View Full Version : questions on Nepali Brahmins.

02-19-2020, 06:06 AM
I have learned that Nepal have a big population of Brahmins and i know some Nepali people who are living in india and claim that they are Brahmans but generally other Brahmins of North India dont accept such claims thats why i want to know if these people are really Brahmins or pretenders like Bhumihars.

1) How big is Nepali Brahmin population ?

2) are they related to North Indian Brahmins ? do they have history of origin in North India ? do they look like us ?

3) are they really descended from Brahminical Clans of North West or Brahminized Natives like most of South Indian Brahmins ?

4) how they see India and Indian Brahmins ?

5) do they still do animal Sacrifice like they show in Media ?

overall i think that some Nepali Brahmins are indeed real as some of them are also working in bollywood and other media industry, i just want to know more about them.