View Full Version : Hyundai Supplier Recruits Narva Residents for Work in Russia

09-09-2010, 12:38 PM
Hyundai Supplier Recruits Narva Residents for Work in Russia

Russia's Ivangorod, just across the river from Narva
( Photo: Postimees/Scanpix )

A supplier for the Korean auto maker Hyundai is recruiting residents of the northeastern city of Narva to work in a new plant being set up in neighboring Ivangorod, just across the border in Russia.

Owned by the Yura Corporation, the plant will be supplying electrical components for a Hyundai auto assembly plant in St. Petersburg.

Although the initial salary offered is minimal by Estonian standards, less than 320 euros a month, interest among Narva residents in working in the new plant is high, the company's personnel manager told ETV's news program Aktuaalne Kaamera. The company receives about 20 phone inquiries per day and has received 160 applications since August 11.

The company is only accepting applicants who have Russian citizenship.

About 95 percent of Narva's 66,000 residents are ethnic Russians, and about a third of them have Russian passports.