View Full Version : South Korea, U.S.conduct exercises for removing North Korea weapons: report

12-18-2017, 03:19 PM

The United States and South Korea last week reportedly held joint drills to prepare for a potential military conflict in which they would penetrate and remove the North's weapons of mass destruction.
Yonhap News reported that the drills, called "Warrior Strike," were held at Camp Stanley, north of the capital city of Seoul.

Gen. Vincent K. Brooks, who commands U.S. Forces Korea, and South Korea's chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Jung Kyung-doo, visited Camp Stanley, the

U.S. 2nd Infantry Division wrote on Facebook Friday.

The exercises come after North Korea late last month launched an intercontinental ballistic missile, which Defense Secretary James Mattis said "went higher, frankly, than any previous shot they've taken."

President Trump has cautioned North Korea against provoking the United States.