View Full Version : Oh my: UN offering DNA testing for ‘peacekeeper babies’

European Knight
06-18-2015, 04:58 PM
Last week, a new report showed that UN peacekeepers are engaging in the sexual exploitation of Haitian women, specifically the underreported problem of “transactional sex,” which is obviously prohibited. Yet, as Ed noted, it’s also

happening in the UN’s African missions as well. In the Central African Republic, a UN peacekeeper is allegedly involved in a new case of child sex abuse. The UN maintains a zero tolerance policy for such violations, but has been criticized

for their lethargic response to such horrific incidents.

The UN will offer DNA testing so UN peacekeepers would be pressured to support the children they leave behind on these missions. Yet, accountability remains shaky, with the nations contributing troops deciding if they will be taking these

paternity claims seriously. Moreover, to make sure the boat isn’t rocked for future peacekeeping missions, the UN doesn’t list the countries accused of sexual abuse:

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