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01-03-2020, 08:16 PM
It is known that "Latin America" is term used to englobe al the ex-colonies countries of latin origin (spanish, portuguese and french) in the Americas (despite Québec is not popularly known as part of Latin America). It is a term invented by an french thinker to prevent the use of the term "Hispanic America", because mentioning Latin America it englobes too France in so sphere too, and this was a way to justify (very strangely) the french intervention that entronised Maximilian in the mexican throne (during a short time). It is also known that the term was popularised by the british, that in those times governed over the world, due to their hispanic-phobia.

But, why doesn´t exist an "Latin Africa"?



Bueno, es un tema sabido ya en este foro, Latinoamérica es un término usado para englobar a los países ex-colonias de raigambre latina española, portuguesa o francesa (aunque el Québec no es considerado popularmente como parte de Latinoamérica). Es un término inventado por un pensador francés para evitar el término Hispanoamérica, ya que al mencionar Latinoamérica se englobaría también Francia en dicha esfera, y así se pretendía justificar (muy cogido por los pelos) la intervención francesa que entronizó a Maximiliano en el trono mexicano (por corto tiempo). Huelga decir que el término fue porpularizado por los británicos que por aquel entonces dominaban el mundo debido a su fobia a todo lo hispánico.

Pero ¿Por qué no existe un "África Latina"?



01-03-2020, 10:55 PM
Here is the reason:


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You kind of answered your own question yourself.

01-04-2020, 09:51 AM
Except for France none of the Southern European countries have any influence in their African colonies. Françafrique still exists as all nations once part of the French community are still heavily reliant on France and still send the French money. So that's every former French colony in Africa except Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Guinea, and Cameroon. Britain has some degree of influence with the Commonwealth of Nations but not as much as France does in it's former Empire.

Portuguese tried to influence former Portuguese colonies in Africa through the CPLP, but again, thanks to the grueling war fought there, their influence is limited.

Spanish only had parts of Morocco, Western Sahara, and Equatorial Guinea, they don't concern themselves with the first two because Morocco is fiercely independent, and Equatorial Guinea whores itself out to the highest bidder (right now China).

Somalia and Libya systematically removed Italian influence, and while Eritrea was part of Ethiopia, the same was done.