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01-21-2013, 09:54 AM
Archeologists revise image of ancient Celts


The Celts were long considered a barbaric and violent society. But new findings from a 2,600-year-old grave in Germany suggest the ancient people were much more sophisticated than previously thought.

The little Bettelbühl stream on the Danube River was completely unknown, except to local residents. But that changed in the summer of 2010 when a spectacular discovery was made just next to the creek.

Not far from the Heuneburg, the site of an early Celtic settlement, researchers stumbled upon the elaborate grave of a Celtic princess. In addition to gold and amber, they found a subterranean burial chamber fitted with massive oak beams. It was an archaeological sensation that, after 2,600 years, the chamber was completely intact.

Archeologists revise image of ancient Celts | Culture | DW.DE | 19.01.2013 (http://www.dw.de/archeologists-revise-image-of-ancient-celts/a-16528844)

Sine Labe
01-21-2013, 11:08 PM
Its utterly disrespectful that they just writhe the burial chamber from the ground and transport it to some other place, as if the findings were mere animal bones or a few artifacts. These site's should be preserved and respected!

01-21-2013, 11:14 PM
I think there is a lot of misunderstanding about the celts. They also invented soap and regularly used it and the Romans adapted it afterwards. There are a few things the Romans adapted from the Celts but I'm sure a historian on here will give better information. So they were just some filthy uncultured barbarians.

01-21-2013, 11:27 PM
Nice wee find. The Romans spouting lies and propaganda isn't any new news. :P


Vesuvian Sky
01-21-2013, 11:38 PM
I work with archaeologists every now and again. Few things:

Celts were indeed expert metal workers and you can't expect the Greco-Roman sources to be completely accurate with who or what they are describing beyond the Alps (matter of fact had this conversation before here though I think it may have fallen on deaf ears....).

In regards to preservations of culture sites, technically yes, the morally correct thing to do would be to leave the grave and all its goods in tact and undisturbed...if this is possible....which it is usually not. Allow me to explain:

First, there are grave robbers who have notoriously raped and pillaged the precious resting places of our ancestors for many thousands of years. Scythian graves in Ukraine and Russia are constantly reported by archaeologists to have already been robbed well before they arrive. Theres also a great article on the Thracian tombs in an old National Geographic that talks of a Bulgarian archaeologist who would controversially bulldoze the burial mounds so he could quickly get the gold masks before the robbers would and hand it over to the state so it can be archived for ALL to see. Douche bag grave robbers pillage these graves and melt down the gold objects typically.

Second, civil works projects often require the removal of cultural sites particularly if the project MUST go through the sacred burial ground. Damn you civil engineers!:shakefist:D;)

Third, archaeologists in the states have often restored ancient Indian burial grounds back to their original state at request of tribe, even after everything had been curated.