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Volviste HC ?

Creá temas de México, dejá a los brazucas que opinen de Brasil.

SP por lo que conozco, nunca me pareció cercano al sur, sino a Brasil mismo, osea que representa o acumula todo lo que podés encontrar a lo largo y ancho de brasil, más allá de las comunidades de italianos en el interior del estado, hablo de la ciudad de SP, aunque yo me baso más que nada en el futebol.

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That's not true,São Paulo state is definitely closer to Southern states than to Northeastern states...anyway,this thread is an obvious attack on me and that's a pretty stupid attack to make,because I would never feel offended by it since my grandfather is from Alagoas and I have nothing against Northeast Brazil.

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São Paulo now, is very close to Northeast, many millions of Nordestinos living in São Paulo since 1930 or 1940 and mixed with immigrants... even in ancient times, São Paulo is more mixed than South, much more... the colonial paulistas is mixed guys and many immigrants, maybe the half was registred in Sao Paulo or Rio and after move to South.
And culturally São Paulo is very close to Northeast too.

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Not at all Sao Paulo is closer than South... I says the true.. probably São Paulo has more Nordestinos descent of all South population who has 28 millions... São Paulo probably is about this... Paulistas claim that São Paulo has 40% people LOOK european and it's not true... the difference between Paulistas and Sulistas is very big, comproved in all Megafotos.

And São Paulo too is very close to Northeast... Germans and Poles or Austrians - Ukranians or even Dutch is very rare compared with South... even Italians are overrated... São Paulo is about Portuguese more Spanish mix as Northeast too... and maybe São Paulo except Bahia is more Mulatto and Black people than Northeast average.

Culturally and Comportament is very diverse too, nothing like Southerners.

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Paulistas has a long time with it, but really they are more closer racial and culturally to Northeast than South for sure! Doesn't matter how many time they say the opposite.