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01-07-2011, 06:04 PM
Island Shipbuilders Recreate 'Log Schooner' (http://news.err.ee/culture/7c993009-4a7e-427d-808c-baa89c7fccdd)

Photo: ERR

A group of heritage enthusiasts on the island of Hiiumaa is set to build from scratch a functional replica of halulaev, a type of two-masted sailboat that the islanders used in the firewood trade with the mainland in the beginning of the last century.

Ain Tähiste, the project's initiator, told ETV that the process would take 20 to 30 thousand hours of handiwork, an endeavor probably assisted a lot by the cryptic humor and proverbial tenacity of hiidlased, as the islanders are called.

Local tradition has it that no women could be present when the tree for the keel of the ship was felled. Last winter in a seaside park in the island's capital Kärdla, the team cut down a 120-year-old larch with a naturally curved trunk that made it a perfect fit for the vessel. They also planted five young oaks and five larches to replace it, "so that future shipbuilders would have some material too," Tähiste said.

Enthusiasm for recreating historical ships has grown notably in Estonia in recent years. The Jõmmu, a Hanseatic barge built by the Emajõe boating society, has also won international acclaim, serving as a temporary handicraft workshop and concert venue in the Tartu town hall square over Christmas.