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05-01-2013, 06:43 PM
Motto: János Lázár: “We won't let the holocaust to be forgotten. 2014 must be the year when Hungarians confront the historical facts and apologize for it...this means that the memory of the holocaust and the need to apologize for it must be burnt into national consciousness."

The open letter was signed by Professor Dr. Imre Bokor and this is the summary of it: The Hungarian Justitia Committee on behalf of other citizens appeals to you and ask you to reconsider your proposal on the holocaust because we believe that your ominous statement on the subject is based in part on false historical data, and it contradicts the internationally accepted criteria for law and justice...

We reject your statement that says, Hungarians fell short of apologizing for the holocaust. It can be shown that we don't have any debt in this regard; the war criminals that perpetrated the holocaust already condemned, and the rest of Hungarians have nothing to do with it.

The principle of collective guilt was used by the Nazis and the Bolsheviks (and Eduard Benes), and it is regrettable that you Mr. Lázár (the head of Prime Minister's Office) too embraced this principle (directly or indirectly) and want it even enact in law.

Dear Mr. Lázár! The year 2014 can't be made the year of the holocaust -- except on paper and in slogans; the same way, you can't order people to remember the holocaust and enact this requirement in law; likewise, you can't make apology to be part of the Hungarian national identity.

Forcing people to remember the holocaust is unacceptable. If the legislation passed, it will be a useless law, an unenforceable law, which only adds to the collection of dumb laws no longer applicable (and even humorous).

“MAZSIHISZ” (a Hungarian Jewish umbrella organization) cleverly concealing the names of those who risked their lives to help Jews in the ghetto during the Second World War; likewise, they keep quiet about those who took up arms against the Germans and their allies. Jewish organizations did not even bother to answer my letters on the subject writes Professor Bokor; not to mention the fact that Jews have never condemned the deportation of Hungarians into the Soviet Union and the mass murder of Hungarian civilians by Tito's partisans that murdered about 40 thousand innocent civilians. (Tito's partisans tied civilians together and burned them alive in a sea of flames of haystacks, which is comparing to gassing one of the most horrific form of Holocaust!)

The plan to designate 2014 the year of the holocaust a typical example of discrimination and bias! The same is true for the requirement to apologize for it. A nation can't apologize; this would mean the adoption and application of the principle of collective guilt. Those who have executed for war crimes can't ask for forgiveness, and the rest of us has nothing to apologize for.

However, we haven't forgotten Bela Kun, Matyas Rakosi, Janos Kadar and other Bolshevik criminals who have never apologized to their victims. Bolshevik criminal Bela Biszku even proud of what he has done and lives happily ever after on a handsome pension, yet we do not hear that “MAZSIHISZ” would ask for his prosecution or call for an apology for the crimes he has committed among others against Hungary's Jewish citizens.

We categorically reject Mr. Lázár and “MAZSIHISZ” plan to stigmatize and humiliate the Hungarian people once again, thus inciting hostility and creating further division in Hungarian society among those who are ignorant of history and those who know the truth. We believe that by designating 2014 as the year of the holocaust is an insult of all Hungarian citizens' (regardless of race or ethnicity) intelligence; this plan leads to nowhere and will generate no positive outcome.

To conclude: we do not differentiate between historical facts or victims and the executioners' affiliations. Every innocent victim deserves to be remembered and every executioner should be held accountable! In the spirit of this principle we vigorously oppose your plan and urge you to forget about it like you and your government forgot your election promises, which included bringing communist criminals to justice writes Professor Dr. Imre Bokor.

The Lawspeaker
05-01-2013, 06:46 PM
They can (quite frankly) stick it up a place where the sun doesn't shine. In fact Europeans should be thanked for a 1000 years of relative hospitality (when they say that we were not hospitable at all we should remind them that our ancestors could have killed them to the very last men, women or child if they would have wanted to and if they would have been so truly unwelcome) or we should, quite simply, foot them the bill + interest (because tolerating them in our midst while they committed usury upon our peoples doesn't come for free). It's time for European historians and economists to start writing the check.