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11-11-2010, 05:57 PM
Estonian Film Nominated for Best Production Design at European Oscars (http://news.err.ee/culture/86262ad6-a66f-4b2e-a38c-4e62ce2ac909)

Behind the scenes during the shooting of 'St. Tony', director Veiko Õunpuu.
( Photo: Postimees / Scanpix )

Veiko Õunpuu's feature film 'The Temptation of St. Tony' will be vying for the European Production Designer prize at the European Film Academy Awards.

The Academy announced the awards on November 6 in conjunction with EFA Productions at the Seville European Film Festival.

The film features work by artist duo Markku Pätilä and Jaagup Roomet.

The nominees will be voted on by the Academy's 2,300 members with the winners to be announced at the ceremony scheduled for December 4 in Tallinn.

The event will be broadcast by ETV and it will be webcast as well at www.europeanfilmawards.eu.

11-11-2010, 05:59 PM
'St. Tony' Makes First Cut for European Film Awards (http://news.err.ee/Culture/45662db2-e3dd-4484-b157-97d397d3ffce)

The European Film Academy has picked Veiko Õunpuu's film The Temptation of St. Tony as one of the 46 films that will vie for this year's European Film Awards, breaking a nearly ten-year drought for Estonia.

The cut was made from entries from 32 countries.

The 20 countries with the most members of the European Film Academy are allowed to give one of their films instant nominee status while the rest of the movies go before a committee.

The last Estonian film to be nominated was Arvo Iho's film The Heart of the Bear, in 2001, for best cinematography.

In the weeks ahead, the 2,300 members of the Academy will determine the nominees for each of the 17 categories. They will be announced on November 6 at the Seville festival in Spain. The Awards ceremony will take place on December 4 in Tallinn.

Õunpuu's film is a Lynchian take on Dante's Inferno and tells the story of the bizarre ordeals faced by a mid-level manager.