View Full Version : Development Begins on Pan-European Claims Court System

02-01-2011, 02:50 PM
Development Begins on Pan-European Claims Court System (http://news.err.ee/sci-tech/f8104346-6c12-4454-a0ee-647af45b0630)

Specialists from the Ministry of Justice and the Center of Registers and Information Systems are working on e-CODEX, a project that will eventually make it much easier for EU citizens to seek legal recourse in the courts of other member states.

Ministry of Justice undersecretary Marko Aavik said the Estonians are in charge of developing solutions in the field of ID cards and digital signatures. "Our goal is for all people living in the European Union to be able to bring claims to the courts of other member states through this website," he said.

Aavik said it is currently difficult for courts and individuals to handle cross-border disputes. He cited a hypothetical example wherein people from another country have trashed a hotel room. In this case the proprietor would have to petition the foreign court with paper documents in order to get compensation.

The project, which met for its first plenary session in Düsseldorf last week, will span three years.

Besides Estonia, 14 other EU member states are involved in e-CODEX, as are the Council of Bars and Law Societies of Europe and the Council of the Notariats of the EU. e-CODEX is partially funded by the European Commission.


As far as I know, Estonian innovation is slowly being applied to all other EU countries.

Although Estonia is still the only country in the world and in Europe where you can "e-vote", thus going to a voting station and going into a voting booth isn't necessary. Everything can be done with your computer. I personally couldn't imagine living in any other country in the EU, as I am used to with everything being so innovative here. Like paying your taxes. Income tax declarations in Estonia can be made electronically via internet. In 2010, over 92% of income tax declarations were presented through the e-Tax Board.