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Sol Invictus
08-16-2009, 05:49 PM
Irish Examiner
Friday, August 14, 2009

A secret cargo and not just timber may be on board a missing ship whose last known radio contact was with British Coastguards, it was suggested today.

Russia’s navy fleet and two nuclear submarines have been scrambled as efforts intensified to locate the Maltese-flagged Arctic Sea and its 15-strong Russian crew.

Experts and marine authorities continued to be baffled today that the 4,000-tonne vessel “disappeared” after its last official recorded positioning off northern France on July 30.

Mikhail Voitenko, editor of Russia’s Sovfracht maritime bulletin, said the ship, carrying sawn timber from Finland to Algeria, might have been targeted because it was also loaded with an unknown cargo.

He told the Russia Today news channel: “The only sensible answer is that the vessel was loaded secretly with something we don’t know anything about.

“We have to remember that before loading in Finland the vessel stayed for two weeks in a shipyard in Kaliningrad.

Full story here. http://www.examiner.ie/breakingnews/world/secret-cargo-fear-over-missing-ship-422394.html

08-25-2009, 12:34 PM
It seems like there was some serious equipment onboard. Perhaps even nukes. Shipcrew is still held by Russian officials. According to Finnish news sources they were allowed to call home just yesterday but phone calls were monitored, not a friendly call, rather: we are ok. klick. It also seems like the search mission was farmore massive than what was told to the public. If there were nukes onboard they were boarded from occupied Königsberg. Who did that ? Where were they going ? Iran ? My bet is that there is two competing fragments in Kreml, other is responsible for the shipment.