View Full Version : Do Croats not trust their own people?

11-17-2016, 04:24 AM
So basically I was banned for a few days after allegedely threatening another member here, that member was a Horoathos(Hrvat). In the sequence of events that lead up to that I had to witness some of the most cringeworthy personal messages on the planet. One caught my eye and revealed the Croat mentality through and through. Here's the text:

"You was very stupid to give me your name and surname.

With connection which I have with that most influental Albanian family here, they are my neighbours, your entire family can lose job in Sweden or you could lost some other things back in home country "

Let the cringe flow through you. So this Horoathos, in trying to show is internet warrior-ness, referred to his connections to an Albanian family. Threatening an Albo with other Albos is hilarious, it's like having to resort to calling other adults to deal with an adult, do Croats not feel like men? Are there no big bad Croats? Do Croats have any friends that aren't Albanian that they can rely on?

Discuss before my next ban for inciting genocide on the Horoathos. Shit quality mods :picard1:

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Just leaving this here, some interesting text for those interested in reading that interesting text.