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  1. kony 2012
  2. Alex Haley's Fraudulent Roots.
  3. The Official Pledge Thread
  4. The Official "Thank you" Thread!
  5. Why do you
  6. If you knew ...
  7. Taking stock
  8. Jews and Muslims each win science prizes
  9. Racist "none nigger" tip hoax says forensics expert.
  10. J.R.R. Tolkien and political correctness
  11. Try to not cry
  12. Thoughts on ?
  13. 12 likely causes of the Apocalypse
  15. Swedish feminist working to save crab lice from extinction
  16. Tricks
  17. melanin found to be superior for health
  18. Post random beautiful things
  19. My message to white people..
  20. The lady that eats poop...
  21. Drinking problem
  22. Aboriginal Australians in USA
  23. What's the difference between Liberalism and Libertarianism?
  25. City vs Village
  26. What the hell is wrong with this little guy
  27. Dark humor thread
  28. Press cartoons
  29. mainstream and underground in music
  30. About Magicians. Religious and nonreligious people join this thread pls
  31. Wonders of the world
  32. Blood type personality theory
  33. Change Every "-" to "+"
  34. Holophonic sounds /3D/
  35. Research: No money, no love
  36. have you chosen to commit suicide under certain conditions?
  37. That feeling when a troll makes you extremely angry
  38. When you're not in the mood..
  39. Is racism more accurately described as a superiority complex over other races?
  41. Why poker got so much succees?
  42. Sunday evening
  43. The global prettyfication of men
  44. Can you separate the art from the artist
  45. American hero destroys shoplifter
  46. Why does everyone attack JohnSmith?
  47. The FCC just killed net neutrality
  48. Intelligent people more at risk of mental illness, study finds
  49. Was Stalin a churka?
  50. Why was Demon Revival banned?
  51. The Stephen King fan club/group.. the greatest talent ever
  52. Why do many Americans hate the French?
  53. I'm backsliding.
  54. 23andme football thing
  55. How can I disable the automatic sending out of friend requests in facebook?
  56. What's on your BUCKETLIST?
  57. Preborn babies ‘sing’ to Mozart, Christmas carols, and Mickey Mouse
  58. Best examples of human kindness in sports
  59. Meat eaters are destroying the planet says report
  60. Ladies: Marrying a man makes LESS money
  61. What happened to Kazimiera?
  62. Wheres Litvin?
  64. GoT fans, which are your favorite regions of Westeros ? (multiple choice poll)
  65. U.S protects ISIS by installing air defense assests from Iranian missiles
  66. Great human inventions by country and chronological order
  67. 2D:4D digit ratio
  68. Heraldry and FLAGS: The BEST, WORST and COOLEST
  69. What happened to zhaoyun?
  70. Ladies only! Opinion on feminism♀
  71. Meade Skelton made a Pro Trump song
  72. 24 year old believes she is Pocahontas
  73. World War 3
  74. How many friends do you have?
  75. Weird & creepy toys
  76. [Poll] Do you play console video games?
  77. F*ck White People
  78. how to make an anthrogenic account?
  79. [Poll] Rate Gedza Content on TA
  80. What science term is more hilarious Homo Erectus or Uranus?
  81. Share your current feelings or thoughts with a picture
  82. Share your current feelings with a song
  83. Political Bangers & Remix Vids.
  84. Your favorite Videogames?
  85. What are the Best Disney movies?
  86. Would you let a refugee drown if you were a coast guard?
  87. TA ministry
  88. Your favorite Queen/Empress
  89. Young men having LESS sex than ever before.
  90. Which is more MISOGYNISTIC: Arabia or India???
  91. Do you like DC Comic?
  92. Do you like Marvel Comic?
  93. Test Your Chess Elo Ratings
  94. some people are so stupid
  95. The Emasculation of White Male Identity
  96. From Woodstock to Davos
  97. Prank Call Thread
  98. The detective game
  100. Shockinh Truth about M&M's
  101. Badr lost via chicken legs stoppage
  102. This forum needs a video like this one
  103. 23 and Me probably going bankrupt this upcoming recession
  104. What are your favorite horror video games.
  105. Are you a book hoarder?
  106. Distribution of forest areas in Europe
  107. Which countries are taking the best measures against cononavirus?
  108. r/bets
  109. Joe Rogan podcast
  110. Traditionalist Christians Today
  111. Why as a man you should take steroids to live life to your fullest potential
  112. What are the roots of White guilt?
  113. Why are all Antifa Leaders Jewish? A coincidence?
  114. JFK to 911 Everything Is A Rich Man's Trick -Francis Richard Conolly *MUST WATCH DOCUMENTARY:
  115. “Rage against the dying of the light” small video I did - Interstellar vibe
  116. Would the world be a better place without the apricity forum?
  117. Why do people on this forum believe Natufian is closely related to Anatolian Farmers let alone EEF?
  118. Techno Viking Remastered!
  119. Need to get a haircut, what type of hair do I have?
  120. Poll results: Who would EU countries (+UK) be willing to help in a major crisis?
  121. 2 sisters one from India one from Pakistan find each other after 72 years
  122. Obituaries
  123. 🌟 Azeri Romeo & Juliet MUST WATCH
  124. Do you sense that TIME is speeding up?
  125. Genocide on Women ♀
  126. Most brutal invaders:Greeks or Brits?
  127. Anyone else think the German tricolor looks sinister?
  128. Could we have an "Investing/Financial Markets" subforum?
  129. My strategy gaming channel
  130. BBQ season is upon us.
  131. Taxation is theft
  132. Dutch Bible Belt ✝️
  133. What to make of baldness?
  134. How many “I knew this guy” do you have to go before you reach someone famous?
  135. How well travelled are you?
  136. In your country what kind of people move abroad for live?
  137. Food & drink from your country & region
  138. What is your astrological sign?
  139. “negro” and “Caucasian” vs “black” and “white”
  140. What do you think of these YouTube channels that narrate purportedly true stories?
  141. What do you think of the fact that there is a lack of evidence for life/consciousness after death?
  142. Have you known many jerks or bad people as well as wonderful people throughout your life?
  143. How did you come to learn English?
  144. Should Hollywood create Titanic 2
  145. Non Muslims: Is the hijab “ugly”
  146. Will you go to hell or heaven?
  147. T or F: Transwomen have higher rate of HIV?
  148. Most known painting/paintings from your nation
  149. Would it be a good idea to get as many people as possible who have lost their eyes to get together?
  150. Decline of Christianity: Good or bad?
  151. Opinions on housewives ?
  152. Is African food yummy?
  153. How would you feel about having children and family members who fell short of normal expectations?
  154. How do i upload some photos with thumbnail?
  155. would you prefer to be a civilized white man or "an uncivilized third worlder"?
  156. Atheists: Explain Adam’s footprint in Sri Lanka
  157. Traditional Christmas Music and Movies
  158. How do you think the previous millennium will fade out & this millennium will fade in?
  159. Industrial Society and Its Future by Ted Kaczynski - [Audiobook]
  160. Does the end always justify the means?
  161. Guilty Pleasures?
  162. Post bizarre things
  163. Approximate world population from 10,000 BC to 2000 AD
  164. Spain vs Greece