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05-02-2013, 02:58 PM
The biggest ever Jobbik May Day Picnic at “Hajógyár” island was a powerful demonstration of growing Jobbik support in Hungarian society.

Tens of thousands of Jobbik supporters and sympathizers started gathering in the early morning hours at “Hajógyár” island to party and celebrate May Day all day long causing considerable traffic congestion in the area. People arrived with cars, public transportation and bicycles to have fun and listen lectures given by Jobbik politicians who stayed on the picnic site throughout the day.

But by far the biggest attraction of the May Day picnic was the ongoing concerts given by the cream of Hungary's nationalist rock bands including “Kárpátia”, “Romantikus Erőszak” and “Ismerős Arcok”.

A huge tent was set up for the purpose of housing public lectures; it was full all day long with interested audiences who gave standing ovation to Jobbik politicians including Gábor Vona, Márton Gyöngyösi and others.

Márton Gyöngyösi gave a fascinating lecture on Zionism and the continuing national security risk posed by members of parliament with dual citizenship. Gyöngyösi expressed his hope that police will reconsider the ban of the anti-Zionist rally scheduled for this Saturday and supported by anti-Zionist Orthodox Jewish Rabbis as well.
Gábor Vona gave a personal introduction of his new book.

This year's children programs were more complete and varied as well comparing to last year's activities, which included stunts, games and high quality entertainment.

It seems that even picnic organizers didn't expect such a huge crowd visiting the event as they didn't stock up enough food and beverage to feed people, hundreds of thirsty and hungry visitors queued up in font of beverage tents and food outlets throughout the day.

People who came to the May Day party were pleasantly surprised by the lack of police presence around the picnic site as regular attendees of Jobbik organized events got used to constant police harassment. --hunhir.info - hungarianambiance.com






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