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The Vlachs (English pronunciation: /ˈvlɑːk/ or /ˈvlŠk/) are several modern Latin peoples[citation needed] descending from the Romanized population in the present-day territory of Romania and Moldova, as well as the southern part of the Balkan Peninsula and south and west of the Danube River.[1]

The Vlachs did not become easily identifiable before the 11th century when they were described by George Kedrenos, and their prehistory during the Migration period is considered by some historians a matter of scholarly speculation.[2] According to some linguists and scholars, the existence of the present Eastern Romance languages proves the survival of the Thraco-Romans in the Lower Danube basin during the Age of Migrations,[3] while populations from the western Balkans historically referred to as "Vlachs" (e.g. speakers of the extinct Dalmatian language) could have also had Romanized Illyrian origins.[4]

Almost all modern nations in central and south-eastern Europe, e.g. Hungary, Ukraine, Serbia, Croatia, Macedonia, Albania, Greece and Bulgaria have native Vlach or Romanian minorities. In other countries, the native Vlach population has been more or less assimilated into the Slavic population. Only Romania and Moldova have Romanian ethnic majorities today.


Are vlachs romanians? Or they are a distinct population? What they look like?

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They are from scando-nordic stock with a whiff of mtebid. I would classify them as depigmented armenoidZ they tend to resemble neandearthals a lot

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btw they are long lost brothers of gurians(lightest georgians)

Zmey Gorynych
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Are vlachs romanians? Or they are a distinct population? What they look like?
Yes and no. Vlach was an exonym given to romanians in the middle ages so in that respect romanians are vlachs. Today however romanians and vlachs are considered 2 distinct entities. Vlachs are the latinized folk scatered all over the Balkan peninsula and they don't look different from other balkan ethnic groups.

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