View Full Version : Ancient Astronomical Artefact found in the North Caucasus

11-19-2009, 01:21 AM
There were some bad floods recently in the Caucasus, which happened to reveal a hitherto undiscovered bronze age dolmen ('megalithic structure / burial chamber' - There are quite a few in the region, but more sculpted than the typical British type). The Kolikho Dolmen, it's named, near Tuapse. Very interesting, the archaeologists were chuffed, naturally, to find such an undisturbed site.

But the 'sensation' is proving to be a stone plate, said to have astronomical information on it. I wouldn't get TOO excited yet, though the Russian press is wetting itself talking about their own version of the Nebra disc. And there was a similar 'sensation' in Bashkiria a while back about 'topographically exact maps of the Ural region carved on stone' from gods know how many years ago... :sherlock:

Make your own minds up. The disc:
"If I was forced to compare it with anything, I'd say an astrolabe..."

The dolmen: