View Full Version : First Estonian Color Film Footage Uncovered in Canada

12-07-2010, 04:44 PM
First Estonian Color Film Footage Uncovered in Canada (http://news.err.ee/culture/50dd74d9-a02f-4d38-b599-ecd513aa755a)

ERR has been given a preview of a video clip from a rare find: two reels of film thought to be the first color footage shot in Estonia.

The reels, contained in unmarked cans in family archives, were found by documentary film-maker Marcus Kolga, who is one of the leaders of a two-year project to research, identify and catalog films of historical significance to the Estonian community in Canada.

Kolga credited a former project manager with the Estonian National Museum, Piret Noorhani, and Andris Ķesteris at The Library and Archives Canada for helping uncover "what we believe is quite likely the only existing copy of the first color footage shot in independent Estonia, just a few months before the Soviet occupation.”

The 45 seconds seen here contain scenes of the 1939 All Estonian Games in Tallinn with footage of the country's leaders at Kadriorg Stadium and one of Tartu's most beloved landmarks, the Kivisild bridge, which was destroyed in the war.

The remastered HD versions will be released in the spring after being restored by the Estonian National Film Archives in Tallinn and digitized by Kolga's Realworld Pictures.


You can see the preview, when you click on the article link.