View Full Version : The Viking Knitting Exhibition at the American Swedish Historical Museum in Philadelphia

04-29-2011, 03:41 AM
While in wonderful Philly this past weekend, both Tolleson and Lodd indulged me by letting me take my sweet time to admire the handiwork of the artist who exhibited her Viking Knitwear. This post as well as the thread will be image heavy. You're forewarned.











Ok I'll post more later.... I got tons more pics!

05-12-2011, 08:19 PM
Aemms, sorry I've been a tad overwhelmed and completely missed this thread.
Thank you so much for posting and sharing!
Did you get any reading material while you were at the Exhibition?
A liitle note on Viking Knitting, btw, which I understand has little to do with the subject at hand but it's still interesting: it's actually a method of creating wire jewelry. It is technically not knitting, but closer to another fiber technique called naalbinding or nalbinding. In the simplest explanation I can think of, knitting is one way of creating fabric by pulling one loop through another, with the loops coming from somewhere along the length of the yarn. Naalbinding is a technique of creating fabric by pulling the end of the yarn or thread through loops using a needle.
The results can look very similar to each other, and in fact there are cases of very old textile fragments being incorrectly identified as knitting when they were actually naalbinding.
Hm okay I'm done, you probably knew this anyway :p