View Full Version : High-Tech Industries Brace for Competition in Space

02-18-2011, 08:47 PM
High-Tech Industries Brace for Competition in Space (http://news.err.ee/sci-tech/8d88af67-b23d-457a-818a-c5cfca215ffa)

Enterprise Estonia and International Space University in Strasbourg will hold a seminar in Tallinn on February 17 and 18, focusing on business opportunities in the space sector.

The seminar, "How To Do Business in the Space Sector," will be headed by Bernd Madauss and Klaus Fuchs from International Space University and is mainly targeted at leaders of Estonia's high value added industries like high-tech, metal manufacturing and machine and systems industries.

"As first and foremost any country's economic development level is determined by companies with high-tech potential, we believe that now is the time for Estonian enterprises to take concrete steps to enter the global market of space and aviation technology," said Ilmar Pralla, head of the innovation division at Enterprise Estonia. "We have already pried the door open by becoming a cooperating state in the European Space Agency (ESA)," Pralla said.

Estonian companies are currently working on 12 joint projects with ESA. Enterprise Estonia is the country's official representative at the agency. Estonia has held European Cooperating State status there since 2010.