View Full Version : Oldest Known Ship in Estonia to Travel to Tallinn

09-30-2010, 07:34 PM
Oldest Known Ship in Estonia to Travel to Tallinn (http://news.err.ee/culture/4999fdcd-d984-4274-9972-6bfcaf7cf7c3)

The oldest known ship in Estonia will be transported to Tallinn in October for restoration in preparation for going on public display in the Maritime Museum.

The 16th century Maasilinn ship, discovered by an underwater archaeology group in 1985 off the island of Saaremaa, will eventually return near the mediaeval castle site where it was found and where the Maritime Museum plans to build a branch.
For now, after undergoing restoration, it will be seen in the Lennusadam complex of the Maritime Museum.

Orissaare municipality mayor Aarne Põlluäär and Estonian Maritime Museum director Urmas Dresen signed a memorandum on September 29 that sets out the conditions for the display and care of the ship in the former seaplane hangar complex.

The agreement states that once suitable facilities are built in Orissaare, the ship can be returned there.

Initial estimates are that the ship was built on the island circa 1550. It resembles the Finnish haaksi or Swedish haxe type of transport vessel.