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10-01-2010, 07:02 PM
'Tallinn 2011' Ads Light Up Brandenburg Gate (http://news.err.ee/culture/4a813890-4cff-417d-ba39-c255a07113cb)

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Large-scale advertisements for Tallinn's European Capital of Culture project went up in key spots in Berlin and Bremen on Friday, including the Brandenburg Gate, the site of major celebrations this weekend to mark the 20th anniversary of German reunification.

Under an exclusive agreement with the two cities, video screens advertising "Tallinn 2011" will stay up in Bremen's market square and next to the main stage at Berlin's iconic Brandenburg Gate throughout the three-day celebration.

Ads on the 40-square-meter screens will display the cultural highlights Tallinn has in store for next year, inviting Germans to visit for the occasion.

An estimated 2 million viewers are expected to see the ads at the Berlin event, which culminates Sunday with an appearance by German Chancellor Angela Merkel, novosti.err.ee reported.

The European Capital of Culture title is shared by two European cities each year. In 2011, they will be Tallinn and Turku, Finland.

10-01-2010, 07:20 PM
I went to have a look at that gate a few weeks ago, I left after about three minutes because of all the degeneracy. Black break dancers with 90dB loudspeakers blurting out their crap, hipsters dressed up as American and Soviet officers loving up to each other, Kosavian beggars. All the while the Europeans were loving the place.. argh. Still that didn't beat walking through Trafalgar square during the gay pride disgrace. If you feel lack of motivation for our goals then I encourage you to visit London, there is always something sure to get your blood boiling.