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European Knight
03-17-2015, 10:18 AM
Mawla Dad, an Afghan aide of western forces has been killed in his residence by Taliban insurgents for his association with western forces.

THE AUSTRALIAN news agency states that Taliban had attached a bomb to the 1st door of his residence which detonated as Mawla Dad was leaving his residence.

THE AUSTRALIAN writes that Mawla Dad lost his life in front of his six months pregnant wife and his toddler son.

According to the news agency Mawla Dad was receiving death threats from Taliban due to his association with western forces and finally Taliban killed him.

Mawla Daud was a contractor of the Australian Defense Forces in Oruzgan Province.

His brother Bari Daud says “Why did they (ADF) not give my brother a chance? They knew fully he was at risk,”

Bari Daud blames Australia for being negligent to its former employees. He says “The Australians said they came to Afghanistan for support and assistance to save Afghan lives but they didn’t save my brother. They just left Oruzgan and never asked what happened to their former employees.”

Bari Daud further said that his brother submitted his paperwork to receive visa to Australia but he was never contacted.

“My brother submitted his passport and other documents and filled out all forms to go to Australia and he was waiting for a call from Australian authorities but the Taliban killed him and Australians never contacted our family.”

A spokesman for the Australian Defense Department says that a recommendation for the visas is made based on the eligibility of such criteria as duration of employment and level of support provided.

But thousands of other Afghans who even have completed the criteria of the duration of employment and level of support provided to the western forces, plus their documents are completed, are still left to the bless of the insurgents.

Read the full article: http://www.khaama.com/western-forces-afghan-aide-killed-by-taliban-3013


03-17-2015, 11:00 AM
Should have thought of that when siding with those invading his country