in the UK
  168. Owain Glendower
  169. Are the Welsh racist towards the English?
  170. The Welsh Dragon Flag Is The Devil And Should Be Changed, Says Christian Party
  171. Archaeologists investigate east side of once-mighty 13th century Welsh castle
  172. Welsh could become a minority in Wales as English set sights west
  173. Man raped and stabbed his cousins 8.5 month pregnant 19 y.o. girlfriend and burned down her home.
  174. Welsh speakers email and text mostly in English, survey finds
  175. Is Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysilio gogogoch the world's longest single word?
  176. Plaid Glyndwr
  177. Can the Welsh rugby team return to the glory days of the 1970s?
  178. Ultraviolet light reveals erased poetry in 13th century Black Book of Carmarthen
  179. Snowdonia, jewel of the United Kingdom
  180. Welshman
  181. The Castles of Wales – These Century-Old Landscape Pictures of Wales Are Fascinating!
  182. Happy Saint Davids Day
  183. Uncontested council election seats 'mockery of democracy'
  184. Mysterious Stone Tools Unearthed at Bronze-Age Site in Wales
  185. The Welsh traditional costume saved the nation from the last invasion of Britain
  186. Welsh beaches and surf culture 'fuel skin cancer rise'
  187. Dych chi'n siarad Cymraeg?
  188. Storm Callum: One killed as Wales suffers 'worst flooding for 30 years'
  189. Owners of empty properties in Cardiff may have to pay more council tax
  190. Pembrokeshire treasure hunter unearths Celtic chariot
  191. Plans for giant mythical king to hold up Menai crossing take a step forward
  192. Welsh Music / Cerddoriaeth Cymraeg
  193. Famous Boars in Medieval Arthurian Romance
  194. The Bridgend Suicide Epidemic (2000s)
  195. What Does Welsh Sound Like To You?
  196. North Wales: Feisty and Poetic
  197. How the support for Welsh independence became mainstream
  198. Harlech Street In Wales Takes Record As Steepest In The World
  199. Don't Laugh at This Man's Haircut.
  200. Anarawd ap Rhodri: King of Gwynedd (878-916)
  201. Cadwallon: King of Gwynedd (625-634) // Edwin, Æthelfrith, Rædwald & Oswald
  202. The Big Freeze | British Weather | Snow | TV Eye | 1982
  203. What Happened At Aberfan? This Is The Full Story | The Crown
  204. The rivers of Swansea
  205. Wales to undergo a seventeen day-long 'circuit breaker' lockdown from October 23rd at 6pm
  206. Welsh government report says Churchill, Nelson and Gandhi were ‘complicit’ in slavery and colonialis
  207. "The existence of Welsh is one of the great paradoxes of British history and culture". Discuss.
  208. Wales' slow and inevitable journey into the utter crisis our nation now faces
  209. Wetherspoon bosses confirm The Black Boy pub in Mid Wales will KEEP its 17th-century name
  210. Opposition to independence for Wales falls to its lowest-ever level
  211. Languages spoken by schoolchildren in Wales in 2019/20
  212. In sharp contrast to England, the Labour Party INCREASES its votes and seats in Wales
  213. Covid: No new patients in Merthyr, Rhondda Cynon Taff or Bridgend for two weeks
  214. Seven police officers were injured tackling Swansea riot
  215. Wales is the third biggest recycling country in the world!
  216. New York-based actor Matthew Rhys only speaks to his son in Welsh
  217. Gower Peninsula named as the most desired property location in the UK
  218. Hundreds line up on historic dam protesting that housing market 'threatens' Welsh communities
  219. Archaeologists reveal origins of famous Stone Age monument
  220. Arts Council of Wales finds itself racist for… asking employees to speak Welsh
  221. Aberfan: fifty-five years on