View Full Version : Gerald Warner: We should fight Hungary’s corner

04-22-2013, 08:40 PM
ON THE same day, almost at the hour, that Margaret Thatcher died the Eurosceptic baton was picked up by another European leader.

Viktor Orbán, Prime Minister of Hungary, denounced the European Parliament in a radio interview as a place where “liberal, left-wing and Green MEPs bellow at each other with bulging veins”.

We already knew that: what made the difference was hearing the truth articulated by the leader of an EU member state.

“Hungarians think debate is based on a sober, matter-of-fact, the-other-person-may-be-right logic, but the European Parliament is not a European place,” said Orbán. “Facts are secondary.” You could not ask for a more accurate description of the thieves’ kitchen that houses the Brussels kleptocracy, especially the culturally insightful statement that it “is not a European place”. The Hungarian prime minister was speaking ahead of an insulting debate in the European Parliament on the state of democracy in Hungary, the second such plenary session in two years. We shall wait in vain for a debate on the state of democracy in Brussels.

The EU is now running a full-blown vendetta against Hungary; not, as it pretends, against Fidesz, the governing political party, but against the Hungarian nation, its freedoms and values. This is because those values are incompatible with the ambitions of the expanding dictatorship in Brussels. Hungarians are fighting the battle that the British government has shirked but which a majority of the British people now wants to see fought and won. The federalist Green Party leadership claimed: “This is not just about Hungary, it is clearly a wider issue, with current concerns about developments in Romania and Bulgaria, as well as previously in Italy and Greece.”

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