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"We will pass surely into the European Parliament" — interview with Holger Apfel, the President of the NPD

Holger Apfel born in 1970, he is the contemporary presodent of the German National Democratic Party (NPD) and fraction leader of Saxony. Member of the chairboard of parliament of Saxony. He was very young when he join into the politics via NPD's youth organization. He has gotten economic degree and he led a book publisher. He has helped to pass the NPD into the Parliament of Saxony with 9,2% in 2004. He has three children, he is catholic, the member of Church district of Riesa.

— In the last month we commemorated the Bombardement of Dresden. What do you think, could we call this a genocide? What is your opinion about the Bombardement and the contemporary political judgement of this?

— I think overstatemenet the terrorattacks — what happened 13-14th of February 1945 — to call genocide, because if we compare the then German population with the number of victims — what was 22–250 thousend or more by the historicans —, we will see, that it is not enough large to call genocide. However the attack a special and never before method was the Allies military behaviour: to destroy the whole country, not only the combattants. Indeed: Roosevelt and Churchill had not any soliitude to kill millions of Germans. If the European war had continoued after May 1945, they used nuclear weapons against Germany, and used Anthrax or other biological and chemical weapons.

We patriots have remembered the Bombardment of Dresden many years ago — Dresden has becomen the symbol of all the destroyed German cities. It was a good example the moral corruption of the ruling elite, the mass media and the wide mass of society, that recent year they prevent the German youth to commemorate about the victims of the bombardments. They hurt every basic rights. However they engage the leftists and the extremist agressive anarchists to dishonour of the memory of the victims and every normal German person. This national, political mazochism doesn't exist in any other country. However we will not hesitate that we honourably tristfully commemorate the victims of the German and other European people.

— The communist deported many German from Hungary after the war. What do you think, will the World ever speak about the pain of the German people?

— This is a exercise of a patriotic party to memory to the merciless deportations. The Germans had lived in East-Europe 700 years ago before the deportations. We know, of course, the people of other countries are victims of the communists, as they deported and kill many people. The Germans in East-Europe was so inportant in the aspect of economy and civilization We German nationals are honoured, we know, in the last year the Parliament of Hungary claim 19th of January the Day of Deported Germans. Hence in the name of NPD we would like thank to every Hungarian Jobbik members, whos have supported this proposal! What is the bad news about it? In nowadays Germany this historical event hasn't got any memorial day, but we want change it.

— What's about the NPD? We know it has members in the provinces' parliament, but what's about the town, the Federal Parliament or the European Parliament? Have they a chance to pass into these establishment?

— The NPD has offered to all the patriotic parties to make an alliance, and we togheter will become stronger. In 2010 we have merged with the German People's Union (a party with membership in a provincial parliament, but operated in the whole country — the editor). However the other rightist parties have the bad idea that they close a distance from the NPD, they will not put out from the center. We have experienced every day this thought is fault.

The contemporary political area in Germany force to everybody who love own motherland, and everybody who want preserve own people, own language and culture, they must operate together and stand out together own goals. This is the reason we will require and support every co-working in the national side, and I hope this distance theyselvez from us mania will be ended. The only one have pofit from this distance our common enemy who want see more and more tiny group fight each other among the patriotic parties, as it knows the latin proverb: divide et impera.

— Hungary is the traditional ally of Germany. What is your plane about the European cooperations? What would the way be as you would have leverage?

— Yes, Hungary is the faithfully partner of the German people since many centuries, and it was a common state with Austria — not always voluntary, we know — we have close cultural and political connections. After the First Wirld War Hungary with Germany and Austria was the main victim of the treaties. Hungary lost he most of lands and millions of own people whos later have been supress by the neighbour states. In the Second World War — Germany and Hungary together — wanted to change the sinful and injustice situtation, what have been caused by the Versailles and Trianon treaties. German patriots never forget the common battles, and that we fought together under both of the two world war against the whole world!

Nowadays the NPD stand out with the international treaties and agreements what we haveconclouded with our European partners — in the base of egalite rights — as two or more side treaties, and new, common institutes we have created. It exists any political question like as the defence politics. However it have a side of European cooperation, what is not questionable: the national suverenity, the own right of the people to refuse treaties when the people rufuse it by a referendum.

— What is the reputation of the Jobbik in Germany? We use to see many bad thing in the foreign media...

— The average German can see the Jobbik as a horroristic party in the mainstream media, like as the NPD use to show in Hungary. We know it is not stand the base of reality, as we know what do the NPD and we know what they use to say. However we know they diabolize us because they fear us. They fear the NPD will get any vote like as the French National Front or the Austrian Freedom Party or the Jobbik. This is the reason why the succesful foreign parties use to be showed here Germany like as they claim the NPD in foreign countries. They fear in Germany a national alternative will be created, when our candidates would be able to propagate own arguments and goals like as other parties in the broadcast or the television. It must be changed, because the mass media — not only in Germany — help to the contemporary ruler parties to keep own power.

— Want they forbid the NPD yet?

— Of course, they government want forbid us with embarrassing media support. They want support their gola with many — now so boring — arguments, but they are so weak, that lot of contemporary political leader doesn't believe, it will be succesfull. The only reason they want dishonour the NPD. They want bomb the voters with horror-stories and lies every day, what nobody can prove. They hope the people will be refuse to vote to the national alternative, but the people feels the social poverty, the millions of immigrants, and the monetary crisis of Euro. However we don't let to concuss us, because we know in the middle and long run in the national parliament the defence of German interests and rights will come to that, but not against the common European interest. This is sure: the European Human Right Court never accept the forbidding of NPD with the argument the party hurt the contemporary German constitution. The German government must prove the NPD is a mighty political power what threat the power of the state. However this moment we are not enough powerful to be this danger...

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"Hungary is the traditional ally of Germany. What is your plane about the European cooperations? What would the way be as you would have leverage?"

Heh, it was not choice that lead us to become their "traditional ally", but bad luck that lead us to entangle with them.