View Full Version : Finnish Airline Strike Disrupts Tallinn-Helsinki Flights

11-30-2010, 04:45 PM
Finnish Airline Strike Disrupts Tallinn-Helsinki Flights (http://news.err.ee/economy/7ae191a0-6768-4535-be59-8e562328d600)

Photo: Reuters/Scanpix

Cabin crews of the airline companies Finnair and Blue1 will go on strike starting from 13:00 on November 30, which has led to canceling of all flights between Helsinki and Tallinn.

The main unsolved issue between the management and the cabin crews concerns the right to take days off after returning from intercontinental flights.

Tallinn Airport has canceled the flights to and from Helsinki starting from 14:00. Finnair's information desk was unable to tell uudised.err.ee how the situation will proceed. Passengers are advised to check the airlines' websites for further information.

In October, 900 flight mechanics were on strike for two days in Finland.


A close relative of mine is affected by this. Her route was supposed to be like this, Frankfurt-Helsinki-Tallinn, but her ticket was changed and now it is Frankfurt-Copenhagen-Tallinn. She should currently be in Copenhagen.