View Full Version : Silicon to Silicone: E-Paper Reaches Prototype Stage

12-22-2010, 02:53 PM
Silicon to Silicone: E-Paper Reaches Prototype Stage (http://news.err.ee/sci-tech/72eeef0c-0c05-4bb3-9657-0971c80453aa)

An Estonian company is kindling interest after developing a prototype for what could be the world's first e-paper.

The silicone-based technology is the result of several years of research at Visitret Displays.
The non-reflective sheets do not use electricity, they are weatherproof and non-breakable and can also play back high-quality video images, wrote Eesti Päevaleht.

Producing the e-paper is inexpensive and the technology could come in handy for one of the primary materials for screens, potentially making laptops and other currently LCD-display-equipped gadgets much less expensive. It could conceivably also replace metal traffic signs, books and newspapers and even printed price labels in stores.

Visitret Displays technology director Jüri Liiv added that home appliances that display information are yet another application - the technology could be used for readout panels on refrigerators, for instance