View Full Version : The Pathetic Economy Of North Korea

The Lawspeaker
11-24-2019, 07:59 PM

North Korea, the most most closed off country on earth. This Asian nation is often the centre of intense scrutiny for its aggressive displays of militarism, its internationally condemned nuclear program and of course its oppressive government dictatorship. A 2014 report by the united nations concluded that the gravity, scale and nature of these human rights violations does not have any parallel In the contemporary world. What they are ashamed of though, is something that all these media spectacles help to distract from and that is their incredibly small and pathetic economy. beyond the dramatic chest beating and despite all of the opportunities this country has been given it has dwindled into complete economic obscurity and in this video we are going to explore why. As always I do my best to reply to all comments in the comments section :)

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