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European Knight
03-12-2015, 01:31 PM

THE possession of ecstasy, magic mushrooms and almost 100 other drugs in Ireland is legal until midnight on Wednesday.

Thanks to a faux pas by the Irish Government, it is technically legal to possess a selection of drugs until after 12am.

But it will business as usual for gardaí who, despite the temporary lapse in law, have said those in possession of drugs can still be arrested.

A Court of Appeal ruling yesterday overturned a 1977 law prohibiting the possession of certain drugs, leaving the Irish Government to rush through emergency legislation.

“There is always a degree of uncertainty about the outcome of court cases,” the Government said in a statement after the Court of Appeal ruled that current regulations were unconstitutional in the case of a man being prosecuted for possession of methylethcathinone.

As a result for the next few hours ecstasy, crystal meth and almost 100 other drugs are legal to possess in Ireland.

The sale, supply, import and export of all drugs, however, remains illegal.

Most Class-A substances were outlawed in the Misuse of Drugs Act of 1977, including cocaine, cannabis and heroin.

But since then, several new drugs have emerged on the market including ecstasy, magic mushrooms and crystal meth.

Over the years the Irish Government added these drugs to the Act to outlaw them – but failed to refer the changes to the Oireachtas, which led to the constitutional challenge.

Yesterday Ireland’s Minister for Health Leo Varadkar introduced new legislation, which is now passing through all stages in the Dáil and Seanad.

“We had no way of knowing what the Court would decide,” he said. “But we prepared for this possibility. Legislation was prepared and approved in advance by Cabinet. The emergency legislation I am introducing will re-instate the status quo ante and re-control all drugs that were controlled prior to this judgment.”

Meanwhile gardaí have said they will maintain their strict stance on substance abuse across Ireland – and will not shy away from making arrests to opportunist drug carriers.

A garda spokesperson told The Irish Post: “An Garda Síochána will continue to enforce relevant legislation. Any person found in possession of a substance deemed illegal under legislation will be subject to prosecution.”

The news has baffled people all around the world, with many taking to social media to give their thoughts on the matter…



03-12-2015, 01:34 PM
LOL they should be legal everywhere.

children should be encouraged to have as much sex and as many drugs as possible. As early as possible. That is a human right!