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11-17-2008, 10:36 AM
What is Hungarism?

Political movement has never been given so many attacks as the Hungarism of the Hungarian National Socialism. This is not aggravating however, since it points out that the National Socialism of Hungarism differs from the nationalism of all the other parties. We cannot have any concern for the political envy of run-down parties and the fact that our nationalist socialism and socialist nationalism will draw many more attacks on itself cannot change our genuine testimony. We don't care! We know that only our Hungarism is right, because we didn't create it for mutilated Hungary, we build the historical and inviolable mission of the Hungarians, the line of a worthy future with it. Because of this, our duty is tenacious perseverance. The scared interests and envious political phrases of our time together with the friendly, alternating advicements will be washed away at the rebirth of the Nation, in the popular community of the folk families of the Carpathian-Danube.

The unity of the Nation is the working spirit of the socialism! Liberalism is the freedom of the strong, Hungarism is the freedom of all!

Work, strength, peace, empire: Hungaria! Our aim is Hungaria, our way is the Hungarian National Socialism! Our act is honor, our instrument is order! Will is one: the Nation, power is one: the movement, ruler is one: the Nation!

Our calling is order, our fight is the movement, our victory is Hungarism! It's not the persecuter who is powerful, it's the persecuted!


Hungarism = Pax Hungarica

Hungarism is an ideological system. The Hungarian practice of the National Socialist worldview and spirit of the age.

Not Hitlerism, not Fascism, not anti-Semitism, but Hungarism.

Thus, Hungarism means socialism, phasing of the moral, spiritual and material interests of the "I" and "We", so it has the aim of securing the prosperity of not only certain privileged individuals or classes, but the great community of ALL the individuals and classes. But at the same time, Hungarism means nationalism, for it fights for the well-being of the most natural community, the nation, hereby for the prosperity of every working individual.

Hungarism is created neither for the Mutilated Country, nor for the body of the Hungarian nation, but for the millennial Great Country laying in the Danube Basin embraced by the Carpathians, and for all rooted folk families living within it, which means the moral, spiritual, material, political, social and economical unity of the Hungarian Nation, led and governed by the Hungarian people.

In addition, Hungarism is the defender of every Hungarian folk family forced into different parts of the world through starvation. Bringing them back into the Grat Country is its right and duty.

Hungarism secures the Pax Hungarica, the peace of the Hungarians and other people living here, in the Carpathian-Danube Basin not only by giving these peoples a Home, a Country and cultural autonomy (language, school, adult education, self-governing administration and jurisdiction, economical representation of interests), but with sanctioning their moral, spiritual and martial wealth under the government of the Hungarian nation, by a popular vote based on the token of free will.

Pax Hungarica not only means the peace between the leading Hungarian people and the other folk families living with it, but also the general economical, social and political peace created by Hungarism in the arms of the Nation.

The foundation of this internal peace will be the working peace of all the labouring classes living within the arms of the Nation. This working peace forges an unbreakable popular unity including the nation-maintaining peasant, the nation-building worker, the nation-leading intellectual, the nation-defending soldier and the token of the Nation's immortality; the woman and the youth.

Hungarism creates:

1. economical peace, which proportially divides the profits of work and production between the factors of production to prevent the arise and the existence of money-capitalism, or the hopeless misery of the workers;

2. social peace, which doesn't recognize privileged classes: feudal, clerical or liberal bourgeois ruler classes; upper, middle and lower classes, but recognizes the united socialist community of workers;

3. political peace, in which no selfish party interests will misguide the political nation, but instead, only one political leading idea will guide the community in the interest of securing the prosperity of the Nation in the community of the other European nations.

Hungarism is a spiritual, moral, martial, furthermore political, social and economic authoritarian system with the responsibility of the individual.


Our aim is to produce a Hungarian spirituality which is rooted in racial, popular soil. To raise a generation which ascends from national consciousness to the heights of national self-respect, pride and sense of vocation; which is physically and spiritually strong, beautiful, noble-hearted, honest, selfless, sacrificing, religious, confident, disciplined; which knows how to obey, to endure, to suffer, to work, to learn, to believe; which is able to independently initiate; which is proud, brave, tough; which is keen to ideas; which is ready to live for Country and race and to die for them, if he must. His beautiful, good, true principles build his noble character in spiritual harmony, he gladly chooses hard fighting instead of cheap compromissions, since he knows he has the right to take place amongst the first by his own talent, strength and interest, for his race is not inferior to any nation.

We conclude this brief summary of the Hungarist ideology
the following way:

1. Hungarism, as an ideology inscribes the following watchword into each and every Hungarian's heart and mind: the future of the Nation is above everything. Besides, it offers detailed, conceptual fundaments for the Hungarist Movement.

