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CHAPTER ONE: The Watchers are grieved over the sins of mankind, and petition God to let them descend to the earth to teach the sons of men righteousness and to rebuke them. God grants their petition. Azazel is sent to prepare the way for the Watchers. Azazel prepares the way, and the Watchers descend and they begin to teach them righteousness and justice. Enoch is chosen by the Watchers to serve as a mediator between men and the Watchers.

CHAPTER TWO: The daughters of men lust after the attractive Watchers, and seduce them; Azazel, with Shemhazah's help, instigates the fall of the 200 Watchers and their followers. The Watchers fall from their glorious nature, and become bound to fleshly bodies as a consequence of their joining sexually to flesh. They begin to reveal to their wives heavenly and earthly secrets.

CHAPTER THREE: The Watchers have their own families with humans and also with animals, and those that were defiled by them give birth to Giants. These Giants begin to grow to massive sizes, and become full of greed and corruption. They kill many dragons and the sons of Cain worship them for protecting them. The children of Cain are no longer able to sustain the Giants with their offerings of vegtables and grain so the Giants turn on them and kill them and begin to eat them. The Giants develop a taste for blood and begin eating any moving thing including each other. The Watchers teach some of the secrets they were appointed over to keep from the sons of men. The Giants imitate the sins of their fathers, and take for themselves wives and animal mates, and they beget Naphil and Eliyo. God seeing all this wickedness, sends Enoch to declare to Shemhazah and the fallen Watchers that they will be soon punished for causing the earth to be corrupted.

CHAPTER FOUR: Enoch is sent by the righteous Watchers to rebuke the fallen Watchers and to declare to them their doom. He comes to Azazel first and condemns him as the principal sinner amongst the fallen Watchers. He then summons Mahaway to him and has him gather all the Watchers for his message. Enoch enters the assembly of the fallen Watchers, and gives them the message of doom. They weep and lament and beg Enoch to present to God their petition for mercy and a second chance - to restore them to their former glory and that their sons might have eternal life. They required a messenger to talk to God because God had since stopped talking to them after their transgression. Enoch hears their case and tells them he will talk to God on their behalf.

CHAPTER FIVE: Enoch, having written the petition of the fallen Watchers and discussing it with God, receives a vision from God as a response, and Enoch writes the vision for the fallen Watchers in a book and gives the book to them. Enoch declares to them they will not be forgiven, and describes for them his ascent into the presence of God, where he was given a message for them.

CHAPTER SIX: Enoch received from God an answer for the fallen Watchers: he is told to tell them why they were not given permission to have sex, and what their punishment is because of it, and he foretells unto them the miserable doom and fate of the offspring of the fallen Watchers, and foretells to them that they will become evil spirits and will not have eternal life but that their years will be no more than 500. After hearing this the fallen Watchers and their Giant sons take up stones to throw at Enoch but the holy Watchers shield Enoch from their deadly blows and lift Enoch up into the heavens to escape their earthly wrath against Enoch the messenger. (This is perhaps the first time that anyone ever attempted to "kill the messenger.")

CHAPTER SEVEN: Hobabesh kidnaps another Giant's wife, and starts a war amongst the Giants. When the war was ending, one of Ohyah's companions was killed by Mahaway. Ohyah mourns with his father Shemhazah about his friend, and they curse Mahaway. Mahaway defends himself, appealing to the words of his father Baraqel as justification. Ohyah gets angry and attempts to kill Mahaway, but Gilgamesh and the other Giants prevent Ohyah from doing so, and they ward off Ohyah's murderous intentions. (This is where we learn about Gilgamesh slaying dragons, or dinosaurs and being a hero for the normal sized men of that time.)

CHAPTER EIGHT: Gilgamesh has a dream, but interprets it as indicating the Giants will not be punished. The Giants celebrate but aren't entirely convinced, and subsequent to this, Ohyah and Hahyah have dreams of their own. They seek the interpretation of the dreams, but none of the Giants can declare to them what the meaning of their dreams are, so the Giants have Mahaway go to Enoch in order to learn from him the meaning of the dreams and to learn what the fate of the Giants will be. Mahaway flies to Enoch, and Enoch greets Mahaway, and Mahaway explains why he came, and Enoch proceeds to give Mahaway the answer, and he writes it down in a tablet, and gives a second tablet as well to Mahawayintended for Shemhazah and the Watchers, and he sends Mahaway back to the Giants with the two tablets.

CHAPTER NINE: Mahaway flies back to the Giants with the two tablets. And Mahaway tells them of his journey to Enoch and of Enoch saving his life, and tells them that Enoch had given him two tablets and revealed everything they had wanted to know form him. The first tablet is read. The Giants discuss the contents of the first tablet after it is finished being read, and realize they are doomed, and they lament over their miserable fate. They then have the second tablet read. Enoch tells Shemhazah that he and the other fallen Watchers will soon be bound, but that the Giants should repent and pray, for they still have a chance to benefit from reformation of their lives.

CHAPTER TEN: Shemhazah urges his two sons Ohyah and Hahyah to reform their lives in the hopes that they will be yet given mercy. Ohyah and Hahyah listen to the advice of Shemhazah and attempt to convince the Giants to reform themselves, teaching them through proverbs where true success is found. The Giants seek to reform their lives. Enoch is sent to declare to the Watchers that within 120 years, they would all be bound in a dark prison of punishment for their sins, and that their sons would all be destroyed from off the face of the earth. Noah begins to build the Ark. Around this time, only Azazel is bound.

CHAPTER ELEVEN: The Giants lament over Azazel being bound, and then they and the Watchers, seeing that they were not bound or destroyed vaunted themselves. When this happened, Gabriel the archangel was sent to incite the Giants to commit civil war against themselves and their offspring, and they all began to kill each other, and the Watchers beheld the destruction of their families. When the war of the Giants ends with few survivors, all of the fallen Watchers are subsequently bound by the angels into the dark prison of punishment.

CHAPTER TWELVE: Noah goes into the Ark, and the flood comes, and begins to kill all life, but not all the Giants are killed by the flood. In order to fix this, Yehuweh sends the Leviathan, and the Leviathan begins to kill all the Giants and their sons who survived. Ohyah alone survives the attacks of the Leviathan, and kills the Leviathan. The archangel Raphael is sent by Yehuweh in order to punish Ohyah for killing the Leviathan, and to finally restore the earth to purity Ohyah is killed and bound in the dark prison of punishment with the fallen Watchers. The flood being over, and the Giants and their sons still remaining on the earth without bodies, become evil spirits, and are given a law by an angel of Yehuweh how they are to live if they want to avoid being sent to the dark prison of punishment that the Watchers were sent to. And this explains how the Nephilim came to be on the earth after the flood.

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