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Skanderbeg Is God
10-14-2011, 04:16 PM
ENJI He was the god of fire & war. He's equivalent in Greek & roman mythology might be Ares/Mars. He's equivalent in the Norse mythology is Thor. It is from this god that our week day e enjte (Thursday) comes from. This is interesting since Thursday in Germanic languages, is named after Thor/Thur, the god of war. Obviously, Enji must've been important to our people since we named a week day after him!

PREMA She was the goddess of fertility/birth. Her equivalent in the Greek mythology is Demeter. She is also honored with a week-day; e premte (friday). This is also interesting since the Germanic people have also named Friday after their fertility goddess, freya; examples are Freitag in German, Fredag in Scandinavian languages and Friday in the English language.

ANZOTICA - This was a goddess that in terms of belief, seems to have been restricted to the Illyrian tribe of the Liburnae. She's the Illyrian equivalent of Aphrodite/Venus! I believe that the middle of her name, Anzotica, is clearly connected with our word zot, god!

ICA/IKA Another goddess of the Illyrians. And could it be that her etymology is related to our word ika or ikje (flee or flight)?

BINDUS The god of water, the equivalent of Poseidon or Neptune. This god was especially worshipped by the Illyrians of the Iapod tribe (Japod?t).

VIDASUS Like Bindus, this Illyrian god was also the protector of water-sources. Apparently, he was always in company with the goddess of hunting (our equivalent to Artemis), Thana.

THANA She was the goddess of hunting. I suspect that the etymology of her name is connected to our word tharje, i.e. withering, death. Afterall, hunting means death (of animals), so it wouldn't be surprising if that's where her name originates from. This, in turn, can be connected to the Greek word thanatos, death.

DUALOS The god/goddess of whine. It's clearly connected to our word dejur - to be drunk! This in turn, is of an old IE-root, since the word is also present in old Gothic, dwals, which has the same meaning as dejur!