View Full Version : Renaissance Dam crisis (Still Ongoing)

The Lawspeaker
02-05-2020, 05:39 PM

Negotiations between Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia concerning the latter’s Renaissance Dam fell apart in November 2017 when officials from Cairo walked away from the talks. It is presumed that the parties failed to reach an agreement on the impact assessment of the project. The scale of the impasse is unique as it not only deals with the Renaissance Dam but also sets a legal precedent for future upstream projects and thereby affects the geopolitical balance between Egypt and Ethiopia.


In historic relation, Egypt has dominated the Nile River. In fact, it’s history, culture and national identity derives from the existence of the river. However, as a downstream nation, Egypt’s share of water is being challenged by upstream Ethiopia, which seeks to exploit its geographic virtue by the construction of hydroelectric power plants. Yet, the dispute over the Nile is not a recent occurrence. In fact, the historic struggle over water security in the Nile has shaped a distinct rivalry between Ethiopia and Egypt.