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10-25-2018, 03:48 AM
I noticed that southasians reject roma or have very negative image of them, they also know little about them. I was on ratedesi a desi entertainment forum, they talked about dating and bollywood. I heard very negative feedback about roma. Similar as europeans that roma are thieves, and they seemed to believe that roma are criminals and descendt from these people, those people have been a group of assassins and murderers. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thuggee

I still dont know which community roma truly descendt from in india, but it doesnt really matter much to me. They have been estimated to descendt from somwhere around northwestindia/eastern pakistan when they left india, they did from these places. In those places are also alot of different communities but it doesnt matter to me. Unlikely they are jatts because haplogroup comparison found no match. But it really doesnt matter to me which community, group or caste.

The thing is in india is the caste system and also during british raj some lower castes have been designated as "gypsy tribes" or "criminal tribes" and many seem to believe that, its the notion that roma are a "nomadising criminal tribe" which makes people reject them. Also the indians on ratedesi said roma are 1% indian. That indian is only nationality not ethnicity etc. And that roma are nothing indian or 1%

To be honest I dont feel close to india particulary not more then to pakistan, bangladesh or sri lanka. I admire their culture like I admire foreign cultures but thats all. I dont want to be assocciated with indians, its mostly europeans who associate me with indians. The only thing I say is that roma are physically "asiatic" or "south-asiatic". Well they are mixed, but some are stronger "asiatic" then others. Myself I view as "asiatic" too if zayn malik and naomi scott are. Probably also because I live in the West that I experienced to be "asiatic" and "foreign looking" if i lived in india maybe they would declare me american, middle eastern or like that or foreigner. But now I live here my whole life and consider myself "asiatic". What do you think? Do you agree that if roma are not culturally southasian at least they are physically south-asiatic? Also Im interested what Purohit Ji thinks since he said "roma are as much asian as mullatos are white"

She could easy pass as a average roma woman.



I do makes sense. Because Im 30% southasian and thats alot. If I were less then 10% I wouldnt consider myself anymore southasian at all. But with 30% I consider myself part indian.

Admix Results (sorted):

# Population Percent
1 Caucasian 28.3
2 Neolithic 20.23
3 Steppe 14.8
4 NorthEastEuropean 14.24
5 Indian 13.41
6 SouthEastAsian 2.88
7 NearEast 2.42
8 NorthAfrican 2.28
9 Australian 1.08
10 Siberian 0.26
11 Amerindian 0.11

Single Population Sharing:

# Population (source) Distance
1 Romanian (Romania) 9.82
2 Romanian (Gorj) 12.53
3 Gagauz (Gagauzia) 12.88
4 Greek (Peloponnes) 13.55
5 Bulgarian (Bulgaria) 13.75
6 Romanian (Apuseni) 13.77
7 Moldavian (Molodva) 13.79
8 Macedonian (Macedonia) 13.95
9 Swiss (Switzerland) 13.98
10 Italian (Friul) 14.2
11 Greek (Greece) 14.22
12 Bulgarian (Bulgaria) 14.3
13 Kosovar (Kosovo) 14.3
14 Montenegrian (Montenegro) 14.52
15 Roma (Gypsy) 14.55
16 Italian (NorthIitaly) 14.63
17 Jew (Belmonte) 14.75
18 Greek (Macedonia) 14.85
19 Greek (Thessaloniki) 14.89
20 Albanian (Albania) 14.9

Mixed Mode Population Sharing:

# Primary Population (source) Secondary Population (source) Distance
1 75.1% Romanian (Gorj) + 24.9% Kashmiri_Pandit (Kashmir) @ 2.22
2 76.9% Romanian (Gorj) + 23.1% Gujjar (Punjab) @ 2.48
3 79% Bulgarian (Bulgaria) + 21% Kanjars (Punjab) @ 2.6
4 78.7% Macedonian (Macedonia) + 21.3% Kanjars (Punjab) @ 2.62
5 79.3% Bulgarian (Bulgaria) + 20.7% Kurmi (Nepal) @ 2.69
6 73% Macedonian (Macedonia) + 27% Kashmiri_Pandit (Kashmir) @ 2.7
7 78.7% Bulgarian (Bulgaria) + 21.3% Lambadi (Karnataka) @ 2.7
8 75.2% Romanian (Gorj) + 24.8% Jatt (Pahari) @ 2.74
9 74.8% Romanian (Gorj) + 25.2% Pathan (Punjab) @ 2.76
10 74% Macedonian (Macedonia) + 26% Burusho (Pakistan) @ 2.77
11 76.1% Romanian (Gorj) + 23.9% Burusho (Pakistan) @ 2.79
12 78.4% Romanian (Gorj) + 21.6% Sindhi (Sindh) @ 2.79
13 79.4% Bulgarian (Bulgaria) + 20.6% Velama (Andhra_Pradesh) @ 2.81
14 76.1% Romanian (Gorj) + 23.9% Jatt (Muslim) @ 2.82
15 75.7% Bulgarian (Bulgaria) + 24.3% Kshatriya (India) @ 2.84
16 74% Macedonian (Macedonia) + 26% Jatt (Muslim) @ 2.84
17 79.8% Bulgarian (Bulgaria) + 20.2% Marwadi (Rajasthan) @ 2.86
18 78.2% Romanian (Gorj) + 21.8% Meena (Rajasthan) @ 2.86
19 73.2% Romanian (Gorj) + 26.8% Jew (Mumbai) @ 2.87
20 74.3% Bulgarian (Bulgaria) + 25.7% Burusho (Pakistan) @ 2.87

This dude is only a quarter indian and looks much more then me.


10-25-2018, 04:14 AM
Indians are like 1.2 B or something. Adding Pakistan/Bangaldesh/Nepal etc.. gets it close to 1.6B people. There are literally thousands of Castes & many poor castes. The history of many people are not written systematically like in Europe. So if you hear something like Thugee or people living in bushes then it might be part of the story. Since it is the world's most fertile strech of land, However there is rich history of people coming in to settle from 70K YBP to present. India is a nation & not a religion so most groups have their own religious groups. Most people who come to US or UK are mostly educated or rich bunch on some work so there would not be much scope to socialize unless you are part of some educational group. There are huge number of TV channels in atleast 10 languages & many movie industries. So you are looking to have interaction you need to go through these formal channels

10-25-2018, 04:26 AM
Tbh I never knew much about gypsies until I came onto this forum, the first time I heard the term 'gypsy' was when I was a little kid and saw the Disney movie 'The Hunchback Of Notre Dame'.

10-25-2018, 05:05 AM
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