View Full Version : A Swiss village in the middle of North Korea ?

The Lawspeaker
03-08-2020, 07:52 PM

North Korea wouldn’t be so well-known if it weren’t for its nuclear tests and its tyrannical, extravagant government. We’re talking about a very poor country. North Korea has just over 25 million inhabitants, no relevant industry or commerce and purchasing power that’s in the gutter. Almost 40% of the population suffers obvious food shortages. However, despite all this, the truth is that the North Korean economy, as we’ve told you before on VisualPolitik, has been growing for years. Although growth has come about in a somewhat strange, informal, chaotic way and largely thanks to the black market, the truth is that North Korea’s economy has registered certain advances in recent years. This has allowed Kim Jong-Un’s government to push huge macro projects throughout the country in recent years. This has caused the international community to ask a question: Are all these megaprojects the result of the megalomania of Kim Jong-Un, a young dictator who grew up studying in private schools in Switzerland and watching NBA games? Or are they signs that the government wants to change course? In this video we present the great pharaonic works of Kim Jong-Un.