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European Knight
04-16-2015, 02:46 PM

On a visit to Moscow this week, Afghan National Security Advisor Muhammad Hanif Atmar met with Russian Foreign Affairs Minister Sergey Lavrov, who said Russia would begin helping Afghanistan combat terrorism and narcotics trafficking.

Atmar's trip to Russia, as well as his comments while there, suggest that the Afghan government has turned over a new leaf since the end of the NATO combat mission and the departure of most U.S. and other foreign troops. With overtures made to China, and now Russia, it would seem officials in Kabul are actively looking for help from countries that previously eschewed the U.S.-led coalition's war.

"The defense cooperation that you mentioned you are ready for is of a great importance for the Afghan Security Forces and its efforts to fight against terrorism and narcotics," Atmar told the Russian Foreign Minister at a press conference Wednesday.

Lavrov indicated Russia, which had a long and notorious history of military involvement in pre-Taliban Afghanistan, is ready to begin a new chapter in its relations with the country, including potential cooperation with Afghanistan's other allies who are active in the fight against terrorism and drug trafficking.
"We are ready to help Afghanistan in stabilizing its current complex conditions," Lavrov said. "We are ready to cooperate; we will cooperate with Afghanistan's allies in fighting against terrorism and counter narcotics."

Atmar was in Russia participating in a conference being held by the Shanghai Cooperation Organization in Moscow. It marked the first time Afghanistan participated in the major regional security conference.

During the conference, members of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization expressed concerns about increasing security along the borders of Afghanistan and Central Asian countries to its north.


04-16-2015, 11:14 PM
Russia's way to annex Afghanistan.