2. Hungarism, as a movement strives to put its ideological principles into practice.

3. Hungarism rejects the unnatural stratification of the national society and its ranking into classes: upper class, middle class, lower class. Instead, in its social point of view, it keeps the groups evolved by their profession the components of a national society. These are the nation-maintaining peasant, the nation-building worker, the nation-leading intellectual, the nation-defending soldier, the woman who secures the Nation's immortality, and the child who secures the Nation's future. These factors of the Hungarist social stratification are never ordered above or below each other, but always beside each other.

4. Those who responsibly cultivate the land shall own it, therefore it is primarily the peasant's responsible property. The system of large estates is forever the past. The kolkhozes created by force shall be liquitadated.

5. Wage labour is the enemy of work peace. Work peace can only be realized when the worker not only does responsible work, but also enjoys the profit of production.

6. We reject the old description of intellect. It's not only the group called "middle-class" that will form the Hungarist intellect, but any individuals from any classes who are able to lead the nation by their knowledge and ability.

7. A woman's profession is motherhood. Considering our nation's catastrophic health, our movement's most important task is achieving that Hungarian women can fulfill their calling.

8. Youth is the token of the future. A nation's future is insecure without a rich blessing of children, even beside the greatest of plans.

9. The Nation's defense, the Hungarist military secures the national society, the moral, spiritual and material interests of the Hungarist social community. This militant nation defends the social community against enemy attacks from all sides.

10. The fundament of our moral existence is the Christian religion. We are strong supporters of moral, constructive religions and churches, but we reject the ones who support alien political goals, opposing the Nation's interests.

11. The fundament of our foreign policy is connationalism. We are the constructors of communities containing nations, who are dependents on each other.

12. We beleive in the Hungarian people, we beleive in the future of the Hungarian people. We beleive in the justice, strength and victory of our aims.

Hungarism is both nationalist and socialist.

Socialist, because its goal is improving the entire nation, not only certain priviliged individuals or classes, while harmonizing the moral, spiritual and material interests of this national community.

Nationalist, because it doesn't fulfill its socialism through international movements and ideologies, but through the most natural popular community instead: the nation.

As it is visible, we have to completely distance this nationalist socialism from Marxist socialism. The socialism of Marxism is for the proletariat only, not the entire nation. The working class achieves Marxist socialism through class struggle, in which the capitalist class - the bourgeoisie - ceases to exist. The class struggle itself is international, because workers from all around the world fight under the cry: "Proletarians of all countries, unite!"

Marxism is international class socialism in its essense. On a contary to this, Hungarism is universal, national socialism.

Since Hungarism is nationalist, it is not solely created for the mutilated country or the Hungarian people, but instead for the Millennial Great Country and all the people living within its borders, who - along with the Hungarian people - form the Hungarian Nation.


The ultimate goal of Hungarism as a statefounder ideology is Pax Hungarica: the Hungarian Peace. As we have formerly seen, the Hungarian people were tortured by serious diseases. The nation's unity has been split by difficult problems awaiting solution. The questions of nationalities, land, workers and society have invoken dissension. In this aggravated situation, in this peaceless Hungarian realm has Hungarism announced Hungarian Peace, the end of Hungarian oppositions.


So the aim of Hungarism is restoring the Hungarian statehood fallen in 1526, after more than 400 years of compulsed break; to construct the Hungarian Empire, the home of all nationalities in the Carpathian Danube, awarded with a new purpose of life, giving all its people autonomy sanctified by popular vote.

Brothers and sisters!

How many times did we sing with faith, with flaming face, with burning eyes: "Enough of slavery, throw off the shackles!"

How many times did we scream into the ears of the neutral, the deaf, the philistine: "Awaken, Hungarian, the ancient land is in danger..." and "Our kind will be lost, if we don't dare..."

Our brains pulsated in our skulls, our muscles strained in our arms. A wondefully fanatic flame burned in our eyes. We watched the destruction of the Nation with bitter resolve and our entire self was one tremor, fearing for those we call Hungarian race and Hungarian nation! Upon meetings, secret gatherings, or in the chambers of the parliament, we painted the black future to the linen of history as tristful Cassandras, sensing that dishonour, insincereness, shallowness, Carpe Diem ignorance can only have one result and consequence: a dire trial, a terrible catastrophe for the Hungarian people, the Hungarian family, the Hungarian mother, the Hungarian child, the Hungarian future.


"Awaken, Hungarian!" - we brayed years ago...

"Brother, enough of slavery!" - sounded the Hungarist March on our lips.

An now, along with the sounds of our march, let the clarions and horns call for the final assembly! The rythm for the final march is the heartbeat of a Nation awaiting redemption...

Kitartás! Persistance!

Collected from various works of members of the Arrow Cross Movement, translated by myself.

11-24-2008, 05:47 AM
"Awaken, Hungarian!" - we brayed years ago...

"Brother, enough of slavery!" - sounded the Hungarist March on our lips.

An now, along with the sounds of our march, let the clarions and horns call for the final assembly! The rythm for the final march is the heartbeat of a Nation awaiting redemption...

Kitartás! Persistance!

I like this. :) Could do with some of this kind of spirit among the Scots as the referendum for an independant Scotland approaches. :)