View Full Version : Owners of company who refused to make gay couple's wedding invitations say they 'represent the Lord

European Knight
03-05-2015, 05:03 PM
THE owners of a company which refused to print invitations for a gay couple’s civil partnership ceremony say they did so because they "represent the Lord Jesus" and their business is "dedicated to God."

Jonathon Brennan, (29), from Drogheda, Co Louth, said he was “infuriated and shocked” when the owner told him they would not do business with him stating “we don’t agree with homosexuality”.

The salon owner, who will become civil partnered to his boyfriend of eight years, John Kierans, (35), in August, said he had been doing business with the printers for four years before the refusal.

However, Noel Tuite and Mike O'Leary, co-owners of Beulah Print & Design in Drogheda, said they are devout ''Christians" and it would be contrary to their beliefs to print the material.

They both "converted to a Christian faith" when they became adults.